Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 407: PARTY POOPER

Lu Feng agreed. "Fine then. But are you sure that you want her to remember her past? I mean, aren't you scared?"Well Lu Feng was scared. For both of Mu Liang and Mu Lan.Mu Liang clenched his fists. Of course he was scared. He was too afraid to bring her out of the mansion, let alone tell her who she actually was. But it couldn't go no any further. Mu Liang could feel that Mu Lan was getting impatient to know about her past too.He must help her as her lover, as whom she trusted the most.Yan Su cried out. "I don't want to play anymore." She gave up.Mu Lan pouted her lips. She still wanted to have some spar."Why don't you fight back? Why do you only defense yourself?" Yan Su screamed in fury.Mu Lan shrugged and shook her head. She meant that she didn't know either. It was almost like it wasn't her, something deep inside her fighting her opponent back."You are too much! I can't become your master." Yan Su strode away from the sight while fuming.Looking at Mu Lan's pouty cute face, Mu Liang came forward. "Let's have a spar together." He offered.The maids and butlers were all startled as they realized that their young master was seeing them lacking off. So they left the garden as soon as possible.Mu Lan blinked. She wanted to make sure if he was joking or not. "But I have one condition." Mu Liang said.'I knew it. He won't ever do anything which won't give him any profit.' Mu Lan thought.Mu Liang was steadily looking at Mu Lan's eyes and spoke, "The condition is we will play by rules."Mu Lan nodded. 'Fair enough.'He continued, "We will spar three times. Three times, the winner gets whatever what he or she wants."Mu Lan nodded again. She didn't find anything wrong with it.Mu Liang's eyes sparkled. "If I win once, I'll get a kiss from you."!He continued, "If I win twice, I'll get kiss in every one hour in a day. I can't be with you for some hours, I'll get lots of kisses with compensation and it will continue later." He wanted to say 'till death do us apart'.!!He went on. "If I win thrice, we will make love four time a day."!!!Shameless! Shameless!! Shameless!!!Lu Feng and Yan Su turned red when they heard Mu Liang speaking like that. Yan Su was still interested in who was going to be the winner. However, Lu Feng dragged her away.'There are few things you should not know no matter how much you want to know.' [Another lesson from Lu Feng to the Readers.]Mu Lan's facial expression was unique. First, she was stunned like a pig as if she didn't understand what he just said. Then her face flushed in embarrassment. After that, she exploded in anger as her face turned bright red.'I can't believe it! How shameless he can be to say that aloud in broad daylight? Does he have no face (shame)? Even Dr. Lu Feng and Yan Su heard him. What are they thinking now? They must be having wild imagination.'She was fuming in rage and Mu Liang was looking at her adorable face without blinking."Shall we start?" Mu Liang asked. His tone was suddenly so sensual, making Mu Lan's heart beat faster.'Who wants to start? No one will start. I won't play.' Mu Lan didn't have the heart to agree with it."Are you scared that you will lose?" Mu Liang teased while smirking.Snap!Something snapped inside Mu Lan. She stood on the grass defensively.Yan Su peeped from the window with great interest to see what was going on, but Lu Feng closed the curtains. "You can't."Yan Su glared at him. 'Party pooper!'Mu Liang noticed that his plan actually worked. He laughed in his heart. His hands reached to his shirt. Soon he unbuttoned one, two, three buttons from the south.Mu Lan gulped down a mouthful saliva and looked away. 'Damn! Why does he look so hot?'Mu Liang was wearing full sleeved sky blue shirt and black pants. He folded his sleeves from both sides to his elbows. He stood thirty meters away from her. Noticing her every move. Suddenly, he came forward in a lightning speed and attacked her.Mu Lan's eyes grew bigger in surprise. He was faster than Yan Su. His skill was way too sharper and stronger than Yan Su.Mu Lan had her preparation, but she underestimated him.Her dodge was slower than usual and she stumbled back.Mu Liang ruthlessly stroke back not giving her a chance to rest for a second.After dodging few times, Mu Lan suddenly got scared and her right leg flew directly to Mu Liang's head.Mu Liang was taken off guard since he didn't think that she would strike back at this time. He was almost hit, but he shielded him with his left have in the last second.His left hand shook vigorously because Mu Lan used lots of strength.'Where did she get so much strength?' He wondered. His wrist was turning red where Mu Lan's right leg hit.Mu Lan saw the swelling too. She immediately put her leg down and grabbed Mu Liang's right arm which was unharmed and dragged him inside the mansion."We haven't finished it yet." Mu Liang said though he was liking being dragged by her. It had been a while since she touched him on her own occurred. Mu Lan didn't answer him. She took him in their bedroom and took out the first aid box. She gently cleaned his wounded wrist with a cold wet towel and then put on some ointment. Afterwards she slowly bandaged the red swelling.Mu Liang was smiling as she was treating his wounds.Just then someone destroyed that sweet moment."Feng came home! Feng came home!"

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