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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 409: HUA LAN AND THE GOLDEN KEY

Jack was obedient with the chip in his head. As long as no one knew about the chip and nothing went wrong, Jack could be used as a back-up plan."Nicely done!" Lu Feng was impressed."I haven't come to the main part yet." Mu Feng said.Lu Feng was surprised. "You still have a main part? Then what were you reporting from the very beginning, prologue?" Mu Feng took a file from the table and handed it over to Mu Liang. "Read it first. Then I'll tell you everything." Mu Liang took the file and opened it to read the contents, but his eyes halted at the top right. There was a picture pinned with some other documents. It was a picture of Hua Lan when she was at Beijing University.Mu Feng began explaining, "I found this file with ten other files in Douglas Bullock's office room. His fourth team was sent to China to find sister Lan Lan and kidnap her here. As the team is in China, we weren't able to finish them. Apparently, they believe that sister Lan Lan has a golden key. You can see the picture of the golden key in the file."Mu Liang saw a picture of a golden key. It was made of gold and looked ancient."Somehow, a multi-millionaire from Mexico who is currently living in California asked for sister Lan Lan and the golden key together. He paid lots of money to Douglas Bullock to search for her. Recently, his team made some contact with the Chinese mafia, you know who. Li Sheng that idiot said that she was dead. So they currently gave up the mission." Mu Feng finished.Lu Feng came to see the picture as well. He frowned and said, "It is something ancient. How can this be with her? Doesn't make sense."Mu Liang was silent for a long time. He opened his mouth. "It will make sense if she can recall her past."Lu Feng glanced at him with a deep thought. "Don't you have any other information about her? You know lots about her past."Mu Liang shook his head. "Her past is vague. Someone deliberately removed all her tracks without her knowing. We didn't find out who were her parents either."Mu Feng caught the phrase 'someone deliberately'. He asked, "Are you telling that someone powerful was backing her in the past? Then where is that person now? That person might know she is with us. Then why is he not showing up yet? We won't bite."Lu Feng reminded the Mu brothers, "Don't forget that her brother came and met her. He also took my latest creation.""Then could it be that's him? Then there is another question in my head. Who raised him? Sister Lan Lan became motherless, after her mother died while she was pregnant. Now it seems totally created. Then it must be her mother who raised him. Her mother had no support. Even then how could she become someone powerful? After her unknown husband's death, their life was quite miserable." Mu Feng began chewing his lower lip.Lu Feng commented, "If the death is fake then the whole thing can be fake too. Maybe someone wanted them dead and that's why they had to pretend her past life to be miserable.""Then we can say that her father didn't die as well. Their information is hidden so well that we can't get a glimpse of it." Mu Feng shrugged."Xiao Lan can also read ancient Greek and Latin language." Mu Liang reminded them."Sister Lan Lan is definitely a wonder woman. I'm sure of it." Mu Feng said."Oh, about that, I already forgot. She also knows how to fight like a true martial artist." Lu Feng disclosed the whole story to Mu Feng."OMG! You got to be kidding me! Even Yan Su gave up." Mu Feng was beyond dumbfounded. "Nope, I have to say that she is the true wonder woman, a demigod. Let's ask her how we can get immortal."Mu Liang ignored his brother's joke. "I think it's time to get her memory back.""Are you sure?" Mu Feng got serious. "I might get hurt in the process. If she leaves-"Mu Liang cut him off. "I know! Don't mention it. I don't want to hear anything else." "But you are telling it so that you can get all the hidden information about her. Are you saying that you aren't afraid that she may leave you? Don't lie, you are totally frightened to death thinking about that moment." Lu Feng said. He saw Mu Liang's hands were shaking with nervousness.Mu Liang got quiet. He was thinking of something else. After a long time, he clenched his fists and talked to Lu Feng, "Get prepared. Give Xiao Lan all the required treatment. She needs to get her memory back."Someone moved away from the door and slowly walked towards the stairs. She climbed upstairs and went to the bedroom.With a 'plop' sound she laid down there flatly. She was deep in thought.-------After getting instructions from Mu Liang, Lu Feng went to the research center and began preparing for a war. This war was for Mu Lan to get her memory back.He looked into the information about Mu Lan's head process from the last check-up report and once again, he found nothing wrong.Lu Feng rubbed his eyes. Before he went to the bed, he called Mu Liang."What is it?" Mu Liang answered immediately."I didn't find any problem in her head. She is supposed to get her memory back just like a normal human being. But things are different. Is it possible that it is a mental trauma and that's why she can't recall everything?" Lu Feng worriedly asked."Isn't that you who is supposed to give me the answer?" Mu Liang asked back."There is a possibility since she tried to save the man she loved the most Ah... I mean" Lu Feng didn't know how to correct himself.

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