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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 398: PUNISHMENT VS PUNISHMENT

When Mu Liang entered the bedroom, Mu Lan was already praising his beauty. She totally forgot that a few seconds ago, she was fuming in rage for this and that.And then Mu Liang said, "Lan, I'm so sorry." He sounded so pitiful and broken and Mu Lan's heart melted like spring water.'Fine I forgive you.' She said in her mind. 'But it doesn't mean that I cannot punish you. If you have the right to punish me for teasing you for once, I have plenty of reasons to punish you as well.'Mu Lan put on a poker face and didn't speak with him.Mu Liang realized that his beloved wifey didn't forgive him for what he had done. He took her hands and said, "Lan, I will never hurt you like that, I promise. I know that you were hurt greatly and I didn't consider your feelings at all."'Huh? Where is this heading to?' Mu Lan felt that something was wrong."I promise that I won't make love to you if you don't want to."'What the hell is he talking about?' She began to panic."If you don't want to I won't even touch you. If you don't want to, I won't even show my face to you." Mu Liang's voice almost broke.'Wait a minute' Mu Lan's head started to get clear."The party will start at seven. You can get over there whenever you want to. I will be waiting for you downstairs." Mu Liang got up from the bed and left the room.'My wifey, did you think that I will let you sulk all day long? Then you are underestimating me.' Mu Liang thought while a mischievous smile touched his lips.'Is he trying to trap me with his puppy eyes and behaviors? Did he think that it would actually work on me after what he did? Or did he think that I would be easy going enough to fall for it? Hah, Liang Liang, if you want to play around, I will play with you too. Let's see who wins then.'Mu Lan clenched her jaw.Close to the Mu Mansion, there was another house Mu Liang bought for Mu Lan, in case she liked to throw a party for her friends and others. The duplex house had a large kitchen and four toilets. There were five freezers. There were two large dining tables and six sets of sofa. There was a swimming pool and close to it was a booth for barbeque. There was a bar with different kinds of drinks. Even ten game consoles were there.For anyone who wanted to have a party, this would probably be the best place they would want to come.The most secure part was, there was no bedroom or a place where couples could do something forbidden. Two floors had no walls in the middle. It was more like halls. The house was organized with furniture and flower vase, lights and etc.It was decorated with multiple colored lights for tonight's party and Qi Ying, Yan Su and Xue Lin were all there. People started to come. They were all their classmates. Qi Ying was talking to a group. They asked her for some suggestions and she was glad to help them. Yan Su was drinking with some girls. Sometimes, she was lamenting why there were no boys.There were boys, well, some bodyguards with their leader and Hugo.Yan Su couldn't have fun with them.Xue Lin was beside the swimming pool. At first, she was getting bored. Then she went outside while sipping red wine. Some girls wore their swimming suits and jumped into the swimming pool. Xue Lin was observing them and trying to find out what they were talking about.Xue Lin sat leisurely beside the pool and tried to relax her body."Are you tired?" A man asked her.Xue Lin immediately straightened up. She turned around and met a pair of grey eyes. The man was wearing a security guards' uniform, black with golden straps. There were very few man as handsome as he was.It didn't affect Xue Lin. She wasn't interested in men.However, she had quite an interest in the plate that the man was holding. It was filled with barbeque chicken. She could smell it."I'm not tired. I'm hungry." Xue Lin shamelessly said with her hundred percent poker face.The pair of grey eyes of that man twinkled in the party lights. "Have some. I brought them for you." He pushed the plate towards her.Xue Lin directly looked into his eyes and didn't see any hidden intention. Moreover, she was in Mu Lan's territory. Therefore, she wasn't as nervous as she was at the bar.She took the plate and bit a mouthful drumsticks.Nom! Nom! Nom!"It's delicious. Thank you." Xue Lin said wholeheartedly. "My pleasure. You only had lunch, you must have been starving till now." He said."Ah, no actually. I had French Onion Cheese Bread, Caramelized Onion and Feta Bread and Butter Pudding, Oven-Crisped Parmesan and Sage Truffle Fries, Roasted Potato Galette with Cheddar and Chives, The Essential Cheese Quiche, Smoked Salmon Quick Quiche, Bouillabaisse, Cheddar Croissant Doughnuts with Honey Mustard, Heirloom Tomato Caramelized Onion and Feta Galette, Grape Crepes with Brie and Bacon, Chocolate Croissants, Cinnamon Sugar Nutella Crescent Rolls, Raspberry Meringue Mille-Feuille, Lemon Souffle Pudding and Almond Chocolate Pots de Crme." Xue Lin said the whole sentence in a breath.He was so stunned that he wasn't sure what to say at first. Then he came up with, ".....That's wonderful then." 'She tried every last food which are here. And now she is chewing drumsticks without even caring a bit.' Thinking of which he smiled.He tenderly glanced at the girl who was having drumsticks with a heavenly expression. 'Ah, I wish I could see her eating forever.'Yan Su got bored drinking and gossiping. So she came outside to swim. When she was about to jump to the pool, her eyes fell upon a certain person.

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