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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 41: UNDER THE CHERRY TREE

Mu Lan was walking on a dark road. She didn't know where was she going but she kept telling herself that if she went forward she would see the light.

She walked down in the endless darkness and as she predicted, after some times she found a tiny light, coming from outside. She almost ran there.

She found a heavy wooden door in front of her. It didn't have any lock so she felt happy. However when she pulled that door, she couldn't move an inch. She tried again and again. She tried till she was out of breath. But all her efforts were in vein.

She started praying for help. She wished that there would be someone who could help her to see the light of life.

As she prayed, she felt someone touched her right hand where she was holding the handle of the door. She observed that the hand was bigger, warmer and stronger. She felt at ease by the hand's contact.

Together, both of them pulled the door and finally the door opened. Mu Lan saw a beautiful scenery in front her. It was a forest with big trees and unknown flowers. She was in awe seeing such attractive nature.

She saw a blue butterfly flying and suddenly it sat on her nose. A few second later it flew away behind her. That moment, she remembered the hand that helped her. Quickly she looked behind her couldn't see anyone. Even the darkness had disappeared. She felt confused but as she looked at the forest, she decided to walk towards it.

After walking for miles, she saw hundreds of cherry trees, in the soft breeze the flowers were falling from the trees. It was so gorgeous that Mu Lan was mesmerized by it.

She was enjoying the view and then she noticed a lonely figure under a cherry tree. She walked closely. Maybe hearing her footsteps that figure turned around.

Mu Lan stopped at her track. She saw a handsome man staring at her coldly. That man looked quite familiar but she couldn't remember no matter how many times she searched in her memory.

That man had a grand aura around him. Anyone who would look at him would want to kneel down in front of him. He was 6'1" tall, pale skin, black hair, brown eyes, sharp nose, thin pale lips.

Mu Lan never felt more attracted to anyone before. The thing which caught her eyes the most was his brown eyes. They were cold, distant and lonely.

Mu Lan stared at him without blinking.

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