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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 403: WHEN SHE WAS ASLEEP

It had been seven days since the party was held and Mu Lan was strictly prohibited from talking. As long as her throat wasn't back to normal, she had to take some disgusting flavored medicines. She couldn't even tell how awful the medicine tasted. When she had to take those medicines four times a day, she would remember the reason why she had to take them. Therefore, she would glare at Mu Liang whenever he was around her. She wasn't the violent types, and so breaking things and hurting people wasn't on her mind. Moreover, she couldn't speak a word, as a result, she couldn't even vent out her anger.Spring was drawing near and the snow began melting. The sun found it's glory once again.At the Mu Mansion, Mu Lan was sitting on the bed and was taking one of the disgusting flavored medicine and Lu Feng was observing her.He sighed seeing her painful expression. 'If he saw this expression of hers, he definitely wouldn't sleep at night.' He thought."You are doing a good job taking these stinky medicines. I would never drink it even if I had to die." Yan Su said with a twisted face. Her face became stern the moment she entered the room which was filled with the odor of the medicine.Lu Feng tried to warn her with an eye signal, but Yan Su didn't see that. She kept going on, "I can't imagine that eldest cousin was this type of a man. How can he even tolerate making you eat those stuffs? Doesn't he feel bad for you?"Mu Lan heard her and sulked even more.Lu Feng saw that the situation wasn't good. He spoke up, "He really cares about his girlfriend. If he didn't, then I wouldn't be threatened to be here. He wants her to be healed as soon as possible. That's why he wanted her to take these disgusting medicines, only so that she gets well soon.""Oh yeah, after she recovers, she will go to that duplex house and scream all night and get her throat broken yet again. What a nice plan!" Yan Su sneered."Cough! Cough!" Lu Feng coughed vigorously to shut Yan Su's mouth.Tears welled up in Mu Lan's eyes. She felt too ashamed to look at Lu Feng and Yan Su.'I knew it! I knew that they would hear. No matter what, it was a calm and quiet night, they would hear even if they were deaf.' She began screaming in her mind.Lu Feng tried to defend his childhood friend, "He is definitely not like that. He loves her-""Oh you shut up! Of course a man will defend another man! All men are beasts! Get lost!" Seeing Mu Lan's pitiful face, Yan Su got even more furious.Lu Feng, on the other hand, became perplexed. 'Wait, what? Why am I getting blamed? What did I do?'Getting scolded by Yan Su for no reason, Lu Feng quickly left the girls. He went to Mu Liang's study room.After a knock, Mu Liang said, "Enter."Lu Feng went inside the study room and complained, "Because of you, even I became an enemy since I am also a man."Mu Liang only glanced at him without saying anything. Lu Feng got the signal that his friend wanted him to continue."I was defending you when your girlfriend was upset. But she still seemed to have a grudge on you." Lu Feng dared not to talk about Yan Su, or his friend might fry her alive."How long will it take?" Mu Liang asked about Mu Lan's condition.Lu Feng counted before answering, "Give it another week." "She is suffering. Can't you make a better medicine to deal with a simple throat pain faster?" Mu Liang asked coldly.Lu Feng shrugged and said, "There is a Chinese technique. You know. I just need five needles to deal with it-"Mu Liang didn't let him finish, "No!"Lu Feng said helplessly, "Acupuncture is the best option.""Shall I use it on you?" Mu Liang threatened his friend. He had seen enough needles on her body already. She had enough sufferings in her life. He couldn't make it any worse.Lu Feng put his hands in the air, meaning he gave up. Mu Liang calmed down.-----Meanwhile, Yan Su was trying to coax Mu Lan with various food. When it came to cooking, Yan Su wasn't far from Qi Ying."Don't worry about those horny animals. All you need to do is eat healthy and stay strong. We have to move away when class starts, have you forgotten that? You won't get our cooked food anymore. We all will get busy." Yan Su said thinking about future.Mu Lan stopped chewing her food. She was actually thinking about the future too. 'What will the future hold?' She wondered.Then she tapped her cell phone, typed a text and pushed the screen in front of Yan Su. She was communicating with everyone through her mobile phone.Yan Su read what Mu Lan typed. 'Teach me how to fight.'A chicken ball which Yan Su's chopsticks were holding fell back to the bowl. Yan Su shook her head. "Lan dear, Lan dear, what are you planning? Do you want to fight against eldest cousin while your having s**? You won't win, I can promise you that."Mu Lan pouted. She typed another text shoved the mobile phone in front of Yan Su.'Self-defence!'Yan Su scratched her nose. "Oh, so that's what you mean. So tell me. When do you want to start?"Mu Lan typed another sentence.'Now!'"Are you sure that you should be doing this? I mean, don't you have any waist pain?" Yan Su wanted to make sure since she saw Mu Lan was walking in the party while grabbing her waist. 'Who knew what eldest cousin did when Lan dear was sleeping soundly? That man was a beast after all' That's what Yan Su thought.

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