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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 423: DNA TEST RESULT

Two years later after having the third child, Mu Jin heard that Zhuan Corporation was going down.Mu Jin wanted to help Zhuan Corporation was went to China for the third time. This time, unknown to him, Jing Sheng sent a spy to get all the information regarding Mu Jin.Mu Jin searched for Zhuan Zhen who mysteriously disappeared out of nowhere. He couldn't find her no matter how much he looked for her.Losing her completely, he realized what a true love was, but that was too late. He knew that she would never be his and he accepted it, but still, his heart twisted in pain.Later, he went to a bar alone and met Zhuan Family's younger daughter, Zhuan Lei. Though, Zhen and Lei were twins, their appearances had huge differences.Zhuan Lei always played with boys when she came in the bar. Family business was going down but she had heed to it.When Mu Jin was dead drunk in sorrow, Zhuan Lei came and seduced him. She wanted him for a long time, but he never paid any attention to her. He always kept his eyes of her elder twin sister. So she didn't want to miss the opportunity to be her twin sister to bed him. He was drunk and wasn't thinking straightly. Still, he knew that it wasn't the girl he loved.He thought that he was dreaming and it wasn't possible to have her in reality. Therefore, through his dream, he wanted his wish come true.Mu Jin never thought that Zhuan Zhen would feel so good in bed.Whole night, he screamed the name 'Zhen'.Not until he actually woke up at afternoon, that he realized that the dream he was having wasn't a dream but a nightmare. She was Zhuan Lei.He didn't have time to feel sorrow as he drown himself in the ocean of guilt. Not only he cheated on his wife, he cheated on the girl he loved too. He slept with the girl who was twin sister of the girl he loved the most.To compensate, Mu Jin did save Zheng Corporation in the end by making Zhuan Lei marry to the heir of Hua Family, Hua Rong.It was his last trip in China. He neither went back there, nor did he keep any contact with his Chinese friends afraid of getting news of Zhuan Zhen living happily ever after.He spent most of his time with his family.However, no matter what he did, he was forever colored in the eyes of his wife. Her mental sickness was noticed by the family psychologist when it went to the third stage.-------Mu Liang silently shoved a glass of water in Mu Jin's hand. Seeing the glass of water, Mu Jin noticed that his mouth and throat were dry.After drinking the water, he spoke, "That's why I want you to check her DNA with Zhuan Lei or me. Anything is fine.""That's not necessary." Mu Liang relied.Mu Jin was confused. "What do you mean?""She is not your daughter, she is not blood related to Mu Family." Mu Liang replied."How are you so sure?" Mu Jin frowned.His son explained. "Zhuan Zhen and Zhuan Lei were twins, so their DNA is similar. As for Xiao Lan's father who we don't know of, I never had is single information about him. But, watching your expression yesterday, I had a doubt. In the evening, I sent both Xiao Lan and your DNA to the Lu Research Center. Uncle Lu (Lu Feng's father) sent the result at night. The result is as I expected." Mu Liang paused."What's the result?" Mu Jin asked. He was sweating though he already knew the result."Your DNA didn't match with Xiao Lan's. So you two have no blood relationship." Mu Liang declared.Mu Jin sighed in relief. He felt like he got his youth back. "Ah! Thank Buddha! I couldn't sleep a wink last night." he suddenly began to laugh like a mad man.After he stopped, Mu Liang asked, "Do I need to call a psychiatrist? I know a good one."Mu Jin said, "Don't joke with me, alright?" he paused before asking, "Are you disappointed at me, your father?"Mu Liang leaned back on his chair. He replied, "I'm not."Mu Jin eagerly asked. "Are you sure?""Pretty much." Mu Liang answered confidently."Why? Shouldn't you scold me or say that 'I'm disappointed in you, father'?" Mu Jin chuckled.Mu Liang replied, "You were young at that time, in your situation, most of the Italian boys wouldn't take responsibility, but you did. You even married mother. Yes, you have your faults, but this is where you grow up. Still you managed to overcome everything, buried your guilt deep inside your heart, shared with no one. You gave your family everything when you were in love with someone else, and you accepted your defeat like a true man. If you want to ask what I feel for you, I must say that I respect you."

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