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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 429: BLOOD TEST RESULT

[Dearest Ladies and Gentlemen, your Happy-go-lucky Author is back from China. So your long waited chapter is also here. Hope you guys enjoy from today. ^_^]Paris, FranceIn Lu Research Center, Lu Feng was working his butt off. After his shift was over, he rubbed the corners of his eyes while going back to his room. He sat on the reading bed and closed his eyes to take a nap. 'It was a long day.' He thought.Just then, his computer began to send a signal loudly.Lu Feng jumped out of his reading bed. He was waiting for the alarm badly for two days. He used his personal equipment to test Mu Lan's blood and set an alarm so that he could get a signal when the test ended.And the result was out.He quickly came towards the computer to check and that's when it happened.Someone hit his neck from behind with a great force. Lu Feng didn't hear any footsteps from the very beginning and he did not get the time to turn around and defend himself. He fell on the table which was in front of him and before he closed his eyes, he got to see a hand wearing white glove which doctors usually wore.Then everything became dark.The person wearing a doctor's clothes and mask whistled. He put Lu Feng on the bed carefully. Then he looked at the computer screen and read the result of the blood test."Holy cow! His computer is a genius! It found out everything. I can't let others see the result, can I?" Saying this, he stormed his fingers over the keyboard and destroyed all the information.No matter how genius the hackers would be , they could never find out what information was there a minute ago.Afterwards, he took Mu Lan's blood sample and put it in his pocket.Just like that, the person got out of Lu Feng's room as if nothing happened.-------Florence, ItalyAt the Mu Castle, Mu Liang just made Mu Lan sleep again after the nightmare woke her up. He was about to sleep as well and at that time, his cell phone started to vibrating.He took his cell phone and looked at the screen and it showed 'Lu Feng'.Mu Liang answered the call immediately since his childhood friend wasn't supposed to call him in the middle of the night. He guessed that it had to be emergency.Mu Liang got out of the bed swiftly and went to the balcony. "What happened?" He asked."I was attacked in my room in the research center. Her blood test result was out and I was about to check it but then I was hit from behind. It was a man wearing clothes like me. When I woke up, all the information regarding her was gone. Even our best IT genius couldn't get back her information. In the end I called Hugo to ask for his IT team. His team did their best but it didn't work. Then I remembered that I had her blood sample. When I looked for it, it was gone too. I'm so sorry. I should have been more careful."Lu Feng was in distress. He didn't waste a single second and said everything which he wanted to say in a single breath.Mu Liang had a guess that something like that might happen. So he wasn't that surprised. However, he didn't tell his friend anything about it. Rather he asked, "What about the surveillance system?"Lu Feng replied, "The cameras are all okay but they don't have certain records, It was the time when I was attacked.""Are you alright now? How did that person attacked you?" Mu Liang wanted to know how Lu Feng was attacked and how his health was.Lu Feng was stunned before he answered, "I am fine. I was only hit in my neck from behind. My neck hurts and that's it, but that's not important. The thing is, someone or some people are tailing your girlfriend from the very beginning, don't you think so?"Lu Feng was so absent minded that he even forgot to tell that the attacker put him on his bed."So the attacker didn't hit you in your head." Mu Liang confirmed. 'It means that the attacker didn't want Feng to die, only made him lose consciousness. So the attacker wasn't from mafia world.'"Are you even listening to me?" Lu Feng was so worried about the blood test and his friend was only worried about his (Lu Feng's) health. Lu Feng found it odd, very odd."Yes, don't worry about it anymore and get some rest." Mu Liang hung up.Lu Feng opened his mouth to say something but he only heard 'beep beep' sound, which meant that Mu Liang cut the call."What is wrong with him?" Lu Feng asked himself.Mu Liang immediately called Hugo who was looking at the surveillance footage. Hugo answered the call. "Boss?""Did you follow the attacker?" Mu Liang asked calmly.Hugo gulped down a mouthful saliva before reporting. "I send my team but the guy was so clever. He slipped away from their hands. I'm sorry boss.""He slipped away?" Mu Liang asked slowly. His voice became colder.Hugo forced himself not to tremble. "Yes. I think he knew that we were following him."Mu Liang asked further. "Where did he slipped away?"Hugo answered, "From the hotel he was staying."'So he knew from the very beginning that he was being followed but didn't say a word. He completed what he needed to be done and fled as soon as possible.' Thinking that Mu Liang clenched his left fist.Then he said in a cold voice, "Since your team failed, they need punishment."Hugo gulped once again. They could never fail in any mission. Their failure meant that they had to kill themselves as punishment. They signed killing contract contract before they joined the team.Mu Liang said, "Order your team to take two years 'S' training before they are appointed to another mission."

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