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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 425: ODDLY FAMILIAR

Everything happened so fast that Mu Lan didn't know what to say. She was just watching the view and tried to recall if she had experienced this same view before she lost her memory.When she couldn't, Mu Lan glanced at Qi Ying and grandma Ling. They walked further away. Mu Lan began to walk fast to catch them before they notice her absent.However, she was collided to someone and before that person could apologize, she fell on the wet ground. Her umbrella flew away from her hand and fell on the river.Mu Lan wanted to apologize for not being careful. She looked at the person and met a pair of brown eyes.The person was tall. He had a fair skin. His hair was black. He had sharp nose and thin lips pressed cruelly. From one glance, anyone could feel hostility from him.The man didn't help her to get up and glanced at her coldly.Mu Lan found his behavior reasonable since his umbrella flew away as well and he was bathing in rain right now and it was her fault not seeing him while walking.Mu Lan got up and at the same time took his umbrella and pushed him towards him. She also said, "I'm sorry, I didn't see you."The man snatched his umbrella from her hand and walked away before saying anything.Mu Lan blinked at his attitude but didn't express any negative comment. She frowned at his behavior, since it looked familiar.She looked at her fallen umbrella which was floating in the river. Then she walked fast to catch Qi Ying.Qi Ying was startled seeing Mu Lan wet as if she bathed in rain. "Xiao Lan, what happened to you? Where is your umbrella?""I just crashed into someone and my umbrella flew in the river." Mu Lan shivered in cold.Both of them were wearing light clothes. So Qi Ying had no shawl or sweater to give her friend at this moment. "Let's go back as soon as possible." She talked to grandma to bring the car to pick them up.Mu Lan replied, "That's a great idea." She looked back to see that man again. She couldn't find him. 'He looked familiar.' Mu Lan wondered.Grandma Ling showed her worry in the car, but Mu Lan was distracted.------Mu Liang was gazing at the window as he was talking in the phone."You did exactly the way I told you to.... Yes.. I understand... Keep it up and don't let others know about it." He hung up and right then, he got another call from Hugo.Mu Liang answered the call. "What is it?"Hugo reported in a stoic manner. "Boss, I have been tracking the guy you wanted me to follow. He came to Paris, two days ago and roaming around without any suspicious movement."Mu Liang frowned. 'What is he doing in Paris?' He wondered. He asked, "What else?""He didn't contact with anyone after he came here. Tomorrow he is leaving France. His ticket says that he is going to Spain." Hugo answered. "He didn't shop or had any meeting. He just came, stayed, visited places and then leaving."'This is odd.' Mu Liang thought. 'What is he planning? Is he looking for Lan?'He instructed. "Keep an eye on him. Don't lose focus." "Got it, boss." Hugo hung up.At that moment, Mu Lan entered the study room and sneezed.Mu Liang saw her sneezing and came forward and wrapped his sweater around her. "How come you are wet? Didn't you have umbrella with you?" He just left her alone and she caught cold. Maybe he should stay wherever she was so that nothing could harm her.Mu Lan nodded and explained, "I did, but I collided to someone and my umbrella flew away. It was totally my fault though."He grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the study room. "You should take a warm bath. I'll tell the maids to prepare hot water for you. Let's go."Half an hour later, after taking a bath, Mu Lan came out of the bathroom. In the bedroom, she saw that Mu Liang was waiting for her with a glass of hot milk.Mu Liang looked at her and noticed at she was fully dressed and said, "Here, drink the milk."Mu Lan took the glass and sat beside him on the bed. "Is this milk from the dairy farm you have?" She asked."So you visited the farm. Yes, it is." Mu Liang replied. He paused before saying, "Others are in the drawing room. Dad told me to bring you there. We will have a family time. Is that okay with you?"Mu Lan sipped the hot milk and asked back, "Are you asking me because your mother will be there?""Hmm." Mu Liang shortly replied.Mu Lan smiled. "You are worried for no reason. You don't have to ask my permission about this sort of things.""She tried to hit you." Mu Liang looked guilty.Mu Lan hurried finished the glass of hot milk and grabbed his hands. "Hey, why are you feeling sad? She has some issues, doesn't it?" She deliberately missed the word 'mental' not to make Mu Liang feel bad about it. "I will work hard to win over her heart. Just wait and see." She said with overconfident."Oh, do you have any plan?" He asked while stroking her head."I do actually. Want to help me?" Mu Lan smiled innocently.Mu Liang smiled and kissed her forehead. "I would love to."------In the evening, the whole family was in the drawing room except for Mu Liang and Mu Lan. They were gossiping and watching news.In that time, Mu Liang entered the room. Seeing him, his mother complained. "Xiao Liang, I was waiting for you for hours. How could you make me wait for so long?"Mu Liang politely answered, "Mother, I'm sorry that I made you wait.""What were you doing?" Mu Ling asked."I was working." Mu Liang replied politely.

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