Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 405: OR NOT

"Germany. He gladly escorted her in Munich. She has been assigned as a Counselor in Mu Corporation Germany branch." Mu Liang answered."These four girls will shine in the sky like stars." Lu Feng proudly said. The four girls came from different places and got together. They fought for their own dreams and little by little they were getting closer to their goals.Mu Liang corrected his friend, "Xiao Lan will shine brighter.""....You are right." Lu Feng helplessly agreed.'No one should argue with a love struck man who is powerful.' [A lesson for the Readers from Lu Feng.]There was a polite knock at the door."Come in." Mu Liang simply ordered.Butler Leo opened the door and entered the room. He looked rather disheveled as if he ran here."What happened?" Mu Liang asked. He was confused."Y-young master, you have to come outside." Head Butler stuttered, his tone was urgent."Who died?" Lu Feng joked as he looked at the old Butler."M-madam Mu" Butler Leo couldn't finish, Mu Liang walked past him like a bullet train.There was only one person he called 'Madam Mu' in this mansion and that was Mu Lan.Mu Liang strode outside the house and didn't see anyone. Then he heard some sounds like clapping, exclaiming and cheering.The sounds came from the east, where vegetable garden was situated.Mu Liang walked there. When the scenario came to his view, his legs paused. He turned into stone.It wasn't Medusa from Greek mythology who made him him stone. It was Mu Lan.Yan Su and Mu Lan were wearing sports pants and shirts. Yan Su was striking and Mu Lan was defending. Both of them seemed to be professional black-belted.The maids and butlers never had time to see fighting shows of girls, so they gathered around and were cheering on both fighters. Sometimes, they were praising their skills.'The hell!" Someone exclaimed from behind of Mu Liang. ----After Mu Lan agreed to learn how to fight, Yan Su took her to the guest room where she was living at this moment. They changed into the jerseys and came outside.Yan Su began speaking like a professional trainer, "Okay, first thing first. To fight, you need to know how much strength you have and what your bottom line is. Knowing your strength is the most important part. Don't boost to others how good you are at it, don't fight if it isn't necessary. And don-" "Cough! Cough! Chough!" Mu Lan coughed and frowned. She wasn't here to listen to this. She wanted to learn how to fight.Yan Su paused. She looked at her friend confusedly.Mu Lan realized that Yan Su couldn't understand her coughing signal. She looked around. Both of them didn't bring cell phone along with them. There were grass on the ground. She couldn't write there with wooden stick.Mu Lan's eyes went back to her friend and opened her mouth to speak. "Shgip dhad phart." (Skip that part.)Yan Su blinked. "You want to fart?" The 'part' sounded like 'phart/ fart'. No one could blame Yan Su for that. Mu Lan wished to chew off Yan Su's dimwitted brain. She hopelessly sighed and signed her friend to continue.Yan Su began speaking once again. For the first time in her life, she got a disciple. She already began to imagine lots of things.She, becoming the Grand Master of Kung Fu, was getting the prize in International Martial Arts Tournament. What could a master of martial arts ask for more?'Don't worry, my weakling disciple. I will make you the toughest martial artist in the history!' Yan Su's eyes sparkled.'Or not.' Yan Su's thought changed right after her first stroke. After nagging for an hour, Yan Su began giving her lessons. Before striking Yan Su finished her speech like this. "I know you don't have much energy in your body, so I'll show you some tricks first. I will strike you and you try to move away or defend. First, let me see how much strength you have, then I'll give you the suitable lesson for you. Okay?"'Does she not know that I can't speak? She is looking blind in happiness.' Mu Lan saw that Yan Su was eagerly waiting for her to speak. Therefore she spoke. "Ghure." (Sure.)Yan Su corrected her. "Say, 'sure master'."Mu Lan clenched her teeth before saying, ".Ghure Ghasder." She couldn't finish, Yan Su came forward and stroke Mu Lan with her right leg.In a second, something sparked inside Mu Lan's body. Her blood began to boil. Her eyes turned sharper. With her left hand, she defended herself.Her hand had enough strength to hold back Yan Su's strong leg she was proud of.When Yan Su's leg was unexpectedly blocked, she became perplexed and thought, 'Or not.'

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