Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 404: THE BAIT

'Who knew what eldest cousin did when Lan dear was sleeping soundly? That man was a beast.' That's what Yan Su thought.Mu Lan shook her head negatively while frowning. She had no pain on her waist. After she fell asleep, Mu Liang would get out of the bedroom. After midnight, he would come back to sleep. Before he would close his eyes, he would peck on her forehead. Suddenly he became a perfect gentleman.Mu Lan even thought that the duplex house was a jinx, or it was possessed by a perverted ghost. Whenever they were in that house, Mu Liang would become a pervert as if that ghost possessed him.Mu Lan only imagined it, not that she believed in ghosts since she never saw one.'It's good that you don't have pain anymore. But your body will hurt all over when you begin training with me. Just because you are girl, I won't hold back." Yan Su warned her.Mu Lan became serious and nodded with determination.-----Lu Feng said, "Her waist pain recovered faster than I thought. I asked her if she did any yoga or had any massage, she couldn't answer." He glanced at his friend and asked, "It was you, wasn't it? You massaged her back when she fell asleep, didn't you?""I did." Mu Liang didn't deny."You know she has an unusual immune system. I still have some checkups left on her. It can be due to her thymus, bone marrow, or lymph nodes. Or maybe something else. Still this isn't something usual. However, I can't find out anything if you don't give me a chance." Lu Feng said.Mu Liang didn't say anything for a long time. After some time, he answered, "If there is any emergency and you have to take blood, then you will have a chance. She isn't you lab rat that you can poke her with needles whenever you want to. More importantly, if she finds out about her unusual immune system, I might even lose her for good."Lu Feng hadn't thought about it at all. When Mu Liang pointed that out, he stopped suggesting for drawing her blood.He changed the subject. "Did you get any news from USA?"Mu Liang sipped black coffee before answering, "No news.""Is it normal? It didn't take that much of time before. Did it? It has been a week since he left." Lu Feng said. "Everything is going according to the plan." Mu Liang said calmly. "You made some other chips out of that sexuality controlling chip, didn't you?"Lu Feng nodded. He said, "I did, but it not only controls sexual desire but also all sorts of things. This chip I created can turn a person into a puppet. Mu Feng has the controllers with him.""Does that chip have any destruction mode?" Mu Liang asked."Of course. If things get out of control, or other people get a hand on this chip, the chip will self-destruct. No one can control that even with a controller." Lu Feng answered."Good." Mu Liang was satisfied. Then he said, "We already used one chip on a person."Lu Feng got excited. "You did?""Take a guess on whom we used it." Mu Liang's eyes glittered.Lu Feng knew his friend from a long time. Mu Liang would never do things like that if he wasn't stabbed first. Since someone dared to hurt Mu Lan, he would definitely take revenge."Then I'm guessing that the unlucky person is the man who hypnotized Yan Su." Lu Feng replied.Mu Liang was satisfied with the answer. He asked, "Don't you want to know how we caught him?" Lu Feng asked back. "You need to ask that?"It was very simple.The only witness who still knew how that hypnotizer looked like was Xue Lin. So she was the biggest target.Mu Liang made his best friend the leader of the bodyguards to ensure her safety in the party held a week ago.At the party, there was no invitation card, so friends and friends of friends too came there. Sneaking inside the house wasn't a problem nonetheless. It was a big place, so the house wasn't crowded at all.Without Xue Lin's knowledge, she became the bait. Since she had no idea what was going on, she freely roamed around everywhere without a tiny bit of care.Where there was food, she was there, so the hypnotizer tracked her down very easily.Xue Lin liked dark, tranquil places, and so she was sitting alone in the garden.That's when he showed up.His only problem was that he underestimated this tiny girl and didn't' have any background information about her.He tried to hypnotize Xue Lin.Xue Lin recognized that man with a single glance. So before she tried to feel what she was feeling, she began hypnotizing him.The man didn't expect that and was caught off guard, soon he was in deep sleep. After Xue Lin was done, she realized how nervous she was. Her body was shaking.Soon, the bodyguards aka, Mu Liang's A team came and took their prey out of her side.The grey eyed bodyguard who was keeping an eye on her since the beginning couldn't stop laughing for a long time. Xue Lin was so embarrassed that she couldn't look at him anymore."So that's how we captured him." Mu Liang ended the story."How did you know that she would be smart enough to deal with that culprit?" Lu Feng asked in amazement."Instinct. Also I had a backup." Mu Liang said lightly.Lu Feng chuckled. "Wasn't he angry? I mean you baited the love of his life."Mu Liang smirked as well. "He had lots of fun."Lu Feng admitted. "Well I can agree with that. I had no idea when it happened. Where is he now?" "Germany. He gladly escorted her to Munich. She has been assigned as a Counselor at Mu Corporation Germany branch." Mu Liang answered.

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