Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 424: TRY THEM OUT

Mu Liang finished what he wanted to say in a minute.Mu Jin blinked. He never imagined in his life that after he had confessed his crime, his son would think that way of him. Moreover, his first son spoke a whole minute about what he (Mu Liang) felt about his father who never uttered more than one sentence in front of his family.It was a huge shock for Mu Jin.He kept blinking as he gazed at his son. Mu Liang also realized that he was acting different than usual, certainly the influence of Mu Lan. So he got quiet.Mu Jin started talking, "Xiao Liang""Father, I'm busy now." Mu Liang interrupted him. He wanted to shoo his father away.Mu Jin chuckled. "You have changed. It must be wonderful to live with the person you love." He sighed. Feeling happy for his son. "That's good. She is certainly a great girl. Cherish her."Mu Liang only replied, "You don't have to mention it." He looked out of the window and saw that the sky was getting dark. He frowned.------Mu Lan and Qi Ying was walking behind Mu Ling.Looking at the beautiful city, the girls wanted to walk in the city. So they left the car minutes ago.It was raining. Drizzle rain wet the ground and a wonderful fragrance filled the small city. Sound of the rain felt mellow, and the smell of wet soil just added the sweetness. The pitter patter sound of the raining came from the Arno river. The cold wind blew over the city.Mu Lan didn't shiver in the cold. Taking the umbrella over her head she was walking beside the river and enjoying the mother nature."This place is gorgeous." Mu Lan's heart was at peace. She never felt so tranquil while walking in a city."Florence is the most populous city in Tuscany. Can you even imagine? Look, a very few people is walking on the road." Qi Ying said."Maybe because of the rain." Mu Lan commented. "If I was in the castle, I would bath in the rain."Qi Ying's eyes grew like tennis ball. "Are you serious? We are in the future in-law's house!""No one can stop me from what I want to do. I know that Liang Liang will support me." Mu Lan commented with a smile."Aren't you afraid of ruining your image?" Qi Ying was worried."Isn't it already ruined?" Mu Lan joked.Her friend took it seriously. "Xiao Lan, I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean it." Qi Ying seemed apologetic.Mu Lan got closer to Qi Ying and clasped her left hand. "You are thinking too much. Liang Liang's mother wouldn't talk like this if she didn't feel pressured. It is something to do with her past. Furthermore, grandma already said that she is recovering from her illness. I can feel that one day she will accept me." The city of Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany. It was a center of medieval European trade and finance and one of the wealthiest cities of that era. It is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance, and has been called "the Athens of the Middle Ages".Florence is an important city in Italian fashion, therefore, Mu Ling didn't waste her time to take her future granddaughters-in-law in shopping.Qi Ying had great interest in fashion, so, she was excited to visit the fashion houses one after another.Mu Lan wasn't interested in shopping and clothing, but she enjoyed the arts and designs. "Xiao Lan, are you worried about spending money? Don't worry about it. Grandma will buy you the dress you like. Now, tell grandma what dress did you choose here." Mu Liang grasped her hands and asked her.Mu Lan hurriedly said, "Grandma, it's fine. I'm having fun looking at them. I have so many dresses that I still didn't wear." She saw that grandma's excitement was fading. So she added, "But if grandma wants me something to wear, then, I guess, I will let grandma choose."Grandma Ling instantly became happy. She ordered the stuffs to bring the most unique dresses and made Mu Lan tried every last of them.After trying on the thirtieth dress, Mu Lan requested pitifully, "Grandma, did you choose one?"Grandma Ling frowned and rubbed her chin with index finger. She seemed to be thinking something. "Xiao Lan, you are so beautiful. Everything looks so good on you. I think I cannot choose a dress for you."Mu Lan smiled in relief. "Thank you grandma for the compliment. If you can't choose one, it's fine. We can go and visit the museums and art galleries."Then Grandma Ling said, "Let's pack all the dresses." "Huh?!" Mu Lan almost fainted at the spot."Hehe" Qi Ying giggled from the side. She liked it when grandma gave attention to Mu Lan. Mu Lan looked a bit sad when she was getting scolded for no reason yesterday. Now she was having a good time.Grandma Ling ordered the stuffs to pack teh dresses and her personal butler handed a credit card to the shop manager.Mu Lan tired to speak with grandma Ling but the elder woman glanced at Qi Ying and asked, "Is there anything you want?"Qi Ying smiled and replied, "Thank you grandma. But I already got everything I needed. Knowledge."Grandma Ling smiled as well. She said, "That's great! So what do you want me to buy you?" She didn't seemed to get what Qi Ying tried to tell her."Eh..!" Qi Ying was flabbergasted."Let's try those dress." Grandma Ling showed her forty dresses."Eh!" Qi Ying couldn't say anything. She looked at Mu Lan for help.Mu Lan smirked and gave a thumbs up wishing her friend 'good luck!' ------Feeling dead tired, the girls and grandma Ling came out of the restaurant. They just had their lunch after shopping.It was still drizzling. Grandma Ling's personal butler was carrying her umbrella and Mu Lan and Qi Ying fell behind.Mu Lan walked slowly beside the Arno river as she was enjoying the serene nature.Rain, river, wet ground, all seemed to circling all over her head. 'It seems so familiar, yet' Mu Lan couldn't remember if something like this she experienced before. She tried to remember, but she couldn't.She looked around and saw that her companions walked further away. She tried to catch them and suddenly bumped into someone and she fell on the wet road. Her umbrella flew away.She glanced at the person and her eyes met with a pair of brown eyes, sharp nose and thin, cruel lips.

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