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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 395: RICH BODYGUARD

'What am I going to do with her?' He helplessly thought.He wished to kill that guy right then and there, however, he didn't. He was waiting for the right time. He was especially known for his patience in his friend zone.After waiting for a few moments, he saw that the criminal pointed the gun at Xue Lin and was about to pull the trigger.Just like magic, his hand grabbed his own pistol in the blink of an eye. It was a special pistol customized for him gifted by Mu Liang. The pistol's size was very small hence he could put it anywhere. He pulled the trigger, pointing at the gun. His aim was so accurate that the bullet went straight and hit the muzzle of the criminal's gun. And at the same time, the criminal also pulled the trigger and both bullets crashed together and boom!Just the way he took the pistol, the same way he put it inside his coat.'It was a worthy training.' He thought. During his teenage, he had joined the military with Mu Liang to gain more strength. Now all his hard work paid off.He saw the criminal groaning like a wounded animal. He thought that Xue Lin would run away now with the mother and the child. Then she wouldn't know who saved her. However, to his surprise, she didn't. He couldn't see her face, so he didn't know what she was thinking.Therefore, when the criminal ran towards her and she didn't move, he had to show his face.'What to do? She is too scared to move.' He smiled lightly as he thought about that.------Xue Lin showed him the way as he carried her. When they entered the room where Mu Lan and Mu Liang were, Mu Lan looked at them worriedly."Xue Lin, are you alright? Did anything happen to you?" Mu Lan asked.Mu Liang looked at them as well. A thin smile came on his lips and disappeared in a second as if he didn't smile at all."I'm good." Xue Lin shortly answered.At that time, Lu Feng came into the room and saw them. He stopped in his tracks, then began to check Xue Lin if she was injured or if she was shocked or not.After checking her, he asked, "Do you want to take some rest?"Xue Lin nodded and Lu Feng showed her another room. After she went to bed, Lu Feng put a nurse by her side and came back to Mu Lan's room."Don't bother her right now. Give her some time to control her emotions. She only needs some alone time now" Lu Feng said to Mu Lan.Mu Lan thanked him and glanced at the guy who carried Xue Lin here, "What happened?" He did not reply. He was not obliged to answer her.Mu Liang looked at him and signaled him to speak. Then he spoke. "She faced a criminal who pointed a gun at her, but I took care of him. But she had to see his blood."Mu Lan was relieved to know that nothing happened to Xue Lin. She smiled and said, "Thank you for saving her. You are a true gentleman."Seeing that he didn't answer, Mu Liang told him, "You should be grateful that my wife praised you. Not everyone can get to hear her praise.""..You are too kind." He replied."Are you a patient here? Or you have someone who is admitted in here?" Mu Lan asked.She noticed the three guys behavior. First, the handsome guy carried Xue Lin like she was his own. It was enough to spark her interest.Second, Lu Feng halted on his way when he saw this handsome guy.Third, he wasn't answering her, but to Mu Liang and Mu Liang was enjoying it when he was conversing with them.'This guy isn't that simple.' She thought.He didn't want to open his mouth at first. But then in the corner of his eyes, he saw Mu Liang's smirk disappearing and Lu Feng seemed curious as well.He opened his mouth. "I'm a bodyguard under the Lu Family." His eyes didn't blink while he introduced himself.There was a pin drop silence. No one spoke.Mu Lan smiled hearing his answer. She said, "Lu Family is sure rich to give their bodyguards such branded clothes."He was wearing a Chanel's shirt, tie, overcoat, muffler, pant, tuxedo, and winter boots.Lu Feng gave an embarrassing laugh. "A.. haha it's nothing actually. He is the team leader of the bodyguards. His position and status is different."Mu Lan smiled at Lu Feng. "Different indeed."Mu Liang said, "Feng, let me hire your leader of the bodyguards for two days. I won't pay any less than you."'Leader of the bodyguard' calmly glanced at Mu Liang. Once he made sure that Xue Lin was alright, he wanted to get out of this place. But his friends began playing around with him.If it wasn't for Xue Lin, he would leave. Unfortunately, if he acted out of character, Mu Lan would tell that to Xue Lin. And then, she would realize that he wasn't a normal bodyguard. Then he would miss his chance of trapping her in his arms.Lu Feng smoothly replied, "Take him, take him. He needed some time off anyway. Working for you wouldn't be such a bad idea."Mu Liang looked at the 'leader of the bodyguards' and commanded, "Follow me out, leader of the bodyguards."Mu Liang didn't hide his teasing tone, making Lu Feng chuckle from behind them.After these two men left, Mu Lan asked Lu Feng, "He is your friend, isn't he?"Lu Feng nodded and said, "You need to relax now. Get some rest. I will wake you up when lunch arrives."Mu Lan nodded and tried to nap.But she couldn't. Her head was filled with what sort of problem Mu Liang, Mu Feng and Lu Feng were facing. She understood that they were trying to sort out things as much as possible for her own good. But she wished to help them too.

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