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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 399: PRAYER FOR YOU

Yan Su saw her poker faced friend eating drumsticks with all her might. She was so engrossed eating that she forgot that there was a man beside her.And there was a man wearing a uniform of a bodyguard, looking at Xue Lin with the most gentle look.Yan Su very well knew that look. It was the same way Lu Feng looked at her when she ate food.'OMG! OMG! What am I looking at? My eyes are going to burn.' Yan Su got excited. 'I have to know who is he and where he lives. Ah! I never knew eldest cousin had such a friend who is a knight in shining armor.' Yan Su jumped with happiness.She cat walked towards the greys eyed partners and said playfully, "Lin dear, how can you eat alone without sharing with me?"Xue Lin frowned upon hearing Yan Su. 'She is doing it purposely.' She thought. She didn't even glance at her friend and continued eating.Yan Su wasn't shocked at her behavior. She only wished to talk to the guy who was looking at her friend with such a heated gaze.The man slowly turned towards Yan Su. His grey eyes met hers. The gaze was completely different from what Yan Su saw a few seconds ago. It looked cold and annoyed.And familiar.'Wait' Yan Su's eyes turned like soccer balls. She was flabbergasted.She opened her mouth, "Y-you" She began to stutter, pointing out her right index finger."I'm a bodyguard hired by Mr. Mu. Is there anything wrong, young lady?" The leader of the bodyguard calmly said.He clearly said it aloud to make Yan Su stop talking. But she was too stunned to get his sign. "You you are" Yan Su was still speaking.The man with grey eyes said, "Looks like your company is here, young lady."Yan Su didn't turn around. Before she did, someone grabbed her from behind."Susu, you are here. I was waiting for you." Lu Feng said. He looked at the guy in front of him."Feng dear, why are you here? Isn't this party only for girls?" Yan Su was still eyeing at the guy in front of her.The grey eyed man and Lu Feng exchanged glances. Lu Feng replied to Yan Su, "Not really. The boys from your school came just now with us. Let's go and meet your friends. Let Ms. Xue Lin have her meal."Lu Feng began to drag Yan Su out of their sight."So you know each other I assume." Xue Lin opened her mouth finally.The leader of the bodyguards gazed at her deeply. He answered, "She must have seen me at the research center."Xue Lin didn't look away from him for a while. What he said wasn't illogical. But there could be more into it. However, since she was going to Germany, she didn't have to worry about it right now. All she cared about now was her dream and her goal. She needed to show someone that she could do anything without that person's help.That's all she cared about.Then she said, "I'm not the kind of girl you are planning to have. But I can tell you so much. Everything you are doing is in vain."She didn't want anyone to fall for her, since she wasn't interested in any sort of relationship. So seeing his gentle gaze towards her, she felt that she didn't want to hurt this man. Therefore she said it so that he wouldn't drag his feelings towards her.The pair of grey eyes were smiling. He said, "My emotion is mine alone. No one has any impact on it, and no one is to be blamed. You can be rest assured."Then he took the empty plate from Xue Lin and walked away.Xue Lin glanced at his solitude and sighed.'I will pray that you have the most wonderful person as your wife.' She thought.She didn't know that one day, her prayers would come true and that Buddha would grant her wish by sending her to him.-------Lu Feng dragged Yan Su from there and Yan Su said, "Feng dear, tell me the truth. Why he is here and why he is in this uniform."Lu Feng licked his lips before saying, "He had a bet with Mu Liang and lost. So the loser had to whatever the winner would tell him to do. Mu Liang told him to be a bodyguard for two days and he had to agree. Don't tell others about his true identity. He is too sensitive about his identity when he is wearing this uniform. If you tell others, he might get revenge on you."Dimwitted Yan Su trusted whatever Lu Feng said. She replied with sympathy, "Eldest cousin is sure scary to make him wear these clothes. He must be very angry now."'Yeah, he would be more angry if you meddled between Ms. Xue Lin and him. Thank goodness that I came on time.' Lu Feng said in his mind."Is he assigned to protect Lin dear?" Yan Su asked. "I only see him beside her." She looked at where Xue Lin and he were talking. Yan Su saw him taking the plate from Xue Lin and walk away.Lu Feng said, "You can say that. Susu, let's dance as a couple." He changed the subject and dragged her into the crowd.Mu Lan and Mu Liang came together when her classmates were dancing with their partners.'Ah, how I wished to dance with Mu Liang just like them.' She thought bitterly as she glared at Mu Liang.Mu Liang showed a hurtful expression and said, "If you want to dance with them, I won't force you to stay with me. You can dance."'Did you just see his nerve?! I can't move my waist and I can't even speak. And he is showing his generosity! This guy is so dead!!!'Mu Lan was about to explode.

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