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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 401: WE THREE ARE LUCKY TO HAVE THEM

'Let's see what you can do, my beloved wifey.' Mu Liang moved away from her and walked towards the bar.'Liang, Liang, Liang, how could you? Did you think that I would fall for it? I only wanted to dance with you! Not with some cheeky monkeys!'Mu Lan was furious.Just then, someone monotonously spoke up, "Liang, Liang, Liang, how could you? Did you think that I would fall for it? I only wanted to dance with you! Not with some cheeky monkeys!"Mu Lan once again was stunned by her friend Xue Lin's talent. She looked at the skinny woman without saying a word."You expression says all. What? Cat got your tongue?" Xue Lin asked.My Lan frowned thinking whose fault it was that she couldn't talk. She just nodded in answer.Xue Lin blinked. "I didn't expect that my joke would turn true. Sorry about that."Mu Lan shook her head meaning that it wasn't Xue Lin's fault."So what are you two planning on? Playing hard to get?" Xue Lin mocked.Mu Lan's face turned red. She realized that what they were doing was childish. Even the reason they were acting like this was immature. But she couldn't help it. Clap never happened with one hand anyway. She wasn't the only one to be blamed.Suddenly Mu Lan got an idea.'What if I do this' Her eyes gleamed."What are you planning now?" Xue Lin looked doubtful.Mu Lan glanced around and saw Mu Liang was talking to some girls, his expression looked rather disturbed. His eyes were on her. The moment she looked at him, his eyes moved away.At the same time, Lu Feng came and saved his friend from the girls."What happened to you? Talking to girls? Am I having nightmares?" Lu Feng was perplexed."No, I was about to go to you. They boldly came forward and encircled around me. I couldn't move away. They're so annoying." My Liang said coldly.He felt irritated. The moment those annoying girls encircled around him, Mu Lan looked at him and saw him with the girls. He felt guilty for no reason. It could become a huge misunderstanding.Mu Liang looked around to see where Mu Lan was and saw her with Xue Lin, stuffing some snacks.'She must be hungry.' Mu Liang felt regretful giving her hard time. 'I should recoil with her. I should apologize from the bottom of my heart and let her punish me whatever the way she wants to. At least she won't be mad at me anymore.'Mu Liang clenched his fists and was about to go towards her. However, his cell phone rang.He looked at the screen and read the name. Mu FengMu Liang answered the call. "Are you leaving?"Mu Feng said, "Yes, big brother. I didn't have time to talk to Ying. Please let her know that I won't be home for a business trip. I'm not telling you to lie since it's not a lie." He grinned."Will do. Be careful and good luck." Mu Liang said. There wasn't a time when he didn't wish his younger brother good luck before a mission."Thanks big brother, and remember, after I get back, we will take sister Lan Lan and Ying to meet our family." Mu Feng said."Of course." Mu Liang said."Okay then, I'm heading out. Bye for now." Mu Feng cut the call."Do you think that it is the right choice to let him go right now? How are you not sure that it isn't a trap?" Lu Feng asked from Mu Liang's left side."Of course it is a trap. Their first target is you, second target is Feng and final target is me. They wished to take the whole Europe in their hands." Mu Liang calmly.Lu Feng sighed and said, "Seeing your expression, I guess I don't have to worry about it."Mu Liang replied, "You don't, but better be prepared for any situation."Mu Liang saw Qi Ying coming towards them, so he stopped talking.Qi Ying came close to the two friends and timidly asked, "H-have you seen Feng? I haven't seen him since yesterday after I came back from hospital.""He went out of country, will be back after he is done with his work." Mu Liang shortly said.Qi Ying sighed in relief and said, "Thank you for letting me know." She bowed politely and left."She is afraid of you." Lu Feng commented."Isn't she always like this?" Mu Liang asked back."No, I just talked to her a moment ago and she was smiling at me while talking. Still, it doesn't change the fact that she is timid." Lu Feng sighed and continued, "That Mu Feng is a lucky b****** to get a woman like her.""Are you saying that you aren't lucky that you got a woman like Yan Su?" Mu Liang asked. He sipped the red wine.Lu Feng firmly answered, "Of course not. I wouldn't fall for her if she wasn't Yan Su. What I meant is, for a profession like that Qi Ying is brave enough to stay with him unconditionally. He must have done some great deeds in his past life to get a woman like her."Both of them became silent for a while. Both of them were thinking of something.Then Lu Feng finally said, "Actually we three are very lucky to have these women beside us, supporting us unconditionally.""True." Mu Liang admitted. Thinking of Mu Lan's beautiful face, his expression turned softer."So I think you shouldn't bully her." Lu Feng advised.There was a hint of smile in the corner of Mu Liang's lips. "So you saw."Lu Feng twisted his face. "She couldn't walk, whenever she was walking she was touching her waist, and she wasn't speaking, let alone smiling. Who can make her like this if it isn't you?""She is so adorable. I can't help myself."

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