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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 419: NEVER BULLED HER WITHOUT HER CONSENT

Mu Liang and Mu Lan went to Mu Liang's room. On the way, they saw a maid was waiting for them in front of the room. She bowed as they approched."Prepare hot water." Mu Liang ordered."Yes, first young master." The maid bowed and disappeared inside the bathroom.Mu Lan couldn't help but tease. "First young master it sounds so erotic. It must feel good to have a personal maid, doesn't it? I wish I had a personal butler for myself. He has to be handsome and talented in everything, just like a hero of a movie." She sounded so dreamy.Mu Liang raised his right eye-brow. "Are you sure that you want a personal butler?"Mu Lan glanced at him playfully. "Why do you sound so threatening? Can I say that you are jealous?" Her eyes glittered.Mu Liang innocently shook his head. "No, I will hire a personal butler for you, if you want one."Mu Lan's eyes nearly popped out of the sockets. 'Is he for real? He is a jar of vinegar!' She thought suspiciously. "Are you sure that you will give me a personal butler, if I want one?" Mu Lan asked in disbelief."Sure." Mu Ling answered lightly."You are joking." Even though he never lies, Mu Lan couldn't seemed to belief it. Last time when he was jealous, she couldn't enjoy the party and also her voice broke. She suffered two weeks because of it."I'm not." Mu Liang shook his head.Before Mu Lan could say anything, the maid came out of the bathroom and said, "First young master, the hot water is ready.""You can go." Mu Liang said and the maid left.Then what Mu Liang did, Mu Lan could never forget in this lifetime.Mu Liang came closer and bent down in front of Mu Lan."What are you doing?" Mu Lan asked confusedly."Young miss, I'm Liang Liang, your personal butler. At your service." Mu Liang bowed politely and he sounded just like Butler Leo.(Butler Leo sneezed in the Mu Mansion. 'Must be the weather.' He thought)It didn't take seconds for Mu Lan to understand what was happening. She hurriedly leaned down and tried to help Mu Liang to stand up. But Mu Liang didn't budge."Hey, now, I was just joking. You don't have to take it seriously. Now, get up please. Don't kneel on the cold ground. Oh! Why are you so heavy?""Young miss, please don't worry about my health. You have to take bath. The water is warm. I shall take you to the bathroom." Mu Liang stood up and carried Mu Lan in the bathroom."Liang Liang, it was just a joke. I won't do it anymore, I promise. Let me have a bath peacefully. We don't have much time. They are waiting for us in the dining hall, remember?" Mu Lan was scared now. If they started something which wouldn't end in fifteen minutes, then how would she show her face in front of his family?As they entered, Mu Liang put her down and his hands began working."Liang Liang, stop it! Ahh! Don't take my clothes off! Don't touch there. Hnn N-no.. not there. Ah! You can't Oh T-they are waiting hnmmm. Mmm.. nn." Mu Lan's cry echoed in the large bathroom.It had been three weeks since they last did it, so he couldn't control himself. Moreover, it was his dream to do it in his childhood house. Therefore, to fulfill his fantasy, he didn't hold back at all.One hour later, Mu Lan was walking downstairs with the help of Mu Liang. He carefully took her in the dining hall.As it was castle, the dining hall was huge. In the end of the hall was a small dining table of Mu Cheng and Mu Ling to have food. There were two large dining tables for others to have food.If it was normal situation, Mu Lan would count the chairs. But now she could hardly walk.Since it was a family breakfast, not a grand dinner party, the elders joined their son and grandchildren in the large dining table.Except for Jing Sheng, everyone was present. The one who spoke first was Mu Feng. "Wow! I never knew your quick bath takes one hour. We are starving to death thanks to you, big brother." Of course he wouldn't embarrass his lovely sister Lan Lan. Her face was bright red like a tomato."Good morning grandpa, grandma." Mu Liang greeted the elders, completely ignoring Mu Feng.Mu La also greeted the elders with a small voice."Good morning. Now come and seat." Mu Cheng always dotted on Mu Liang. So he said nothing. If it was Mu Feng, grandpa wouldn't let him have breakfast with them for a whole week.After the butlers served the food, they began eating."It's good that you two are thinking of having children soon. You have my blessings." Mu Cheng spoke suddenly."Cough! Cough!" Mu Lan almost choked on her food and she coughed vigorously.Mu Liang gently rubbed her back. "Eat slowly. Want some water?"Mu Lan glared at him with her red eyes without saying anything. Tears were forming as she coughed.After she calmed down, Mu Liang looked at his father Mu Jin. To change the subject, he asked, "How is mother? Did she have breakfast.""She is fine. Just a little tired. Yes, she had her breakfast an hour ago while we were starving." Mu Jin replied.Mu Liang knew where his father was going, so he asked, "Did the doctor come?"Mu Jin answered, "Of course. Thanks to his medicine that she slept the whole night." Then he looked at Mu Lan, "If my son bullies you let me know, alright?" His voice was softer.Mu Liang narrowed his eyes. He said, "I never bullied her without her consent."Mu Lan kicked Mu Liang's leg under the table. She couldn't look up.Mu Ling shook her head. "Comes with the blood. I'm worried about my great grandchildren."

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