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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 416: GIVE HER SOME TIME

"I already want to meet them. Send them in." Mu Jin impatiently said.Hearing his son's eagerness, Mu Cheng nodded at the butlers. As they left, Mu Lan and Qi Ying entered the room.The room got quiet and both girls felt sudden pressure. The boys introduced the girls and the girls bowed."She is Xiao Lan. She is studying Fine Arts. She has completed undergraduate course and became the top student in the school." Mu Liang spoke as he locked his fingers with hers. Mu Lan tried to took her hand away but the grip was strong. Her cheeks burnt.Mu Feng came forward and hugged Qi Ying. "She is Xiao Ying. Ying is studying Fashion Design. Ying and sister Lan Lan are friends. They finished their undergraduate course together."Mu Lan smiled politely at the elders just like Qi Ying and saw Mu Liang's parents face turned pale. Looking at their facial expression, Mu Lan felt uneasy. Mu Liang was no exception."Mother, father, is there anything wrong?" Mu Liang asked.Mu Jin seemed lost as he gazed at Mu Lan. He did see her years ago in Germany when she saved Mu Cheng from the car and Mu Cheng even proposed her to marry. For Mu Liang. However, Mu Jin didn't notice her face clearly back then as her hair was disordered and she looked like a tomboy. She looked like a true beauty just as Mu Cheng described a 'celestial bride'.Now, she looked like a grown woman as if the fruit was ripen.She looked exactly like." Zhen" Jing Sheng thought that her heart would burst out. She began trembling.Mu Liang's expression changed. 'She knew! Even dad knew!"Mu Jin spoke at first. "You are relative of Zhuan Zhen." His heart twisted in pain.Mu Lan felt awkward. "I'm sorry. I don't know anyone named Zhuan Zhen." Right after saying that she recalled a time when Mu Feng gave her documents about her past life. There was a name like Zhuan Zhen without any photo. It was written as her mother's name.Before she could speak, Jing Sheng screamed at her, "Sl*t! Your mother seduced my husband and now you seduced my son! Fruit doesn't fall far from the tree I guess. But I will never approve of you. Never! Get the heck out of my castle! I hate you! No, I despise you and your mother! Don't show your face again! Get out!"She got up and strode towards the shocked Mu Lan and Mu Liang.Others were also too stunned to understand or to digest.Jing Sheng came forward and raised her hand to slap Mu Lan. Mu Lan was still looking dumbfounded. Before the slap fell hard on her cheek, Mu Liang grabbed her mother's hand."Xiao Liang! Let go! Let me hit her! She dared to seduce you!" Jing Sheng was hysterical. "She didn't seduce me. I did." Mu Liang calmly stated.However, his confession made Jing Sheng go nuts. "You sl*t! Look what you did to my child! He never talked back at me! Now he went against her mother because of you! It's all your fault!""Mother, that's enough." Mu Liang was still calm even though his heart was beating fast. He felt that Mu Lan's hand was shaking.Mu Liang desperately looked at Mu Feng. Mu Feng came forward and caught his mother."Mother, calm down." Mu Feng tried to soothe her."Xiao Feng! Let go! I have to teach that sl*t her place! Let go!" Mu Feng saw that talking was no use. He simply carried Jing Sheng and took her out of the room. She was still screaming and her red eyes were viciously glaring at Mu Lan.Mu Liang protectively hugged Mu Lan with his one hand. "Are you alright?"Mu Lan nodded. Her face was turning pale. Thousands of thoughts were running inside her brain."Someone explain to me what just happened." Mu Cheng's voice was cold as his eyes fell on his son, Mu Jin. Mu Jin was still gazing at Mu Lan with a pained expression. He stood up and came in front of Mu Lan and Mu Liang.Mu Jin talked to Mu Lan. "Sorry for the inconvenience my wife cost you. You had a long journey. You must be tired. Get some rest. We will talk later." Mu Jin seemed more tired than Mu Lan. He slowly walked out of the room."How could he leave like that without any explanation?" Mu Cheng scoffed. Then he looked at the girls and Mu Liang.His expression turned softer. "I'm sorry that you had to face things like these right after you met us. Your rooms are ready. If you are hungry or need anything, just order the maids. They will help you. Now have some rest. I need to find out what misgivings my son did."Mu Cheng glanced at his wife, "Dear, do you want to go with them?"Mu Ling was very understanding. She said, "Of course." She smiled at Mu Lan and Qi Ying. "Come with me Xiao Lan, Xiao Ying."As she walked away, the girls followed her from behind.Qi Ying gripped Mu Lan's hand to give her encouragement while they walked.Mu Liang and Mu Cheng exchanged glances and then he strode away as well.Mu Ling smiled. "I liked the presents you gifted us. I'm very pleased with you two." She looked at Mu Lan and grabbed one of her hands softly. "Don't feel bad. Xiao Liang's mother had a pitiful past. She isn't mentally stable. But she improved a lot. She loves Xiao Liang very much. Give her some time to adjust."Mu Lan faintly smiled and nodded. No matter what she thought of, she couldn't let go of the words Jing Sheng said.Mu Liang caught them in no time.Mu Ling glanced at her grandson and said, "I have asked the maids to prepare guest rooms for the girls. Is that alright with you?"Mu Liang immediately answered, "Of course not. Who will sleep separately in this era?"Mu Lan, "."Qi Ying, ".""Mu Ling, "..Rascal!"

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