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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 430: COAXING MOTHER-IN-LAW

Huh?Hugo blinked in confusion. 'Did I just hear right or there is something wrong with my ears? Maybe working nonstop for three days giving me a headache.'"Boss, 'S' training?" Hugo asked again to confirm if he heard right.'S' training was the short form of Special Training. It was hardest and longest training before someone could ever enter Mu Liang, Mu Feng and Hugo's team. Only those who could success with hundred percent result could only enter their teams or they had to work their butts off till they could get the full marks.After they got the full marks, they could sign the contract and got the opportunity to join in the teams of Mu Liang, Mu Feng and Hugo. From then on they would get enough salary to spend their lives in luxury.It was far better than dying. So Hugo wanted to make sure if he heard correctly."Yes." Mu Liang confirmed."Okay, boss. I'll order them to do so. Thank you boss." Hugo wasn't sure how to show his gratitude to his boss. He loved his team too much to see them dying in front of him.Mu Liang didn't say anything and hung up. Afterwords, he looked at the large lake behind the flower garden. The lake's other side was filled with cherry trees. As it was spring, the cherry flowers blossomed and it was a breath taking scenery.But, Mu Liang didn't had the time to enjoy the view. His head was filled with lots of thoughts.In the morning, Mu Lan was massaging Jing Sheng's shoulder. "Mother-in-law, is that alright?" She asked happily.Jing Sheng was feeling good. Mu Lan was not only cheerful but also her hands were soft and it felt wonderful when Mu Lan was massaging her shoulders. However, she didn't want to praise Mu Lan. So she replied curtly, "Do it better.""Yes, mother-in-law." Mu Lan replied happily.The moment Mu Lan saw Jing Sheng she was smiling brightly like an idiot and doing whatever she was asked to do. She became an errand girl.Jing Sheng took her in the shopping mall and made her carried all the packets. She let Mu Lan stand all the time when she was having lunch. Mu Lan only grabbed a sandwich and finished it in a minute when she was in the washroom. Jing Sheng even ordered Mu Lan to make her rose tea. Later, at the castle, Jing Sheng made Mu Lan clean her bedroom.Now they went to Jing Sheng most favorite place, her flower garden. She taught Mu Lan how to take care of her flowers and afterwords, Mu Lan kept massaging her shoulder to make her feel better.No one in the castle said anything about it. Mu Liang already told the elders and his father not to say a word as Mu Lan requested. But seeing her working like a slave, Mu Liang's heart clenched in pain.He became so restless that, Mu Feng had to force his elder brother to go outside and he kept Mu Liang busy with some other missions. Mu Feng was planning to take over China Underworld and he consulted with Mu Liang.Mu Liang planned with his brother but his mind was still filled with Mu Lan's hardship he saw with his own eyes.When he sighed deeply for the thousand times, Mu Feng put down his laptop and said, "That's enough. I know that my plan to distract you isn't working, then let's talk about something else. Do you think that mother will recover the way sister Lan Lan is treating her?"Mu Liang frowned as he thought about it. Then he replied, "I saw mother smiling."Mu Feng got excited. "I saw it too! I think this is the first time I saw her smiling. She was enjoying sister Lan Lan's accompany. I think we should call off the appointment of the psychologist. He was supposed to come for today's therapy."Mu Liang nodded as he approved it. "Xiao Lan knows how to deal with mother. If I knew before, that she had this type of talent, I would suggest her to take Psychology rather than Fine Arts. She is better in this sort of thing."Mu Feng smiled and said, "Actually sister Lan Lan is good in everything except for cooking. You made the dessert last night, didn't you?"Mu Liang curtly said, "She doesn't need to cook."Mu Feng's eyes shone. "What do you think will happen if mother tells her to cook anything?"Mu Liang calmly answered, "Everything has been taken cared of."Mu Feng gave up.Mu Liang ordered his personal made to help Mu Lan when it came for cooking. So when Jing Sheng asked Mu Lan to prepare rose tea, Mu Liang's personal servant made it for Mu Liang's mother when she wasn't paying attention to Mu Lan.The only thing Mu Lan did was boiling the water. She was really good at it.Mu Feng called off the appointment with the psychologist and asked Mu Liang, "Big brother, if sister Lan Lan's plan doesn't work, should we call for her friend who is in Germany?"Mu Liang replied, "I don't think that is necessary." He talked to Xue Lin yesterday when Mu Lan was with him and they were planning how to tame his mother. Xue Lin approved the way Mu Lan planned.Xue Lin said yesterday, "Xiao Lan, what you are saying is correct. Your future mother-in-law needs someone to make her remember her past days. You can share your past and present and also share life story. It might help you to get her sympathy for you. She needs someone to follow her everywhere so that she can feel that she is not a lowly person, she is the lady of the household. Try to smile brightly. A smile works like a mirror. If you smile, another person will smile at you. And also, you have to make her understand by you actions that she has the right to choose whatever she wants to do. You have to make her feel like a free human again. I know you can do that."

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