Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 412: I LOVE HER

"What do you mean by 'had'?" President Li asked. He regretted not meeting her. If he looked back to see who she was when they collided, if he ran and look for her, if he only searched for her in the conference, if he could, he would not be separated from her for the rest of his life. He would have taken her away from the civilization and stay with her without worrying about the world."It means she is dead." Li Sheng laughed like a mad man. "I killed her. She fell on a freezing cold river and never got up. I never saw her again."Though Li Sheng had a doubt that Hua Lan was still alive, he didn't tell his brother. He still thought of checking on her secretly. He thought that no human could live after being pushed in the cold river. However, b****** could only live with the help of Satan (bad angel). While Li Sheng was rejoicing, his brother turned into stone. He felt like someone ripped off his heart from his body. His body shook vigorously. He couldn't take it anymore and fell on the floor filled with pieces of broken glass. His skin cut through and blood was dripping from his wounds, but he didn't care. He didn't feel anything.President Li recalled her sweet laugh, beautiful loving eyes, excited and adventurous behavior, always positive, always calling him by his name.He recollected her last time looking at him with the most loving way, giving him the farewell and wishing him happiness.'So it was our last time seeing each other after all.' He thought.His vision became clouded as his eyes teared up. Her gorgeous appearance became vague and he couldn't see her clearly anymore in the world of imagination.'I love her. I love her. I love her.' It was only thing he was repeating in his mind.Li Sheng sneered at his brother. "So you fell of her trap, didn't you? It was a good thing that I killed her. She is gone for good." He got up and walked past his bleeding brother and left the room without treating his wounded brother. President Li didn't hear what his brother said. Tears fell from his eyes like rain drops. Hours passed by.Assistant Si Guen came inside the Presidential room after a polite knock. His footsteps halted as he looked at the scene in front of him in horror."Boss!" His heart dropped. He walked towards the man who was bleeding. "Boss, how did this happen? I'll call ambulance." Si Guen didn't know what happened but he didn't care at that moment. The only thing in his mind was that he had to take his boss to the hospital.The ambulance came and took President Li on the stretcher and drove to the hospital. The whole office got the terrible news of their boss's injury.He was discharged right after his wounds were treated. His condition wasn't critical. But he didn't say a word.The police came and asked Si Guen multiple questions. They wanted to take President Li's statement, but he didn't talk and knowing his bad temper, the police didn't have the courage to push him hard. They took the office footage and saw that no one was culprit, basically when President Li broke the table and fell on the floor all by himslef. So they let it be.After everything was done, Si Guen drove President Li to his house."I don't want to go to that house." President Li finally opened his mouth.Si Guen was startled by his boss's sudden speaking. "B-boss! Where should I take up?" "Your house will do." President Li said. His voice was so off the tune."M-my house?!" Si Guen was beyond surprise. President Li said no more on the way.'What has gotten into his head?' Si Guen thought. He still drove towards his house. "Honey you are home." Mrs. Si opened the door and cheerfully greeted her husband and then saw her husband's boss. "President Li!" She was as surprise as her husband."Sorry for intruding out of blue" President Li bowed. Looking at Si Guen's wife greeting her husband with a sweet smile, he remembered Hua Lan's smile whenever she would see him. 'So this is how it supposed to be like in mutual love.' He wondered.Both Si Gen and his wife's jaws dropped. 'Is that President Li? He isn't acting like himself.'"It's nothing like this, President Li. Please come in." Si Guen's wife said in a friendly tone.President Li went inside and looked around the house. 'House of a family.' He thought. He never looked around his own house where he lived with his wife and son.He was taken to the drawing room and he waited there. There were photos decorated in the wall. He quietly looked at the pictures.Suddenly a picture caught his eyes. His body started to shake.It was a picture of Hua Lan carrying Si Guen's baby girl in her arms. She had a motherly gaze as she looked at the baby girl. Her lips carried a peaceful smile. The baby girl was very fond of her and looking at her with a huge smile on her small face.If a person didn't know the real relationship between to these people, a person could mistakenly think it was a picture of mother and her daughter.President Li imagined Hua Lan being the mother of his daughter. Thinking of that, his heart painfully writhed. He rubbed his left side of the chest.He took out his cell phone after rubbing his chest and took a photo of Hua Lan's smiling face.After he snapped a photo, he wanted to look at the image but a phone call came. He frowned as he saw that it was his wife. He didn't want to answer the phone, but if he didn't, his family might cause a ruckus. Thinking that he answered the call. "Hello?"

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