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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 422: THIRTY YEARS AGO...

Mu Jin realized that this conversation would go nowhere. There family might break into pieces. Therefore he sat down and took some deep breaths before speaking. "The first time I went to China when I was eighteen.."Thirty one years ago, Mu Jin went to visit China for a business. He was young and talented. At that time, his health was better, so his father, Mu Cheng let him go to a distant country for a business purpose.One day, in Beijing, at night, Mu Jin went to drink in a pub with his business friends. There, he met Jing Sheng, a simple florist working in a flower shop near a bar.Being raised in Italy, Mu Jin became quite a playboy. With a handsome face, he never lacked girls. Because of his sickness, his parents were never hard on him. They were happy as long as he could breathe freely. He had always matured girls who would drool over him. Therefore, the simple florist caught his eyes. He thought, 'Maybe this is what love is.'He began buying flowers from the shop every evening and would chat with Jing Sheng. He was handsome and playful. On the other hand, she was simple and air headed.Jing Sheng wasn't experienced getting attention from handsome guys, especially foreigners. So eventually, she fell for him.One night, Mu Jin took her in a five star restaurant and had candle light dinner. There, they both got heavily drunk and in the slept together.The next day, Mu Jin got a call in the early morning from Italy that Mu Cheng, his father was attacked and injured.Feeling anxious, Mu Jin went out of the hotel before writing a simple note for Jing Sheng.After going back to Italy, Mu Jin had to take care of Mu Corporation in absence of his father. In the meantime, he sent Jing Sheng multiple letters and got no reply.One month later, Mu Jin went to China once again for a business conference. There he met a teenage girl who represented her father's company in his absence.She was intelligent, kind, funny and moreover a typical teenage, high school girl. However, she was respected by the other businessmen since she was very talented in business.She was the first daughter of Zhuan Family, Zhuan Zhen. She had a twin sister, named Zhuan Lei, well-known for her spoiled manner and undisciplined life.While becoming friends with Zhuan Zhen, Mu Jin tried to look for Jing Sheng, but he couldn't find her anywhere.In the meantime, he was getting attracted to this charming young girl as well. But this girl, Zhuan Zhen had another man in her heartMu Jin tried to propose her and tried to have dates with her, but all in vein. His playboy attitude didn't work on her, and it made her even more attractive to him.Three months later, accidentally, one of Mu Jin's friend saw Jing Sheng in another city and called Mu Jin.Mu Jin was already rejected by Zhuan Zhen, and was upset and his heart was broken. Hearing news about Jing Sheng, he flew to the city and proposed her and told her why he had to leave, he even said that he sent letter.But Jing Sheng was heartbroken as well. After that night, in the next morning, when she woke up, she only saw the note, and her jealous florist friend said that it was fake, Mu Jin wanted to use her.At first, Jing Sheng didn't want to believe it. But her jealous colleague hid the letters from Mu Jin and kept saying bad words to her.Simple minded Jing Sheng believed in her colleague and her world shatter into pieces, losing all hope.She went to other city and began living there. Later she found out that she was pregnant.Now that Mu Jin came, she didn't want to believe in him anymore and though she loved him, she said that she hated him.It made Mu Jin lose his temper. He ordered his men to kidnap her and then took her in Italy.In Italy, they got married and had three children. Though from the outside, they seemed harmonious, Jing Sheng couldn't trust Mu Jin completely. She always felt like, he had someone in his heart.Often she would talk about him and made Mu Jin restless. What his wife said was true. He couldn't deny it.Men wanted to have the thing which wasn't in their reach. It came true in Mu Jin's life. He kept remembering the girl he couldn't have no matter how much he tried. In his dreams he would often call Zhuan Zhen's name, making Jing Sheng's doubt clear completely.Two years later after having the third child, Mu Jin heard that Zhuan Corporation was going down.

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