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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 417: I WILL BE BY YOUR SIDE

Mu Liang and Mu Lan entered Mu Liang's room. He closed the door and hugged her from behind."I'm so sorry." Mu Liang's heart broke looking at Mu Lan's back. He felt like he wasn't going to see her front side but the back side. He couldn't help but hug her tightly.Mu Lan smiled lightly. "Why are you apologizing? It's not your fault."Mu Liang started, "Lan-"She interrupted him. "Liang Liang, can you give me some time?"Mu Liang's heart was beating faster than it was beating in the study room. He asked, "For what?"Mu Lan tried to turn around and face him. But Mu Liang was too afraid to see her face. He felt like she was going to ask for something he didn't want to give her.Mu Lan struggled for a while and suddenly used Kung Fu to bend Mu Liang and while twisting his hand at the same time. Her move was so fast that Mu Liang was caught off guard.Mu Lan laughed as she encircled her arms around him. Mu Liang looked at her bright smile.'She didn't smile like that for a long time.' He thought. 'The first time she smiled like that was when we first met.' His heart dropped. "Liang Liang, give me a year. I promise that I will come back to you after one year passes. For now, let's break up." Her smile was radiant just like they met after she woke up from coma.Mu Liang's heart twisted. He grabbed her head from behind and pulled her in his warm chest. "Lan, I promise you. I promise that I will tell you everything I know about you. So please don't make that face, please don't smile like that. When you show this expression I feel like you are going far away from me. I can't take it." It was his request as well as a promise.He knew her very well. She always smiled like that when she was hiding her fear, her anxiety. She wanted one year to go back to China and look for her identity by herself. It would be a risky work. She might face life threatening danger.Moreover, she had no idea that some people were looking for her for a golden key and another man was looking for her to kill. Who knew how many enemies she had?She wanted to break up with him because she knew that her future was full of uncertainty. If she was in danger in the future, Mu Liang wouldn't have to come and save her.She wanted to fight all by herself, so that, one day she could proudly stand by his side.For the first time in his life, Mu Liang regretted that he was the heir of an outstanding family which was making her feel inferior.That's why, he had to turn the table. He had to confess what he knew. Or, he might lose her forever.The dangers lurking around her, wouldn't let her live if he was never there to protect her.Mu Lan hugged him tightly as well. She smelt his odor and felt safer. She closed her eyes peacefully.'Wow! It took you while to spill the beans. I'm getting better and better. Maybe I should work as a detective.' That's what she was thinking until she kissed his throat.Meanwhile, Mu Jin was sitting in a dark room. A green light was turned on. He kept looking at the light and drank red wine time to time. While recollecting his past memory of a certain face, he fell asleep at dawn.-----In the next morning, Mu Lan woke up beforehand and wore sports shirt and pants. Then she went outside and began morning walk.Half an hour later, Mu Liang joined her in running."Have you cleared your head?" He asked her warmly."I guess so. Last night you wrecked my brain." Mu Lan laughed.Last night, Mu Liang told her about her past only he knew of.Mu Lan was indeed the daughter of Zhuan Zhen. Her father was unknown. When she was two years old, her mother died in an accident while she was pregnant.Hua Lan was left with her only aunt who was married to the heir of Hua Corporation. They had a daughter. Their daughter and Hua Lan grew up together. Hua Lan ended up with in Beijing University in Computer Science Department. There she met her first love, the heir of Li Corporation as in disguise of a professor.She fell in love, went to Germany, came back with her glory, then the professor left Beijing University and they began dating.While she was in Germany, Mu Liang fell for her and began investigating her.After four months of dating, the heir of Li Corporation stabbed her back and married her cousin. The married couple had a son later.Mu Liang found out later on that the heir of Li Corporation and his brother hated her quite a bit.Mu Liang couldn't take her sufferings any longer and ordered Mu Feng to bring Hua Lan to him.However, the team Mu Feng sent didn't take the actual order.The family of three and Hua Lan visited Italy, and Hua Lan was attacked. She sacrificed herself to save the man she loved.Hua Lan was saved by a miracle and was in coma for nine months. After she woke up, she lost her memory.Mu Lan stopped running and took some breaths. "My mother's death is fake.""Seems like it, since your brother is alive." Mu Liang agreed."However, my whole family has the ability to vanish in the air." Mu Lan took a bottle of water.Mu Liang laughed and asked, "So what are you thinking now?"Mu Lan twisted her lips. "I can't ask my brother since he has no interest in telling me about my past. I might have had a real bad past."Mu Liang hugged her. "Don't worry. You will find out everything soon enough and I know you can handle it because I'll be by your side."

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