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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 406: ALIEN MATERIAL

When Yan Su's leg was unexpectedly blocked, she became perplexed and thought, 'Or not.'Her eyes nearly popped out of her sockets.She wasn't the only one who had this expression. Mu Lan was stunned as well.Without speaking, Yan Su attacked her once again. This time with her left leg.Mu Lan easily defended herself with her right hand."How do you know martial arts?" Yan Su asked. She was going crazy.Mu Lan shook her head. She was the same as Yan Su. Both were thinking the same thing."Are you f****** kidding me?" Yan Su explode.For the first time in her life, someone was as equal as her. She was a bit jealous."Let's find out how much do you know." Yan Su spoke and used her hands to strike now.Mu Lan didn't argue back. She was also curious about that. It seemed like her body was reacting on her own.After thirty minutes, they began to pant slightly."You got to be kidding me." Yan Su said while taking deep breaths."I was thinking the same thing." Mu Lan was in the same condition.In these thirty minutes, no one backed down. None of them won, none of them lost.Suddenly they heard cheering around them.Yan Su and Mu Lan both looked around and saw maids and butlers gathered around and were cheering on them.Both friends were too into in the fighting that they didn't know when they got audiences. Yan Su smiled. She liked it when there were viewers. It gave her more fighting spirit. "Let's go for another round." Right after she finished, she attacked Mu Lan.Mu Lan was caught off guard. Still, she moved so fast that even Yan Su didn't see it."Oh, come one!" Yan Su screamed in disappointment. ------Mu Liang froze seeing the new side of Mu Lan. He never saw her practicing martial arts when he was spying on her in China.'Seems like I have to discover her every day. How many wonders do you have in your sleeves?' He thought. He gazed at her with mesmerized affection."The hell! What's going on?" Lu Feng exclaimed in surprise. He never saw a girl competing against Yan Su for so long that she was sweating."I want to ask the same thing." Mu Liang said calmly."Don't you think she is kind of an alien?" Lu Feng asked nervously."Say another word and your tongue will be cut off." Mu Liang coldly said. His eyes didn't leave Mu Lan for a second."Then what do you call this? She was never a fighter material. Now look at her." Lu Feng was still thinking that he was having hallucination. "Wait, I'm now seeing wrong, ain't I? Maybe the heat."Mu Liang was speechless.The snow had yet to melt completely and Lu Feng was blaming the heat.What a joke!"It can be the reason, why her wounds heal faster than a normal human being and after getting hit by four bullets she is still alive." Mu Liang said.Lu Feng thought about it. He commented, "Even so. We are martial artists too. Our wounds don't heal as fast as hers." He was thinking of asking Mu Liang to have another test of Mu Lan. However, he couldn't gather up the courage."It has to be something related to her past which we don't know. Something which happened before she went to live in Beijing. It can be related to her unknown brother too." Mu Liang said with a deep frown."Remember the time I lost my nano tracker? I think it was stolen by the man you call her brother. We couldn't track him down. He didn't even leave any clue for us. He is a smart man. Our teamed named him 'Phantom in the Light' since he stole it in broad daylight." Lu Feng said bitterly."If Xiao Lan gets her memory back, everything will be clear." Mu Liang came to the conclusion."Her head is completely healed. I'm still not sure why she cannot recall anything. It is a temporary memory loss, so why is it happening?" Lu Feng frowned. He went to a deep thinking. "What am I missing? There must be something I have missed.""Keep looking into it. Till then, stop all the projects. Without you, let them do a little. They can manage." Mu Liang said.Lu Feng agreed. "Fine then. But are you sure that you want her to remember her past? I mean, aren't you scared?"Well Lu Feng was scared. For both of Mu Liang and Mu Lan.Mu Liang clenched his fists. Of course he was scared. He was too afraid to bring her out of the mansion. But it couldn't go no any further.

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