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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 410: ASKING FOR TOO MUCH

It was dark. There was woods in front of Mu Lan. It looked rather creepy.She aimlessly walked inside the woods. She didn't know where to go, what her aim was. All she did was walking.Surprisingly, she neither felt tired or sleepy as she wandered alone. The more she strolled the more it was getting darker.Mu Lan was shivering in the cold as wind blew around her.When the path seemed endless to her, suddenly she saw a man in white clothes. His shirt, coat and even pants were all white.Mu Lan sighed in relief. 'He doesn't look that bad.' She thought.She went closer to him and politely asked, "E-excuse me, can you please tell me a way out?" The man slowly turned his head towards her. She met a pair of dark intimidating eyes. His lips were thin and tightly closed, they looked so cruel. He coldly looked at her before turning away and began to walk to the opposite direction.Seeing his cold glare, Mu Lan wasn't sure if she should follow him or not.The man stopped in his track after a while and looked behind him where Mu Lan was still standing.Seeing his gesture, she realized that he was waiting for her.Smiling at him, she started walking behind them.After walking the endless path, it came to an end and there was a valley with huge flower garden filled with numerous flowers.Mu Lan was stunned at the beauty of the mother nature. She ran towards the valley and enjoyed the flower garden."It's so beautiful. Don't you think so?" Mu Lan laughed and looked behind her.But the man in white was nowhere to be found."Where is he?" Asking herself, Mu Lan walked towards the dark woods.However, someone caught her hand. It was a warm hand. "Don't go." The person said.Mu Lan looked behind to look at the person and saw a handsome man. He was deep ocean blue eyes and dark brown hair. His eyes were ever so gentle and it sucked her immensely."Please don't go." He requested her once again.He was wearing a black attire, completely different from the first man she saw."And you are.." She was confused. He looked familiar but she couldn't tell who he is.The man's gorgeous ocean blue eyes filled with sadness. "I'm the one you forgot after recollecting your memory."Mu Lan became more confused. "I forget you?"The man smiled a little. "You used to call me Liang Liang. Remember?" His eyes held some hope.Just as he finished, Mu Lan felt a sharp pain inside her head. She couldn't look the man called Liang Liang anymore as she sat down on the ground while grabbing her head."Gah!" Mu Lan got up from the bed as she was panting. She was sweating a lot. Even though it was a cold night, she felt hot.'What a nightmare! I can't believe that I would see something like that.' She stretched her hand and turned on the bedside lamp. The yellow light illuminated the bedroom. She felt safer than before. She looked at her right side and saw a glass of water. She drank a mouthful water and tried to calm herself down."Did you have a nightmare?" A voice with worried tone asked her.Mu Lan glanced at the door and saw Mu Liang coming towards her.------ "There is a possibility since she tried to save the man she loved the most Ah... I mean" Lu Feng didn't know how to correct himself.Mu Liang was quiet. It made Lu Feng even guiltier."I'm sorry." Lu Feng apologized.Finally Mu Liang talked. "It's fine. You didn't say anything wrong." He thought for a while and said, "If that's the case that she can't remember because of psychological trauma, then we have to bring that man in front of her."Of course he meant that 'Li' man."Are you crazy? What are you thinking?" Lu Feng screamed in surprise."We won't bring the actual man. We can always use of demo. Your team can create masks, so I don't think it will be a problem." Mu Liang calmly explained his plan."Oh, I guess its fine as long as the real one doesn't come." Lu Feng said.He had no idea that one day his words would come true in the most surprising way. "It's getting late. I'm going back to sleep. But before you make a mask of that man, try to make her remember in another way. Good night." Mu Liang said."I got it. Good night." Lu Feng hang up.Mu Liang turned off the computer and gazed at the clock. It was two in the morning.'She must be asleep.' Thinking of Mu Lan, his eyes narrowed. His eyes moved at the golden key. Then he stood up and went to the upstairs.When he went to his drawing room, he saw the light of the bedroom was on. He walked fast and opened the door of the bedroom, he saw Mu Lan was trying to calm herself down. Her whole body was sweaty and she as shivering."Did you have a nightmare?" Mu Liang asked worriedly.Mu Lan slowly glanced at him. She looked tired and scared. He walked closer, then sat on the bed beside her and hugged her. "It's okay now. I'm here." He softly said.'Am I really going to forget him after I recollect my memory?' Mu Lan shivered at the thought. 'Is my past really more important than the present? I had a bad past and now I have a wonderful present. Should I destroy my own happiness with my wrong decision? What should I do?' She was never so confused in her life. Was she asking for too much?Mu Liang felt her shivering and hugged her even tighter. "Are you feeling cold that you are sweating? Let me clean you up." He tried to calm her down.

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