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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 408: FENG CAME HOME

Things were just getting better and Lu Feng had to ruin such a mood.Lu Feng barged into the bedroom without Mu Liang or Mu Lan's consent and screamed with excitement. "Feng came home! Feng came home!"He looked so excited like as if he was a wife and his husband came home after a long time.Lu Feng was actually under immense psychological pressure. The US mafia wanted to take him down and Mu Feng went to hunt them down. Lu Feng had some guilty conscience because of this. If Mu Feng was injured, Lu Feng would feel bad. They were childhood friends after all.After Lu Feng barged into the bedroom, he realized that he made a great mistake. Mu Liang was glaring at him like he had done something terrible and Mu Lan stood up quickly from the bed and walked past them. She didn't even care if she had put the first aid box in a proper way or not.Lu Feng scratched his head and turned around, "I guess I will go to the study room." He fled from there.'Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I forbade Susu to do something that will make Mu Liang angry and I did that mistake. What an ill fate!' Lu Feng cursed his luck.Mu Liang put down the first aid box back in the shelf and looked down at his bandaged hand. He rubbed that place lightly and a small smile formed in his lips. However, his brain was working like a roller-coaster. If he didn't block Mu Lan's attack at the right time, his face would be disfigured by now. At that moment, he realized how important it was for her to recollect her memory.Mu Liang went downstairs and walked towards his study room. He opened the heavy door and saw both the Fengs sitting on the sofa, talking to each other.Seeing Mu Liang enter the room, Mu Feng's expression gleamed with happiness."Big brother, big brother, I missed you so much. Give me a hug." He got up from the sofa excitedly and opened his arms as he came towards Mu Liang.Mu Liang moved away with a sour face. He mercilessly said, "Who would hug you? I will only hug my wifey."Mu Feng was shocked. He complained, "How rude! I'm your only second brother!""Go to your woman and hug her as much as you want." Mu Liang walked to his chair and sat there."Ms. Qi Ying missed you a lot. She was in depression for a while. You can borrow her body if you want to hug someone so much." Lu Feng didn't stop teasing him as well.Mu Feng was pouting. "I risked my life to save you two. I almost got killed. There was a giant python chased after me from the east to the west. Is this how you repay me? Fine, I won't talk to you."Then he saw that Mu Liang and Lu Feng were looking at him with a bored expression. They caught his hyperbole.Mu Feng coughed as he realized that they caught his exaggeration. He sat down and said with a serious voice, "Okay, let me report what happened in there."Seeing him getting serious, the other two also became attentive.----The one who hypnotized Yan Su and got hypnotized by Xue Lin, was called Jack. He was the right hand man of the King of the US Underworld, Douglas Bullock. This mafia king was a fifty five year old fat guy, well known for his womanizing attitude. His girlfriend, Sara Cooper was the one who framed Arthur.After Jack was hypnotized, Mu Feng let his scientists put a controlling chip on Jack too. 'Taste your own medicine', that was the name of the operation.Then they let him go to the USA without any delay. Xue Lin already hypnotized him as she was dead and his mission was successful, so Mu Feng or his team didn't have to take any other steps.Jack went back with his team of five. After a peaceful day, Mu Feng started controlling Jack with the controller after he went to the USA in disguise of an old woman and he began to get all the secret information and hide-outs of Douglas Bullock aka BullDog.After Mu Feng got the news, he attacked all those secret hide-outs one by one, and demolished everything. He took his best serial killer team with him and they didn't let a single person go whether it was a man or a woman. In the underworld, women were more dangerous than men. They seduced men and then killed them mercilessly.However, Mu Feng's serial killer team was created with elite members who had no sexual desires. As a result, BullDog's teams lost all the low ranked members in a single night. They might be low ranked but they were great in number, sixty percent at least.The next night, Mu Feng took the medium ranked members of the mafia group who only traded drugs illegally. Some tried to lure Mu Feng's team with money but it was of no use. They were all killed, along with their family members. The next two days, Mu Feng and his team took rest. Jack was helping them with all sorts of information. He even sent people to kill Sara Cooper and her father, David Cooper.BullDog got furious at Jack and went to find his right hand man with his elite team. When BullDog went to Jack's home to ask him why he hadn't taken any action for everything that happened from the past two days, he met Mu Feng to his surprise sitting on the couch. The servants turned into Mu Feng's serial killer team and killed BullDog's elite men in a blink. Then Mu Feng let Jack torture BullDog and kill him at last. All the high ranked members signed a contract of agreement that they would follow Mu Feng from now on. Mu Feng gave his power to control the US underworld to Jack.

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