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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 402: SERVES HIM RIGHT

"She is so adorable. I can't help myself." Mu Liang smiled at last.Lu Feng sighed. "I can understand what you are saying. When you love a woman, you can't just stop teasing her." He paused before continuing, "But, hey, didn't you say that she loves party and asked for one, so you arranged it. If she can't have fun in the first party she ever had, what do you think that she is feeling now?"Mu Liang's expression turned grave. "She must be sad.""Wow! Your brain is still working. Glad to know." Lu Feng couldn't finish what he was saying, Mu Liang walked away."I guess now he knows what to do." Lu Feng talked to himself. He sipped a cocktail. Mu Liang was walking towards the dining table and halted on the track. She wasn't there, not even Xue Lin. He looked around to see where she was. After not finding her anywhere, he frowned and went to the upstairs. On the second floor there was a huge bar, and there were three butlers of Mu Family acting as bartenders. There were boys and girls. They were drinking, dancing and gossiping.Mu Liang went through them and walked closed to the bar.As he got close, he heard some weird sounds.Gah! Gah! Gah!Mu Liang guessed who could be the owner of those odd sounds, so he walked fast.Then he was astounded to see Mu Lan was drinking a cocktail and crying like a baby. Her face was completely wet with her tears. She was speaking some non-recognizable language.Beside Mu Lan was Xue Lin. She was getting bored listening to Mu Lan's peculiar sounds.Mu Lan was crying and talking at the same time, "Gah ghagant gaf ghe ghegighor!" (He doesn't love me anymore.)She continued, "Ghe gongy gaf ghy ghogy." (He only loves my body.)She further said, "Ghe ghagnt ghet gme ghee." (He doesn't let me eat.)She choked while saying, "Gho ghang ghaf gme." (No one loves me.)Mu Liang's heart broke at the sight. She looked so broken heartened and pitiful. 'The way she was speaking must be pitiful too.' He thought."What a sight! Stop her talking. If she continues than her voice will be always like this in future and her throat is hurting too." Lu Feng came up and saw the girls. He warned his friend.Mu Liang didn't need to be warned. He strode towards Mu Lan and pushed the glass with red wine away from her. He hugged her from behind and said, "I'm so sorry Lan. I was wrong. Please don't be sad. I will let you eat as much as you want. I wanted to wake you up last night. But you were so tired that I didn't have the heart to wake you up. Forgive me Lan. Please forgive me."If anyone could hear him say that, they would have a heartache. However, the music was too loud to other people hear him. Even Xue Lin couldn't hear what he said.Mu Liang's painful confession didn't enter Mu Lan's ears. She shoved away the 'heavy thing' from her shoulders and hugged the tiny woman beside her.Mu Lan cried while choking. "Ghue gin, gy gav gho ghan ghigag ghou." (Xue Lin, I have no one beside you.)Xue Lin's expression changed from bored to bitter. She never imagined that her name could be pronounced in such an ugly way. 'Oh, get off! You reek alcohol all over. I feel nausea.' Xue Lin frowned and spoke in her mind.Then she glanced at the man standing across her with a pained face. 'He suffered. Serves him right. So this was her plan all alone. Goodness!' Xue Lin couldn't help but feel amazed how talented her friend, Mu Lan was.Xue Lin noticed that her shoulder was getting get by Mu Lan's tears. So she spoke to Mu Liang, "Take her away." She didn't speak loudly because she knew that Mu Liang could read lips, if not, he couldn't understand what Mu Lan said in a strange language.Mu Liang nodded and got closer to take Mu Lan.However, Mu Lan hugged Xue Lin more tightly. She spoke, "Ghue Gin!" (Xue Lin!)"Oh, shut up and leave this place!" Xue Lin got furious. With her tiny hands she fought to move Mu Lan's hands away from her neck. Only then, Mu Liang could take her in his arms."Ghue Gin!" (Xue Lin!) Mu Lan was still crying as she was being carried away."Sshh don't talk anymore. I'll take you home. I will tell Auntie Eve to cook some Chinese food for you. You can eat lots of delicious food then. Shh don't cry anymore." Mu Liang comforted her in a low voice.Mu Lan was closing her eyes and with a painful expression, she touched her neck. "Ghain ghain!" (Pain pain!)Guilty conscience was eating Mu Liang alive. He said, "Don't talk anymore. I will bring some ointment and massage there. Your pain will go away, I promise." He leaned down and kissed her forehead.After that, Mu Lan didn't cry at all. She simply let Mu Liang carried her. Afterwards, he took her in the Mu Mansion and carried her to the third floor. He didn't want her to stay in the duplex house since he couldn't control himself there. At least, thinking that other would be here in the mansion, he could control his desire.Mu Liang gently laid Mu Lan down on the bed, wiped her whole body with a wet towel, changed her party dress to pajamas and then, tucked the comforter around her. Her breaths were regular. She looked serene.Looking at her face for quite some time, he left the room after turning off the light and closing the door.He missed a sweet smile in Mu Lan's lips.'Oh dear, how much I love this guy.' She talked to herself in her mind. It didn't take time for her to fall sleep in their cozy bed.

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