Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 391: UGLY SISTER

After Mu Liang and Mu Feng went to the other room, Yan Su looked at Xue Lin and said, "Go and bring me hot chocolate. I want to drink it.Xue Lin calmly asked, "And what will I get out of it?"Yan Su immediately replied, "One for me and two for you.""Alright." Xue Lin agreed without hesitation and left.When it came to Xue Lin, Yan Su knew how to deal with her.Hot chocolates were available in the cafeterias on the first floor of the hospital and in the fifteenth floor of the the research center. Right now, they were in the hospital, so Xue Lin had to go to the first floor.She took the elevator and went down. She walked towards the cafeteria and saw the vending machine. She was about to place her order for three hot chocolates, before which someone tugged her worn out jeans.Xue Lin looked down and saw a seven year old girl tugging her jeans. She was cute, blonde haired with blue eyes. Her beautiful face was red and wet. She was crying."What's wrong?" Xue Lin wasn't good with children and she found children bothersome, especially when they cried. She felt awkward while talking to the kid."My mom left me here. Ugly sister, please help me to find her." The girl kept weeping.Xue Lin not only found kids annoying, but also scared of them because she didn't know how to understand or how to control them. Her psychology skills failed there.The scariest thing about kids was that either they would be completely honest or they would lie completely. And Xue Lin could never discover if they were lying or telling the truth. That's why, she was bullied by them a lot in her past.The seven year old kid had a point in addressing her as ugly sister. Xue Lin was wearing a dark blue shirt and worn out jeans. Her long black hair was braided. She wore a cheap, second hand winter boots and big glasses.She looked exactly like how the seven year old kid described.The funny part was, Xue Lin didn't mind when she was called ugly sister. Rather, she was happy of that kid's honesty even though she was asking for help.So Xue Lin decided to help her."Your mother left you? When?" Xue Lin questioned her.The kid wiped her tears and answered, "Just a few minutes ago. She hurriedly left without telling me anything. She didn't even look for me. Please come with me." She was dragging Xue Lin out of the cafeteria.Xue Lin noticed that this girl wasn't that smart. She had a liking for high IQ kids, not the average ones. "Why didn't you go after her when she left you? Isn't it too late to look for her?"The child replied, "I was scared to leave. Ugly sister you must help me." Tears fell from her face.Xue Lin looked in front and said nonchalantly, "Yeah, I got it."The girl took Xue Lin to the underground garage. There were only private cars, ambulances, mini buses. There wasn't any person except for this too.Xue Lin frowned. 'There should be the guards at least.' She thought. She didn't like how quiet this area was."Kid, are you sure that you mom came here?" She asked while her eyes were darting around."Y-yeah, I saw my mom coming this way. I'm not sure if she came here or not." The kid was feeling frightened too."Do you have a car?" Xue Lin asked further."My dad does. But he took the car out of town this morning." The girl answered."I think we should leave now. It's unusual for not having people in the garage. Or not." She was retreating from the girl. But when she turned around, she saw a man in black dress with a black mask. He was holding a woman with a gun pointing at her. Her mouth was bound with a scarf and her hands were tied too. She was crying and her face and scarf were wet with tears."Mom!" The child called out. She was panicking.The man spoke, "Come with me and they will live." Obviously, he was talking to Xue Lin.Xue Lin had never experienced something like that in her life. So she wasn't sure what to feel."Ugly sister, save my mom." The kid began crying.Xue Lin frowned. "Isn't there a better way to abduct a person like me? Did you think that I am fool enough to fall for it? What if I don't agree with your terms?"The man's cold blue eyes turned excessively cold. "Then you all will die."Xue Lin tilted her head towards the left side. "If it's your plan to kill me, you can kill me anyway. Why did you abduct the woman and threaten me? I won't agree with a man who gets helps from a weak woman. How pathetic!" She didn't forget to mock at him.The man exploded with anger and pointed the gun in her direction now. "Shut up! Do as I say! Right now!" He had never seen a prey like that. No matter who he threatened, they always listened to what he said and he enjoyed it. But this woman was made of a different element. She wasn't even one bit scared. "I'm very poor. Even if you abduct me, you won't get a penny. So you will kill me anyway. I mean, you don't want a witness, am I right?" Xue Lin blinked.As a normal human being with zero interest in what others did, Xue Lin always avoided problems. She was poor and didn't have any complex lifestyles to deal with.Therefore, she wasn't sure why exactly she was being threatened and why on earth that man was trying to harm her. As far as she could remember, she never had done anything wrong to have people threaten her. She also couldn't understand why this man would want to hurt the mother and the child and try to negotiate with her.She didn't know the mother and the child!

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