Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 413: SHOPPING

"Dear, where are you? We are worried sick. Even your parents are waiting for you at home." He heard his wife using her sultry voice again which he hated.He sneered. "Worried about me? Knowing that I was in the hospital, couldn't you come and check it out how I was? Or maybe, you were waiting for my death news at home?"He had a clear idea how much his wife was worried about him. They weren't just married for three damn years."What are you saying, dear? Don't scare me. We are all waiting to see you. When will you come back?" His wife changed the subject."Since our desires are similar, both don't want to see each other's face, I won't go to a place where you are." He hung up. Their relationship was never good. If he wasn't drunk on their wedding night and thought of Hua Lan, his son wouldn't be here. He only pretended to be in good terms with her to show Hua Lan. He wanted to torture her. Now he was paying the price."President Li, dinner is ready." Mrs. Si came and announced warmly."Coming." He replied and turned off his cell phone.It was a quiet and yet harmonious dinner. The baby girl grew up and now four years old. She wasn't scare of President Li and happily put meat in his bowl.'Just like her.' President Li thought. In the past, when they had lunch together, she would give him meat with a smile on her face.After dinner, President Li went to a guest room which was prepared for him. He was in the balcony, looking at the sky.Si Guen knocked the door of the guest room. Not hearing any sound from inside, he opened the door. He saw President Li was standing in the balcony."Boss, are you feeling uncomfortable with the bed or anything?" Si Guen asked nervously."No, I'm feeling better than staying in my own house." President Li replied.Si Guen scratched his nose. "Then, please have a good sleep, boss. You need it.""I'm not going to the office." President Li declared. He was still looking at the sky."Of course, boss. Doctor said that you needed some rest." Si Guen agreed."No, I mean that I won't go to the office anymore." President Li said."W-what?!" Si Guen wasn't sure what to say."Book a flight for me. I'll go abroad." President Li continued."Where do you want to go, boss?" Si Guen asked. He was still confused."Anywhere is fine. As long as I'm out of China, I'm okay with it. If she isn't here, why staying here anyway?" President Li sighed."She are you talking about little miss?" Si Guen asked curiously. He took a big risk. If he was wrong, he might be killed by his boss."You are right." To his surprise, his boss replied positively. He also didn't get angry. "Buy a plane ticket for Germany. Then I want to go to France.""B-but boss, what about the company?" Si Guen was worried. No one was better than his boss to handle such a large company.President Li simply said, "Leave it to Sheng. He can handle it." His brother murdered her. He should have avenged her. But, she was already dead. After killing his brother, he wouldn't get her back. Then again, she shouldn't be born in the first place. So why avenging? It would be better if Li Sheng took over the company. Appropriate punishment for him. Si Guen twisted his face. If Li Sheng took over the company, they would have to say goodbye to Li Corporation."Then I will resign as well." Si Guen said.President Li smirked. "That's even better. Let Sheng taste his own medicine." After a pause he asked, "Where do you want to go?"Si Guen shook his head. "I'm not sure. I have just decided to resign."President Li suggested. "Go to *Ge Corporation. You will have a good salary."Si Guen was surprised. "Our rival company?""It's the only company which is as good as ours." Si Guen was with him from the very beginning. Therefore, President Li didn't wish for him a bad ending."As you wish, boss. I will try to look for a job there." Si Guen agreed. "Boss, you should go back to sleep. You need rest.""Sure." President Li replied.------A week had passed away. Mu Lan began talking. She got her sweet voice back. She seemed very happy about it. And so was Mu Liang.Mu Lan and Yan Su went to Lu Research Center regularly for treatment. Mu Lan didn't want to, but Mu Liang wanted her to regain memory. As he insisted, Mu Lan had no choice but to listen.However, in a week, she didn't recall a single thing, making Lu Feng's team give up. They tried almost everything. They even tried hypnotism to make her remember.However, Mu Lan would scream loudly, "Blood! Blood!" Making them stop what they were doing.Now Lu Feng's doctor team had only one option left. The face mask."Oh, you are here." Lu Feng said as he saw his girlfriend and Mu Lan."Why have you called me to meet you, Dr. Lu Feng?" Mu Lan asked."I want to run a blood rest. I talked to Mu Liang and he agreed. Now I want your permission to take your blood." Lu Feng said. "Sure, if this helps me to recover my memory." Mu Lan agreed.Five minutes later, Mu Lan got out of the room with Yan Su and went to shop."I'm so nervous that I can't even sleep well. How am I supposed to meet Liang Liang's family with my chicken heart?" Mu Lan complained."They are nice people. They will treat you well. You worry too much." Yan Su said."Let's buy some jade bracelets. Liang Liang said that his grandparents love these things. But what should I buy for his parents? He didn't say anything about it." Mu Lan looked around to see which shop she had to go."One box condom. Uncle and auntie will love it, I can bet on it." Yan Su said firmly.Mu Lan, "..."

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