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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 415: PDA OF GRANDMA AND GRANDSON

The Head Butler smiled in reply and followed them from behind. While passing the corridor, Mu Lan saw the paintings of the Mu Family members.Seeing Mu Liang's great grandma's painting, Mu Lan said in surprise, "You got your great grandma's look."Mu Liang smiled at her words. Then he said, "After our marriage, your picture will be hanging in there." He pointed out an empty place besides his painting. Mu Lan's heart race imagining her painting beside his. The Head Butler knocked the door of the study room and entered to announce that the Mu brothers came to meet.Mu brothers entered first. Qi Ying and Mu Lan were standing beside the door. After the boys entered, Mu Lan peeped inside the room and observed that there were four people in the room. Two were men and other two were women. Looking at them she didn't had to work hard to understand who they were.Mu Feng flew towards the older woman before greeting the Elder. "My darling!" He hugged the woman and rubbed his face on her stomach."Rascal! How dare you to call my wife 'darling'? Greet your grandpa first!" Grandpa Mu Cheng scolded Mu Feng. He was furious beyond limit.He was trying so hard to make himself understand that two future granddaughters-in-law were coming, therefore he had to be calm and could not lost his temper. But then, he burst into flames. The culprit was Mu Feng, the son of the devil.Grandma Mu Ling glared at his husband and said, "Don't scold him! He came home two years later and this is how you treat him! Unforgivable!"Pitiful Mu Cheng!Then she looked at Mu Feng with a loving gaze. "Now you remember your grandma? Why do you look thinner than before? You have to eat more. I became old waiting for your return. Getting such a beautiful girl, you forgot your grandpa, didn't you?"Mu Feng shook his head. "What are you saying, darling? You are beautiful like a moon. I wanted to come but there were lots of work and big brother doesn't give me holidays at all. He is a brute!" Now, he began complaining.Grandma Ling looked at Mu Liang and asked, "Is that true?" "I gave him three weeks holiday and he wasted it in Switzerland." Mu Liang told the truth.Grandma gasped and looked at Mu Feng. "Is it?"No one should underestimate the acting power of Mu Feng. "Darling, I went to Switzerland to buy a five star hotel. I named it DARLING LING. It's my present for your upcoming birthday. I worked so hard for you and only you. Whenever to get bored staying with this old guy, (Mu Cheng glared) you can just go to Switzerland and you will be given the most expensive suite that had been prepared for you.""Oh, my! Really? I'm so proud of you. Here, Let grandma give you a big kiss." She planted a kiss in Mu Feng's forehead.Mu Liang pinched the area between his eyebrows. It's had been months since he last felt pain in the head.Grandpa Mu Cheng growled at the public display of affection between grandmother and grandson."Grandpa, grandma, father and mother, good to see you all doing well." Mu Liang bowed and greeted them.Grandpa Mu looked pleased with his eldest grandson. He gave him a small nod."Come here, my child. Let me see your face." Mu Liang's mother Jing Sheng said with a smile. He was her most loving child.Mu Liang got closer to his mother and sat beside her on the couch. Her mother raised her hands and touched his face. "You look better than usual. Looks like my future daughter-in-law is taking good care of you.""She is, don't worry about it. She is too busy to make me eat all the food, especially her portion." Mu Liang answered.The elders laughed loudly, making Mu Lan blush from the outside."Ayaa, it's good that she makes you eat, but she should at least eat hers." Mu Liang's mother said with concern."Where are my granddaughters-in-law? Let them come." Grandpa Mu said.Mu brothers father Mu Jin coughed lightly. "They must be very beautiful just like high school girls." Though his voice was low only for his father Mu Cheng to hear, Mu Jin did get two death glares from his sons. He sighed and said, "I'm kidding." He raised his hands."Before that, your granddaughter-in-laws want to give you gifts they bought with their own ability." Mu Liang said and let four butlers come inside the room.Mu Liang stood up and took one box and gave it to his grandparents. "These are for you. She chose it by herself."Mu Cheng and Mu Ling both opened the box and gasped in surprise as they saw two green and white jade bracelets. Those where the finest qualities of jades wishing for long life. They were expensive and also gorgeous.It wasn't the value of money but the kind gesture which made their heart warm."What a sensible girl!" Mu Ling exclaimed."Hmm, as expected of Liang's chosen girl." Mu Cheng was also pleased but didn't let his emotion show."And these are for you." Mu Liang gave another box to his parents.Mu Jin and Jing Sheng opened the box and was stunned to see a golden pen, designed with red ruby with an attached diary which was designed just like the pen and finest qualities herbal skin products. No one had to guess that the pen with the diary was for Mu Jin since he liked to write and skin products were for Jing Sheng."She is very thoughtful." Jing Sheng smiled.Mu Feng presented gifts which were given by Qi Ying as well. She designed and sewed the dresses all by herself for the elders making them all surprised and happy at the same time."I already want to meet them. Send them in." Mu Jin impatiently said.The butlers went outside and the girls came in. Both of them were nervous as they greeted the family.Mu Lan looked at them and gave a polite smile. As soon as she did it, Mu Jin and Jing Sheng's faces turned deadly pale.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________A REQUEST!Guys, as per the event if the gifts cross level 1, I can give you 5 chapters and if it crosses level 2, then I can give you 10 chapters mass release.I already started writing chapters in advance. So it will be bad if I cannot give you.I'm working hard. I hope my Dearest Readers become a little generous. (For now)After the event, don't gift me in this month. I'm fine with it. But right now, just cross Level 2. For the sake of the 10 chapters I'm writing for you.

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