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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 420: CARE WHEN SHE IS ALIVE, NOT AFTER DEATH

While having breakfast, Mu Ling glanced at the girls. "It's your first time coming here, isn't it?"Mu Lan answered politely, "Yes, it is. Aside from France, I only visited Germany. So I was very excited about coming here."Mu Liang said nothing as he remembered her nervous expression in the whole journey.Qi Ying said, "I only visited once when I was five years old. I don't remember much."Mu Ling smiled and replied, "Then you won't be bored while having a trip with me in the city, will you? I promise that I'm not that boring. You might have better time with me than you boyfriends."Mu Lan and Qi Ying both smiled. "Of course not. We will be very happy to have you with us." Mu Lan answered.Mu Ling was satisfied with her reply. Her expression relaxed as she exclaimed, "Excellent!" She glanced at the Head Butler who was standing in the corner and ordered, "Prepare my car. We will head out an hour after we finish breakfast.""Darling, you look so happy. I bet this old man never took you out like I did, right?" Mu Feng eyed sheepishly at Mu Cheng.Mu Cheng slightly coughed to hide his embarrassment. Mu Feng was right on the spot.To cover up the truth, Mu Cheng got angry at his second grandchild. "Rascal! You have lots of work to do. Go to my study room after you finish eating!""Look darling, he is scolding me for no reson!" Mu Feng didn't let go of the chance."Feng, you have grown up now. Why are you acting like a child?" Mu Jin couldn't take it anymore and sighed in helplessness.Mu Feng replied, "I only wanted justice, nothing more. Beside, what I said was true. Darling only had fun time with me in the past and no one else." "Dear, don't scold him all the time. They came home to have fun. Don't make them work." Mu Ling requested.Mu Cheng sighed. "The company will be demolished by your pampering. Don't spoil him too much. He is now a grown man who is soon going to marry and have children. What will he teach his children?"While others were chatting, Mu Lan poked Mu Liang and whispered, "What will you do after breakfast?"Mu Liang whispered as well. "I have some works to do. I will join you in the evening.""Okay." Mu Lan nodded.------Mu Lan and Qi Ying went upstairs to change their dresses. They left the castle soon after grandma Mu Ling came down.Before the girls left, Mu Feng was hugging his grandma. "Darling, can't I go with you?"Mu Ling smiled dotingly and said, "It's girls' day out. You can't join unless you want to be something else."Mu Feng pretended to be scared. "Ah! Don't say such unhealthy words, darling. Fine. I won't go with you now. But, at night, let's have a candle light dinner."Mu Ling rubbed Mu Feng's head and smiled while replying, "Sure. I will wait for you."If only Mu Cheng knew what type of conversation was happening between his wife and grandson, he would lose his temper once again.-----After Mu Ling, Mu Lan and Qi Ying left, Mu Jin came to meet Mu Liang.Mu Liang was working in his own study room, when Mu Jin knocked the door. "Are you busy?"Mu Liang glanced at his father and answered, "If you have something important to tell me, you are welcome."Mu Jin came inside and sat on a sofa. He hesitated before asking, "Do you know Lan's parents?"Mu Liang was calm. He knew that his father was going to bring up this matter sooner or later. He replied, "I never saw them in reality. But I began investigated about her years ago. I found out that her father is unknown and her mother died while she was pregnant when Xiao Lan was only two years old."Mu Jin's face ashened. His whole body trembled. "Died? Died! Zh-Zhuan Zhen died?!" He could hardly believe Mu Liang's words even though he knew that his first born never lied."She died while she was pregnant." Mu Liang repeated his words."Pregnant" Mu Jin's fists became tighter. "Was it a normal death, was it poverty?""None of those. Though she was poor, her death can't be considered normal. She was hit by the car. The driver was drunk when he was driving, he didn't see the red light.""D-did she die soon after she was hit?" Mu Jin asked further.Mu Liang finally glanced at his father. "Father, does it matter anymore? She is dead." His words came out of his mouth mercilessly, making Mu Jin's breath hitched. "But she was killed!" Mu Jin scarcely raised his voice."If you cared about her that much, you should have look after her when she was alive. Caring when she died is just only a low life would do." Mu Liang's tone wasn't soft.

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