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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 397: LIANG LIANG BULLY!

The next afternoon, Mu Lan woke up from dreamland on smelling delicious food. She didn't have anything in her stomach after lunch yesterday, so her stomach growled uncomfortably. She felt someone's warm hand on her head, stroking very gently."Do you want to get up?" Mu Lan heard a familiar, tender voice, full of warmth asking her.She felt tired. Her body seemed excessively heavy. She thought that she was going to pass out very soon. However, her stomach was reminding her that she needed to eat something. Mu Lan's eyes fluttered as they opened and she saw Mu Liang, fondly smiling at her.As soon as she saw his face, she recalled last evening and her eyes welled with tears.'Bully Liang Liang!' She complained in her heart as tears rolled down from her eyes. She couldn't recall how long they did it last night. She didn't know when she lost her conscious.Mu Liang's smile disappeared the moment he saw her tears. "What's wrong? Did you have a nightmare? Or are you in pain? I already applied an ointment. How come It's still hurting?" He was worried, Mu Lan noticed it.'So what if he is worried? He didn't listen to me when I told him to stop. I know everyone heard me.' Her tears didn't stop. They kept falling.Mu Liang gently wiped the tears away. He asked, "Where do you feel the pain? Tell me, I will massage you."Mu Lan opened her mouth to say 'Don't touch me!' But the only sound that came out of her mouth was, "Gah-"She immediately closed her mouth. Hearing her own voice, she sulked even more.Mu Liang was also startled by her sound. 'Her voice broke! It must be because of the last night's screams.'He tried to console her. "Don't worry. I will tell Lu Feng to bring some medicine for you. After taking it, your voice will get back to normal."'Medicine! Medicine! Medicine! All he can think of is medicine! Can medicines solve all the problems in the world? I wanted to enjoy the party today. But I don't have an ounce of strength left in my body. I don't feel pain, but I'm so worn out that I can't even move my fingers. Everything is because of him!'Mu Lan was so tired that her eyes fluttered open and closed. Except her eyelids, she couldn't move a muscle.Mu Liang realized that she was completely worn-out. Her skin had ashened too. His fingerprints and kiss marks had turned purple on her white skin.His heart ached. "I'm sorry. It's my fault. I was too rough yesterday." He apologized as he hugged her closer.'Rough! You call this rough! You were a beast last night! You acted like an animal. Just because I teased you for being jealous, how could you punish me like that? Don't you tease me as well? Have you ever seen me punishing you?'Mu Lan finally understood what made him so rough the previous night. Her sulking turned into anger, and after Mu Liang apologized, her anger burst in rage.Poor her! She wanted to vent out her anger. However, neither could she speak nor could she move. All she could do was cry.Her eyes turned red and puffy while crying. Even the last bit of her energy left her. She passed out while crying.When she woke up again, it was five in the evening. She didn't have any dream or nightmare. She only slept. It was almost like she had fainted and had a dreamless sleep.Her stomach growled, it was louder than the last time. She was still tired but she felt refreshed.She opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was a tray of food. The foods were warm. There was steams emitting from them.Mu Lan didn't care if she brushed her teeth or not. She moved her body towards the tray and stretched her hand. There was vegetable soup, boiled egg, chicken dumplings, a glass of orange juice waiting for her.One by one she finished everything. After drinking the juice, she burped and got off the bed. She found herself wearing a night shirt and cotton pant. She dragged herself towards the bathroom, even though she didn't have that much of strength left. Mu Lan was too busy to force herself to the bathroom that she didn't notice a solitude was sitting on the bed and was taking a nap.In the warm bathtub, she felt comfortable and fell asleep one more time. The next time she woke up, she was in the bed again, but she was half laid down. She was wearing a party gown with jewelries and her hair was tied.Mu Lan didn't need to guess who did this. She wasn't as angry as before. It wasn't that Mu Liang did something which she didn't want to do and it wasn't that she didn't enjoy doing it with him. The only reason, she was angry was that he had teased her and it wasn't wrong. But when she teased him, it turned out that she was wrong, so she had to be punishedIt was such a discrimination!That's what Mu Lan believed.And another thing which made her angry was that she was waiting for this party from so long. How could he make her worn out like this?They could have just done it, once or twiceBut no!He had to do it till she couldn't take it anymore.And Mu Lan was sure that her friends heard her screaming like a .Now how could she face them? Or the other servants?She was still sulking, just then she heard footsteps.It was Mu Liang. He came inside the bedroom wearing a white shirt, pink pant and pink tuxedo. His shoes were white as well.Mu Lan had never seen a man looking 'oh so gorgeous' in pink.He sat beside her and said, "Lan, I'm so sorry."Doom!Just one sentence and Mu Lan's heart melted.

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