Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 421: I'M IMPRESSED

"If you cared about her that much, you should have look after her when she was alive. Caring when she died is just only a low life would do." Mu Liang's tone wasn't soft.He remembered when his mother called mu Lan 'a sl*t', Mu Lan was shaking and her face was pale, even her palms turned colder. Mu Liang couldn't imagine how much she was humiliated in front of his whole family. In the morning, she was sitting in the dining hall like a statue while she was eating.His mother wouldn't humiliate Mu Lan if his father was a little mature at his young age.Too bad, things would never go smoothly when it came to Mu Lan.Mu Jin shivered not because of Mu Liang's cold behavior but the word he used 'low life'. "You think that I am low life, don't you? Is it because how your mother treat her?"Mu Liang replied, "I never called you low life. I only stated what a low life would do, so don't stoop to a low life when you are a husband and a father of three sons."Mu Jin didn't say anything for a long time. Then he asked, "Xiao Lan, she is twenty three years old, isn't she?"Mu Liang narrowed his eyes. "Why do you asked?" He asked back.Mu Jin sighed. "I know you two are mature enough to choose your own life partners, but before you do, I only want you to have her a DNA test, that's all."Mu Liang's voice became excessive low. "What are you talking about?"Mu Jin got up from the sofa. "I don't have anything to say. I am leaving now." He just took one step before a small knife flew and fell on the carpet right in front of his left foot. He looked at his son with disbelief eyes."I believe you have something to explain." Mu Liang coldly said. He never used that tone with his father before, so Mu Jin was stunned.After a few seconds, Mu Jin found his voice back. "I have nothing to explain.""You. Have. Everything. To. Explain." Mu Liang signaled his father to sit.Mu Jin clenched his teeth before sitting down. "What do you want to know?" His voice was cold as well."About DNA test." Mu Liang said. Mu Jin was getting angry as his face was turning red. He kept some memories buried deep in his heart. He didn't want anyone to know it. It was his secret."I want you to make sure that if she is really Zhuan Zhen's child or not." Mu Jin said.Mu Liang frowned. "What does it have to do with she is Zhuan Zhen's child or not? Does it make any difference.""Yes, it does." Mu Jin clenched his teeth once again. He had no interest in telling about everything."I won't do anything if you don't tell me everything." Mu Liang simply said and began working. If his father really wished Mu Liang and Mu Lan's happiness, he would tell everything."I just want to make sure if isn't daughter of Zhuan Zhen's sister." Mu Jin lost his cool after getting pressure from his son and said it."Zuang Zhen's sister Zhuan Lei? Why does it matter if Xiao Lan is her daughter or not?" Mu Liang was getting a vague idea, but he wasn't sure about it.Mu Jin's blood was boiling. "It has everything to do with it!"Mu Liang said once again, "I don't understand"Mu Jin screamed. "If she is Zhuan Lei's daughter than she might be your sister!"Both father and son was quiet for a while. There wasn't the single sound in the room.Mu Liang broke the silent. "If you like Zhuan Zhen, why Zhuan Lei's daughter will be yours?" Mu Liang was good at interrogating. He created a psychological pressure while sitting on the chair and doing nothing else.Mu Jin sighed. Now he could not hide anything even he wanted to. He bit his lower lip and said nothing."Did you cheat on mother right after you had you third son?" Mu Liang asked. He was shocked, but didn't show his expression.Still when Mu Jin said nothing and hung his head.Mu Liang began speaking. "You liked Zhuan Zhen and fell for her when you went to China. But after you got drunk, you slept with mother. After she got pregnant, you took her home and gave her a honorable title. After you had all three of us, you kept missing Zhuan Zhen and went back to China. You didn't meet her, or she might reject you, or maybe she already had a lover. So, you slept with her sister Zhuan Lei, to fulfill your desire, didn't you? Was it pleasant?""Don't talk to your father like that!" Mu Jin got up from the sit in rage."Oh, you still know that you are a father. I'm impressed." Mu Liang mocked.

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