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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 414: TO THE MU FAMILY HOUSE

Florence, Italy.Mu Liang's private plane landed on the Mu Family's runaway. Mu Family's family house wasn't a house but an ancient castle with glamour and royalty. After landing, Mu Liang, Mu Lan, Mu Feng and Qi Ying got off the plane and took a black limousine to the castle. It was a one hour trip to castle from the runaway.On the way, Mu Lan was fidgeting. Her hands were getting colder in a second. Qi Ying met Mu parents and grandparents in the parties many times, so she wasn't as nervous as Mu Lan. She was quietly sleeping in Mu Feng's arms. She was tried because she had a rough night.Mu Lan kept asking Mu Liang, "Do I look alright?""Will they like the gifts I bought?""You didn't tell me what your parents like? What if they don't like what I bought?""For some reason my stomach is grumbling."Mu Liang was holding her hand from the moment they went inside the plane and didn't let go for once. There was a hidden smile in his eyes in the whole journey. He was amused by her reactions. He answered all her questions one by one. "You look gorgeous.""Of course they will. Your choice is great.""My parents aren't picky. They are very simple minded. They will understand that you meant well."He didn't want to say that giving a box of condoms would make his father definitely happy, just like Yan Su said. However, sometimes some things should be hidden from one's wife."You are nervous that's why you feel that way. Wait till we meet them. You won't feel uncomfortable anymore."However, Mu Lan wasn't assured at all. Mu Liang's warm hand wasn't helping her to calm down. Looking at the large castle, Mu Lan felt even more uneasy. She felt inferior."Did your family buy this castle?" She asked, trying to make herself calm.Mu Liang shook his head. "No. It's my great grandparent's castle."Mu Lan commented. "So your family is rich from the very beginning." Mu Liang explained. "We are royalty. My great grandma was the only daughter of then-period king of Italy. She fell in love with my great grandfather as they met in a masquerade ball. My great grandfather was a well-known businessman in Italy. So the king agreed with his daughter to marry my great grandfather. The king gifted this castle tot hem as a wedding gift." He was a good story teller.Mu Lan was amazed by the story. "Your family history will be written in the history book." Mu Lan became calm after she heard the history of the castle. Her mind was filled with what she heard and she almost forgot that she was going to meet Mu Liang's family.After they reached the castle, Mu Feng woke Qi Ying up and they went out of the car. As Mu Lan was about to get off, Mu Liang closed the door.Mu Lan was stunned. She looked at him in puzzle while asking, "What are yo- mff!" Her lips were sealed by Mu Liang's warm lips. He passionately kissed her till she was breathless.After the kiss, Mu Lan was panting and with her watery eyes she gazed at Mu Liang. "W-why?""You were shaking a few seconds ago. Now you are not." Mu Liang rubbed her lips with his right thumb. "Are you okay now?"Mu Lan surprisingly realized that her body wasn't shaking at all. Moreover, her heart was beating so fast because of the passionate kiss she got that her heart was about to burst.Mu Liang glanced at her alluring expression and sighed. 'Maybe it was a bad idea.' He wondered. He took a tissue out of tissue box and wiped her tears away. Then gave her a bottle of water to drink.Mu Lan drank a mouthful water and began to calm down.After they got off, Mu Lan noticed that Qi Ying's face was flushed and Mu Feng was smirking at them. She couldn't look straight anymore and her kept head down in shame.In the main door of the castle, all the maids and the butlers were waiting to welcome them.Mu Lan discovered that the servants where triple in number than the servants of Mu Mansion. They politely and yet warmly greeted them, making Mu Lan realize how popular these Mu Brothers were. Every servant bowed and no one dared to look at Mu Lan or Qi Ying. They were as professional as the servants of Mu Mansion. In the end of the corridor, the Head Butler of the Mu Castle waited for them. As he saw them coming, he bowed politely. "Welcome first young master, second young master and the misses.""Good to see you, old man. Still living, eh?" Mu Feng was in his home where he grew up. So all his childish behavior came out.The Head Butler of Mu Castle was used to Mu Feng's behavior. He wasn't bothered about what Mu Feng just said. "Cough! Second young master, please refrain from saying anything vulgar in front of guests. The Master is waiting for you in his study room."The 'Master' he mentioned was none other than the Elder, Mu Cheng.Mu Feng frowned in disdain. "Who wants to see that old fart? Where is my beautiful, dashing, se*y darling Ling?" Mu Ling was none other than the beloved wife of Mu Cheng, Mu Feng's grandma. Grandma Ling dotted on Mu Feng the most and Mu Feng was the same. That's why grandchild Mu Feng and grandpa Mu Cheng were at each other's throat all the time. They had to fight for u Ling's affection.Qi Ying pinched Mu Feng's arm hearing those vulgar words coming from his mouth about his grandparents. And Mu Lan's reaction was priceless.Mu Liang ignored Mu Feng. "Thank you. Good to see you." He said to the butler and showed Mu Lan was the way.The Head Butler smiled in reply and followed them from behind. While passing the corridor, Mu Lan saw the paintings of the Mu Family members.

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