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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 427: TAMING MOTHER-IN-LAW

Because this young girl respected her and allowed her to be the most powerful one, unlike her husband."Mrs. Mu, please eat the dessert I did for you. I never had a mother, so I don't know how to be a perfect daughter. I will learn from you, if you guide me." Mu Lan's voice trembled as her tone was filled with sorrow.The corridor was silent. The maids, who were walking in the corridor, left immediately when they saw the two women. They didn't dare to look at them.Mu Lan tried to stay cool but her heart was beating like a drum. She was too nervous to look at the woman in front of her.Aside her accident, coma and memory loss, all other things she said was a bag of lies. She never had a diary, how would she know about her past. She made that up.Mu Liang never mentioned about his family in front of Mu Lan, so she had no reason to know. However, she didn't made it up that she heard about Jing Sheng's story.In the private kitchen of Mu Liang, Mu Lan and him were there for two hours.Mu Liang was making Charlotte and telling Mu Lan his mother's stories. Mu Lan kept the stories in her head and made up the whole script while naming it 'TAMING THE MOTHER-IN-LAW'.Mu Liang laughed at her creativity.So much for drama.Then Mu Lan pretended that she made the whole dessert was made by her. She acted like a humble daughter-in-law.She never cooked anything besides boiling water. How could she make a perfect dessert in one try? Who was she kidding?Then she borrowed Mu Feng's power of acting skill and used it perfectly.Now, she had to wait for the result.Waiting for a whole minute, Mu Lan heard nothing. So she gathered some courage and looked up.For a glimpse, she saw a pair of sorrowful eyes. In the next second the pair of eyes turned into a glare.Jing Sheng was thinking last night. 'I know the girl Xiao Jin slept last time was Zhuan Lei, it wasn't Zhuan Zhen. I heard about her. She was a legendary girl, intelligent and modest. It wasn't her who seduced my husband, but that Zhuan Lei. They both look so similar. How will I know whose girl she is? What if, she if the daughter of Xiao Jin and Zhuan Lei?'The moment she saw Mu Lan yesterday, she thought of the painful memory of her husband sleeping with another woman. That's why, then and there, she wanted to kill Mu Lan.Now that she heard Mu Lan's story, her impression about her changed. She saw Zhuan Zhen's gracefulness in Mu Lan.Therefore, her expression became softer.Moreover, this girl gave her a choice. A choice to choose Mu Lan as her daughter-in-law or not.A choice was the right Jing Sheng never had. She never had the choice to decide whether she wanted to be with Mu Jin or not, or a choice that she wanted to marry or not. She never had the choice.After marriage, she fulfilled her marital duty. S*x came naturally. She was in love with her husband and while her husband had his s*xual needs. They were married, where was the harm? Then she had her next two sons. But in the end, still her husband wasn't hers. He had someone else in his heart.She had no power to hold the man back. Because she had a fear. She was brought in, she could be a sacrificial pawn later on.She had no choice, up until now.Now this young girl gave her a choice. She felt powerful and pleased at the same time. She felt lively once again after so long.But the moment she saw Mu Lan looking at her, her eyes became stern.She spoke, "Girl, you said that you wanted me to taste your dessert, didn't you?""I did." Mu Lan replied. "Do you want to follow me?" She asked further."I am." Mu Lan's voice was firm.Jing Sheng raise her right eyebrow. "You will do whatever I tell you to do, won't you?""Yes." Mu Lan nodded."Will you never blame me?" Jing Sheng smirked. She felt gleeful at the way this young girl acted.Mu Lan said firmly, "Never. I see you as my mother. I can't blame you when I chose to follow you."Jing Sheng faintly said, "Okay, enough chit chat. Let's go. I have to make sure if you made my most favorite dessert correctly or not."She turned around and walked towards the drawing room.Mu Lan's smile was bigger than the moon.Everyone in the drawing room was waiting for Mu Lan to be succeed. Seeing both of them coming together, the people inside the room soundlessly sighed in relief and cheered in their minds."Give me the biggest portion." Jing Sheng sat down and ordered Mu Lan.Everyone was shocked. The Jing Sheng who never made her own choice, always seemed so tamed, ordered for something for the first time in this mansion.Mu Lan smiled and said, "Sure, Mrs. Mu." Then she served her the dessert. Then the Head Butler served the rest of the dessert to everyone.Jing Sheng tasted Charlotte, her favorite dessert and was completely satisfied. "It's good" She hurriedly corrected herself, "I mean, not bad."Mu Lan controlled her laughter.Everyone started praising the dessert and Mu Lan while eating it, unknowingly the cook was someone else.Mu Feng glanced at his brother. "Big brother, why aren't you praising sister Lan Lan?" He was doubting that it was made by Mu Liang, though he wasn't sure.Mu Liang commented, "Mom's homemade Charlotte is better than this one."Jing Sheng looked very pleased. "Xiao Liang, I will make you another one when you want to eat."Mu Feng almost jumped. 'I knew it! It was made by big brother. He would never praise someone else's cooked food if sister Lan Lan cooked. He even praised her instant noodles in the past.'

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