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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 4: MISS, YOU'RE AWAKE!

Tick! Tick!

It is a sound of watch ticking.

Why is it hard to open eyes?

I have to try. After few times, Hua Lan opened her eyes.

Mmm, too bright.

It took a while to adjust her eyes. She looked at the ceiling. It was very unfamiliar. Then she looked around the room.

Pink, large room. Full of luxury. Money is screaming from every corner, very very unfamiliar. There was an open door on the left, sunlight was coming from there.

The room is also very pretty. It is a room of a princess!

Her eyes were sparkling.

She was so excited that she couldn't notice that there was a nurse sitting on a chair, resting her head on the table, sleeping.

Hua Lan was on the bed. Her whole body was stiff. It seemed like, she was sleeping for very long time.

So she twisted her body a little. Then when she got up from the bed, she almost fell.

Hurriedly, she caught the bed and sat there. It wasn't easy to stand. So she waited for a while. She tried several times to stand firmly but failed. There was no strength in her lower body. Whenever she wanted to get up, her legs trembled vigorously. Slowly, she took some deep breaths and tried again, again and again. Fourth time she could stand and still she had to grab on something. Keeping her balance while touching the wall she walked slowly towards the balcony.

'Oh, what a big balcony!'

She exclaimed in her heart.

She felt so happy that she clapped with her two hands. Then she looked around and saw beautiful scenery. Though the place is unfamiliar, she felt the environment was very relaxing.

The sky was clear. The sun was smiling brightly. Fragments of white clouds were floating in the sky.

Under the balcony, there was a beautiful vegetable garden. The greenery made her heart at ease. There was soft breeze which was mixed with the smell of some flowers. But why couldn't she see flowers? That's strange!

She looked around and saw some flower plants planted on small tubs. The flowers were on the plants were white and they had some mesmerizing smell.

She saw a swing on the corner and it was made of wood; and there were some pillows. She felt suddenly happy. She got closer and sat there. The judging of the swing was as soft as the bed's. She almost lied down there. She was very pleased.

Hua Lan still wanted to be there for a while however her stomach growled. Then she realized how hungry she was. She slowly got up and went inside the room. She started to look for food and then she saw the nurse. Steadily she got closer to her.

Not knowing what to do, she stood there for a while. Then she opened her mouth to call her.


Hearing her own voice, she stopped.

It was an odd sound. It didn't even sound like a human voice! She tried to clear her throat loudly

Maybe hearing her weird voice, the nurse opened her eyes.


Seeing someone in front of her which she wasn't expecting, the nurse nearly fell from the chair.

Hearing the nurse's scream suddenly, Hua Lan was startled.

"Miss, you're awake!"

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