Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 393: REAL GUN

"Ah so it's a real gun." Xue Lin spoke first.When that man was pointing put the gun at her, Xue Lin thought that it was a plastic gun which children played with and this guy in black dress was a fake gangster. Since he had a green hair, she thought that it must be a teenage boy trying to spook people.That's the only reason she was calm when the gun was pointing at her and didn't listen to what that guy said.Xue Lin, who had no experience seeing a real gun, if knew that it was a real gun, something different might have happened.But, right now, that wasn't the issue.The man in black dress pointed out the gun at her and pulled the trigger. Then everyone heard the loud sound. And everyone outside the garage heard the sound and so did Mu Feng.The gun had a silencer, so there was no way it would produce a sound when the trigger was pulled. However, the gun burst itself and the man's right wrist which was holding the gun flew away with the gun. Blood splashed everywhere and dripped immensely from his hand.The mother and child looked at the massacre in horror. Xue Lin had yet to capture what was happening.The man also looked dumbfounded as he just lost his hand. After he realized what just happened, a tremendous pain numbed his body and he screamed loudly in pain."Aaaaah! My hand! My hand! So much pain! Aaaaah!" He sat on the floor and cried. He shrieked till his voice broke. The little girl also began weeping. She was standing beside Xue Lin. Xue Lin was so 'don't know how to respond' situation that she forgot to cover the child's eyes. The mother saw the chance and ran away from the man's side. As soon as she got close to her child, she hugged her dearly and comforted the child even though the mother are shaking in fear.With red teary eyes, that man looked at Xue Lin. He was glaring at her as if he was going to devour her.'It's her fault. It's all her fault. I'm going to kill her!' He thought. He was feeling dizzy because of losing blood. He got up and ran towards Xue Lin.'Oh, he is angry.' That's the only thing she could think at that time. She didn't move or anything. She actually had no clue what to do.Just the moment the vicious left hand was going to punch her, someone grabbed his collar and threw him away. Xue Lin looked at the rescuer. "You are""Hi, we meet again." The rescuer smiled a little at her and glanced at the man in black dress. He walked towards the guy and gave him a strong kick.If one injury wasn't enough, the kick definitely had some spark. The guy lost consciousness in pain.The rescuer turned around and said, "You don't hesitate to stand between me and a gun. However, when this man told you to listen to him in order to save these mother and child, you didn't obey. You are so unpredictable."Xue Lin was sweating. Though her expression said nothing, she was shaken to the core. She stiffly rooted on the spot, so that no one notice her slight tremble.However, the moment he saw her rescuer, she was beyond perplexed."You are the bodyguard." The way she commented, it was though she didn't hear what he just said.The man couldn't help but smile again. He wasn't used to smile a lot, he looked so reserved."You are right. We meet again." He said."How come you are here?" Xue Lin asked him. She seemed like forgetting the situation around them."I took a job here. I'm sorry that I was late and couldn't perform my duty towards you." He bluntly said.At that time, Mu Feng came running towards them. Seeing the man in front of Xue Lin, he paused, then he blinked, afterwards, he couldn't believe his own eyes and rubbed his eyes before looking at the man once again.'What is HE doing here?' Mu Feng wondered.Then he heard the rescuer saying, "I took a job here. I'm sorry that I was late and couldn't perform my duty towards you."Huh?!Mu Feng's mind went blank. He wanted to make sure that he wasn't dreaming, so he pinched his own hand and felt pain.'So it's real! But why he is talking like that?' Mu Feng couldn't understand. After all, he wasn't informed these two meeting for the third time.Then Mu Feng head him saying, "I will definitely become a good guard in future."Thank goodness that Mu Feng didn't have water or food inside his mouth, or he would spit them out.'What guard is he talking about? Wait, they know each other?' Mu Feng was bursting in curiosity."Are you alright? I have never seen a lady like yourself standing so firmly against a pointing gun." The rescuer said. His grey eyes gleamed in the garage light."Ah? Oh, that, I thought it was a plastic gun." Xue Lin replied honestly.Mu Feng almost burst into laughing, but controlled himself.The bodyguards of Mu Family were already in the scene and they were taking care of the mess. The mother and child were taken to the third floor for immediate treatment.Xue Lin, the rescuer and Mu Feng weren't part of the team.The rescuer hid his smile. He replied, "It's really confusing for an inexperienced person not to recognize gun. No one blames you.""Even if people blame me for that, nothing will change." Xue Lin replied nonchalantly.The rescuer couldn't be more amazed by her. He paused before saying, "That's true."Xue Lin took a deep breath before saying, "If you want to laugh at me, go ahead. You don't have to try so hard to control your laughter out of courtesy."

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