Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 426: WIN HER HEART

"What can be more important than your family?" Mu Jin asked.Mu Liang said, "Nothing is more important than my family.""Then what work were you doing which made you miss your family time?" Jing Sheng asked."I was doing a family work." Mu Liang replied."Family work? Big brother, what family work did you just do? Producing heir?" Mu Feng still didn't forget about the morning."Brother Feng, your mouth stinks. Have you brushed your teeth this morning?" This time Mu Lan spoke from the door.Mu Ling, Mu Cheng, Mu Jin and Qi Ying laughed at Mu Lan's rebuke. And seeing Mu Lan's face, Jing Sheng's expression darkened.Their eyes fell on the plate that was covered with a lid in Mu Lan's hands.Grandma Ling asked, "Xiao Lan, what is it in your hand?"Mu Lan softly smiled and said, "For the first time in my life, I made a dish. This is the dish." She put the dish on the tea table and opened the lid.It was a large cute delicious dessert called Charlotte.Mu Liang's mother, Jing Sheng's favorite dessert.Everyone exclaimed in amazement."Sister Lan Lan, this is amazing!" Mu Feng was drooling. "I can feel the taste just by looking at it." Mu Cheng praised."Nicely done." Mu Ling smiled. She glanced at the Head Butler and ordered, "Bring quarter plates and forks."The Head Butler bowed and left the room.Just then, Jing Sheng got up from the sofa and said, "I'm not feeling well. I'm going upstairs." Then she left.The whole drawing room became quiet. Mu Jin sighed and shook his head helplessly. "I'm going after her." He was about to go.But he was stopped by someone else."Please allow me." Mu Lan politely said and chased after her.Is she going to make her agree?" Mu Ling asked."Seems like it." Mu Jin replied."Big brother, lets have a bet. Hundred bucks alright? I bet that sister Lan Lan will win mother's heart."Mu Liang was speechless. Hundred bucks? Mu Feng wasn't a child! He was a billionaire.And about Mu Lan, wasn't it obvious who was going to win?------Mu Lan saw Jing Sheng was walking in the corridor. "Mrs. Mu please wait."Jing Sheng lost her cool. "Don't follow me, you sl*t!" She walked faster, trying to get away from Mu Lan."Please, Mrs. Mu." Mu Lan pleaded.Jing Sheng felt like her head was going to explode in anger. "I said don't follow me! Are you deaf?"Mu Lan was quicker and she walked past Jing Sheng and stood in front of her. "Get out of my way!" JIig Sheng was about to slap her.Mu Lan requested with a sad tone, "Mrs. Mu, I have never prepared dishes after I woke up from coma. This is the first time I did it, and I did it for you."Jing Sheng gritted her teeth. "Sl*t! You think I don't know what you are plotting? You are trying to take me in your team me, aren't you? I will never let that happen! You can tame my son, husband and my entire family. But you can't make me go to your side."Mu Lan panicked. "Mrs. Mu, you are wrong! I didn't do it to tame you. I did it, because you are Xiao Liang's mother. I never had a mother for myself. I grew up with my cousin and was always left behind. I found about my past from my diary I had."Jing Sheng frowned. She mocked at Mu Lan. "Why do you need a diary to know your childhood? Are you a short-time-memory-lose type of person?"Mu Lan began her sad story. "After nine months of coma, when I woke up, I had no memory. I still don't have a single memory of my childhood. Either way, I never had a real family until I met all of you. Mu Family has the blessing of having wonderful people, Xiao Liang told me a lot about you when he was in France.""He did?" Jing Sheng was stunned.Mu Lan nodded. She sounded dreamy. "Yes, he told me all about you and the whole family. He respects you and loves you. He never said about his feelings but he always smiled while he mentioned you. I heard wonderful stories about you." Mu Lan smiled at her and continued, "Since then I wanted to meet you." Then she made a pitiful expression. "I don't know what made you hate me so much, but please give me a chance. Just see if I can be your ideal daughter-in-law or not. Mrs. Mu, you have everything and you will never lose them. But I only have you. If you tell me to stay, I'll stay, if you don't, I will leave and never let any of you see my face, including Xiao Liang." She bowed.While she was speaking, her eyes became tearful and her expression was extremely pitiful. She seemed like an abandoned puppy.Jing Sheng recalled the time when Mu Jin left her and after she woke up from a blissful dream, she didn't see him, but the note. Then after she went back to the flower shop, her colleague kept bad mouthing Mu Jin and her heart shattered. When she found out that she was pregnant, she left the only place she called home and went to an unknown city.How pitiful she was!Somehow, she could relate herself with the girl in front of her. Both of them had actually no real family. They both had nowhere to go except for being sheltered in Mu Family. However, Jing Sheng's childhood was funny, but Mu Lan went through lots of hardship. Moreover, Jing Sheng had her memory and she knew everything about herself. But this girl in front of her knew nothing about her.Slowly, Jing Sheng's expression became softer and she let her guard down gradually. She found this young girl pitiful just like her, and she had the power to through her in the dirt or to give her a good life.

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