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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 394: A CERTAIN GREY EYED NERD

Xue Lin took a deep breath before saying, "If you want to laugh at me, go ahead. You don't have to try so hard to control your laughter out of courtesy."

Before the rescuer could say anything, someone burst into laughter.

"Ahahahahahahaha haha you are the best. If normal people were threatened by the toy gun, they would be scared to death. Ahahaha but look at you. You thought it was a plastic gun, so you didn't obey the criminal's command ahahaha"

If Mu Feng could, he would roll on the floor. But he couldn't. He was laughing so hard that tears formed in his eyes. Just with a simple conversation, he understood the whole situation and couldn't stop laughing.

Xue Lin and the rescuer turned around and found the source of laughing sound of the stupid person who was laughing without restrained.

A pair of grey eyes turned excessively cold. They were having conversation after so long and someone had to eavesdrop and destroy the mood.

Mu Feng saw those eyes and he immediately stopped laughing. He gulped down a mouthful saliva and scratched his nose out of embarrassment.

Another pair of grey eyes were indifferent. Xue Lin spoke first. "So he was a real criminal?"

She didn't care if someone was eavesdropping or laughing at her. She wasn't speaking anything personal. What caught her attention was the guy with gun was criminal.

After asking the question, she realized her own stupidity. Of course a real criminal would have a real gun.

"Ah" Mu Feng didn't know how to respond at that.

The pair of grey eyes which turned cold, became softer again. He glanced at her and said, "It's alright now. You are safe."

He had to admit that she was unpredictable. Such an intelligent girl like her suddenly became the dumbest girl in this incident.

Who could predict that?

Then he noticed that she was standing like a statue, not moving at all.

He frowned slightly and asked her, "Are you sure that you are alright?"

Xue Lin didn't want to answer this question. Her brain even stopped working and she knew that she was asking stupid questions, but she couldn't help it. She was scared.

She simply nodded in answer and robotically moved towards the hospital. Her legs were shaking.

She only took three steps, then she flew in the air. She opened her mouth in surprise, but no sound came out.

In a second, she saw the pair of grey eyes firmly looking into hers.

"Seems like you are injured. I will take you to the hospital." He said and strode towards the hospital.

He realized that she wanted to hide her weakness. So he didn't point out that she was scared. He deliberately said that she was injured, even though she was not, just to give an excuse to help her.

Xue Lin's brain started working as well. She understood his kindness and simply said, "Thank you." Her voice carried warmth.

The pair of grey eyes became soft and glittered like twinkling stars.

On the other side, Mu Feng's jaw was touching the ground. His eyes were nearly popping out of the sockets.

'Why on earth, of all people, he is carrying her?!' He blinked, blinked, and blinked again till the two people disappeared.

Mu Feng had no clue why all of the sudden this guy came, and then rescued and after that talked to her and lastly carried her to the hospital.

He touched his chest and realized how crazily it was beating.

'Wait, does my big brother know something? Is there any way HE is interested in her? But how is this possible? HE hates women! But my big brother seems to give her extra attention. To think that he is doing that who is not my sister Lan Lan, there must be something going on. It has to between him and her. If two scary people join their hands together, they can destroy the world. Oh, baby, I'm so thrilled thinking of that.'

Mu Feng couldn't help and imagine the scenario and make some expression. He didn't realize that the bodyguards around him were having hard time working, seeing him like this.

The rescuer was full of mystery. It was weird how suddenly he came to rescue Xue Lin.

He was in Italy for some business. He was in a meeting and suddenly his cell phone chimed. He glanced at the screen and froze.

Mu Liang sent few photos of a certain grey eyed nerd whom he was longing for.

After the meeting was ended, he ordered his pilot to take him to Paris. After his private plane landed on the airport, he rented a car and drove it towards Mu Mansion.

On the road, he got another news. It was from Hugo. He texted him about the incident occurred in the school campus.

Hugo was ordered to send him all the information about the incidents happening around a certain grey eyes nerd. He felt that something was wrong and changed the root and drove towards Lu Research Center.

He reached there, and parked his car in the garage.

As usual, the garage was quiet, because there was a resting room for the drivers beside cafeteria.

He was walking towards the cafeteria, just then, he saw a man in black dress pointing a gun towards a woman.

He had no intention of facing troubles. So he ignored it and began typing a message to Lu Feng to ask for a guard in the garage to save a woman from a criminal.

At that time, he had a glimpse of a tiny woman, very familiar.

At first he thought that it was just a mistake. But to ensure, he looked again and saw her.

A certain grey eyed nerd.

He glanced at the surroundings and understood the situation. Soundlessly, he got behind Xue Lin. He was hiding behind the car and none of them saw him.

He was amused at her behavior, and praised her bravery in his heart. He almost chuckled at her stubbornness.

'What am I going to do with her?' He helplessly thought.

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