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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 392: NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU

Xue Lin couldn't understand why this man tried to threaten her with this mother and child when she knew neither of them. If they were her relatives, she would think of negotiating, but they weren't related to her in any way. She had a clear idea that saving people was only out of humanity. But it was also true that her life was valuable too. She loved herself the most and she had already planned for a great life in the near future.Why would she risk her life after working so hard till now?Even though she could not read what children were thinking, she could tell that this man in front of her was clearly lying. He would never let the innocent mother and child go after he got her. More importantly, she was poor and she had nothing to offer them. Then why would he want her, except for if he had any hidden agenda. She had no clue that this could be related to the Mu and Lu Families, moreover, her friends.She did know that something was happening to her friends' families, but she didn't know what was going on. Unknown to the men, she secretly knew that Mu Feng was the King of the Underworld.Little did the men know that Xue Lin already knew what they wanted to hide from her, then the disaster right now wouldn't happen.So of course she wouldn't accept whatever the man with the gun was telling her to do.The man in black clothes was beyond irritation. He had never seen such a stubborn prey in his life.He was pointing a gun at her for God's sake!The plan was simple. To kill the witness and destroy Lu Feng's reputation. They would take the witness family's husband and call the wife from the husband's cell phone and to take her out, the child will follow and kill them all. They didn't expect that the child would be smart enough to bring another witness with her.Okay, that's even better. Then they could take this ugly girl by threatening to kill the mother and child. After taking her they would kill the family and **** the ugly girl in the garage. After that, they would call the media and when everyone would find out that such a thing happened at such a well-known, renowned research center and hospital of the country, the government would definitely take action. This in turn would bring down Lu Feng's reputation.When the police wouldn't be able to find any surveillance footage, they would think that it was Lu Feng's idea to destroy all the evidence and they would take away his certificates and would bring him to jail.Everything would be done in a matter of a few minutes, if this ugly girl listened. But she didn't. She even dared to ask questions.What a nerve!While such an important life threatening thing was happening to Xue Lin, Mu Lan, Lu Feng and Yan Su who were totally unaware of what was happening in the garage right under their nose were simply waiting for her to come back with the hot chocolate."Where did she go? To catch a plane? I'm dying out of thirst here. Don't tell me she is busy drinking all of them herself. I even offered to give her two hot chocolates and took just one for myself." Yan Su opened her mouth first."Let me check." Mu Lan got up and went to the cafeteria at the first floor. She came back and went to the room she was before. Mu Liang and Mu Feng were there discussing something.Mu Liang just mentioned Xue Lin's name and Mu Lan came asking for her.Both the Mu brothers looked at her. "She was with you." Mu Liang stated."Yes, but Yan Su wanted to drink hot chocolate, so she went to the cafeteria to get it for her. I went to look for her but she wasn't there." Mu Lan replied."When did she go out?" Mu Feng asked.Mu Lan was worried now. "Ten minutes ago, right after you guys left the room." "Go and find her." Mu Liang ordered Mu Feng. There was an urgency in his voice. He could never face his best friend if something were to happen to Xue Lin under their noses.The moment Mu Liang ordered, Mu Feng began to run towards the door.'Damn it! Why do I have to go and find her? I was still waiting for Auntie Eve's special French cuisine!' Mu Feng screamed in his mind.If only he knew why he had to run to save her..My Liang watched Mu Feng running like a bullet train, he took a photo of it and sent it to a certain number.He wrote a text. 'Your woman is in danger. Rescue is on the way.'Mu Liang regretfully thought, 'I wish I could see his expression right now.'Then he walked towards Mu Lan and asked, "Why did you go on your own? You could tell us. I already warned you not to go anywhere alone by yourself since danger is lurking around everywhere.""But you are busy. How can I bother you?" Mu Lan was always considerate towards him.Mu Liang took her to the bed while saying, "As long as it's you, nothing else would be important."He still had the time to flirt at a time like this!Actually he was trying to divert Mu Lan's attention elsewhere. He didn't want her to be worried all the time. That's the only reason he didn't tell her everything.At that time the man with the gun was bursting in anger. "Come! Or I'll kill them." He threatened Xue Lin again."Do whatever you want to. I will run the moment you kill any one of them." Xue Lin replied indifferently."Fine! I'll kill you first, you ugly b****!" He pointed the gun at her and was ready to shoot her.Bang!Both mother and child screamed at the same time.After that, there was a long silence. No one moved. No one talked.Everyone were afraid to make even a single sound.They were beyond terrified. Everyone saw blood dripping on the floor, slowly forming a pool.

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