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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 411: WHAT DID YOU DO?

He got up and walked towards the bathroom. He moistened the towel and then wiped her body and after taking off her night shirt. After that, he changed her night shirt into another one.'Am I stupid enough to throw away all those wonderful times with him and embrace my dark past?' Mu Lan was still wondering."Go back to sleep. I am not going to leave you." Mu Liang began patting her back as they laid down face to face.The room was dark and Mu Lan couldn't see him. Still she could feel his warmth and smell.'I can die and reborn beside him every day.' She thought. Exactly that time she realized how important this man to her was.Suddenly, Mu Liang didn't know why, the girl he was patting, hugged him tightly.'I don't care about my past. If I have to lose Liang Liang, it is better that I don't remember anything at all. If my family is out there and looking at me from secret, I will let that be. I will search them and create a wonderful relationship with them once again. But I can't forget this warm embrace.' Mu Lan was determined.She didn't trust her future-self who would forget about Liang Liang. Her Liang Liang.What if she never looked at him after she lost her current memory to get her previous memory back?She was too afraid to take risk. Even making videos and writing dairies wouldn't help if there was no feelings for him.As soon as she would regain her memory, she would definitely go to the bad guy who hated her without looking back, right?Wasn't that the only reason Mu Liang was afraid of helping her to get her memory back?"Lan, are you alright?" Mu Liang should be enjoying her hug since it had been a week he didn't get her attention no matter how much he tried.However, her behavior was scaring him.She tried to speak. "Ih gam ghinhe." (I am fine.)"Okay, don't talk anymore. Just sleep." Mu Liang was too afraid to kiss her forehead when she was awake. So he only rubbed her back and made her fall asleep.------Back to Shanghai, the richest city in China. In the Li Corporation, at the Presidential room, Li Sheng was sitting on the sofa and his legs were on the tea table which was made of glass. He was looking at the ceiling as he smoked. Thick layer of smoke emitted from his mouth time to time.He was recalling what happened a week ago.Some elite members of the US mafia came to look for Hua Lan. They asked where she was, how did she disappear, if she had some fortunes etc. etc.'Fortune?s Heh.' Li Sheng smirked disdainfully. 'She was a s*** who was a beggar and wanted to have our family fortunes.'Then he remembered another thing. The team leader of the elite members said, "Are you sure that the death of your girlfriend is just a coincident? As the head of the Chinese Underworld, you should know this type of things only happen when your enemy is offended. Did you bite anyone's tail before your girlfriend died?"Li Sheng began to think. 'I was too busy to organize the Online Game program. How could I have time to offend any big shot?' Then he halted. He sat straight. 'Is this about that b****? Is she the one who is behind everything? She didn't die, did she? She came to take revenge. But how does she even know that I was the one who hurt her? Did she became ghost?'He thought for a while. 'No. It must be something different. Maybe she had a sugar daddy. She must have sold her to a big fat guy to be able to kill my woman. She must be alive too. I won't let them off.' He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. Behind the large desk, President Li was watching his brother's change of expressions. He narrowed his eyes.The only time, Li Sheng had so much hatred in his eyes when he was thinking of Hua Lan. President Li knew his brother better.'Why is he remembering her now? Does he know anything that I don't?' His eyes were excessively cold.President Li took his cell phone and send a text to someone.Half an hour later, there was a loud sound.President Li broke the tea table which was made of glass as he kicked it. Glass shattered into pieces and Li Sheng's legs touched the floor."What the hell is wrong with you?" Li Sheng stood up and shouted.As for answer, he was gifted with a great punch in his face. He flew in the corner and spit out some blood."What did you do?" President Li clenched his teeth.Li Sheng looked viciously at his brother."I asked you a question." President Li was losing his patience. He slowly walked towards his brother. The pieces of glass made sounds as he walked over them."What do you mean?" Li Sheng saw that the situation wasn't good. So he pretended to be weak."I told you to search for her and inform me. But what did you do?" President Li asked slowly and dangerously.Li Sheng's eyes was burning. "For that b**** you hit your brother?""You didn't answer my question." President Li walked closer.Li Sheng let out a laugh. He laughed till his stomach hurt. Then he replied, "Don't look for her anymore. She had herself a sugar daddy."President Li halted on his track. He needed to stomach the news. ".Say that again?"Li Sheng repeated. "She had a sugar daddy.""What do you mean by 'had'?" President Li didn't care about if she had a sugar daddy or not. He noticed that his brother used past tense, when she was clearly alive in Germany. His informer just sent him a photo of current Mu Lan who was present in Online Game Contest."It means she is dead."

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