Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 400: MINI DRAMA 1

It was way before Mu Lan confessed to Mu Liang. It was the time before they shared their first kiss.In the Mu Mansion, Mu Lan was playing with Oscar and Oscar was licking her face, making her giggle. Oscar's wife and twins were out of the country, so he had plenty of time to romance his new mistress.Mu Liang observed the scenario from his study room. He was burning from inside to outside with jealousy. To save her pure skin from the flirtiest dog, he made a plan. In the evening, at the dining room, when Mu Liang, Mu Feng and Mu Lan were having dinner, Mu Liang spoke, "I'm planning on going to the mountains. We can go with our friends. What do you think?"Mu Feng was trying to get Qi Ying's attention. He hadn't seen her for so long. He had contradictory feelings. He wished to meet her. Then again, he didn't want to see her.What if he couldn't hold back anymore? What if she wouldn't want to see him anymore?As long as he could talk to her, see her smile from afar it would be alright. As long as she was happy, he had nothing to worry about, he could die peacefully.Therefore, when Mu Feng heard Mu Liang's proposal, he jumped with happiness. "Let's do it, big brother! Let me call Yan Su and Lu Feng. Sister Lan Lan, you can call your other friends too. We will go there on the upcoming Sunday-""I didn't ask you." Mu Liang coldly stopped his excited brother. "I asked Xiao Lan." He glanced gently at Mu Lan.Mu Feng was flabbergasted. In the next second, he was enraged. 'This is not fair! I was with big brother since my childhood. How could he act coldly towards me! Why sister Lan Lan gets the top priority! Unforgivable!"Mu Lan was also stunned when the attention went towards her. She smiled brightly and said, "I like brother Feng's idea."Instantly, Mu Feng's broken heart joined together. 'Now this is what I call a sister who backs up her brother. Don't worry sister Lan Lan, you will be my top priority from now on. Big brother will be my second priority.' He promised himself.They took a limousine. Hugo and Ronald were in the front seat, Ronald was driving. Mu Lan, Qi Ying, Xue Lin and Yan Su on one side. Mu Liang, Mu Feng and Lu Feng were on the other side.The girls were talking to themselves. Mostly Yan Su and Mu Lan were chatting. Xue Lin fell asleep on their way. Qi Ying tried her best to avoid her gaze since Mu Feng was just across her. She listened to Mu Lan and Yan Su's conversation and did nothing else.Mu Liang and the other two men were talking about business. However, they hadn't forget to take glances at their girls, unknown to them.Mu Feng began teasing Lu Feng, "No matter what you say, Lu Feng is the biggest playboy. You are not a virgin anymore."That was true. He wasn't virgin. On the other hand, the other boys and girls were innocent.Oh, wait! Yan Su and Mu Feng weren't innocent, but were virgins.Lu Feng said, "This is the current normal. Where do you live in? Zhou Dynasty?" (Zhou Dynasty is the most ancient dynasty in China history)Lu Feng continued, "On the other hand, there is a playboy who takes away other men's women. Such a dirty trick!"Qi Ying was taking a magazine from the table stand. It fell from her hand. "Ah, I'm sorry." She quickly apologized and hid her face with the magazine, covering her face. Maybe hiding her tears as well.Mu Feng wanted to chew off Lu Feng's head."Still I never touched them. They came to me for my charms. At least I didn't sell my body unlike certain someone. Still he couldn't keep his women." Mu Feng snickered.Yan Su gave a death glare to Lu Feng.Lu Feng smirked and said, "It must be because the one who claimed that he never touched a woman was actually very good in bed. Maybe he used different techniques so that those women would become his bed buddies."Qi Ying's body quivered after she heard Lu Feng.Mu Feng said, "Rubbish! I never bedded anyone! You are the one man with sexual needs!""Oh, a man having sexual needs is an absolutely normal man. If you don't have sexual needs, then you must be impotent." Lu Feng couldn't help but snicker.Mu Feng said, "Why don't I show you what impotent is. Take off your pants. Let's see who is bigger." Mu Feng began to unbuckle his belt.Just then, the car stopped."We reached our destination." Ronald said.Mu Liang got up calmly and opened the door. The girls with red faces came out first. At least, Mu Feng and Lu Feng were gentlemen enough to let them go first.When Mu Feng tried to come out, Mu Liang stopped him."Finish your sexual needs, then come out." He warned them coldly before closing the door and locked the door from outside with his fingerprint."Don't let them come out." Mu Liang then warned Ronald.Ronald and Hugo felt pity for their second boss's stupidity.Yan Su had the whole video recorded in her mobile. She upload it on the school forum. Since Hugo wasn't in the forum, he didn't know anything.Girls liked to gossip and the whole incident turned viral in a second. It took a week for Mu Feng to know about the post in the forum. He deleted it smoothly, but it was too late.After that incident the girls avoided the Feng boys like plague and boys with different tastes came to them.The Feng boys became the legendary couple in just two weeks. These two couldn't meet even for business. However, since they worked together for few researches, so they were bound to meet.And that time, the other employees would wait for some juicy details.The Feng boys came to realize what was real hell.

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