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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 390: S T U P I D WOMAN

"Are you alright now?" Lu Feng asked."I'm feeling refreshed for some reason." Yan glanced at Mu Lan and began speaking with a guilty tone, "Lan dear, I'm so-""Don't start. We all know it wasn't your fault," Mu Lan said."But how can he do that without my knowledge?" Yan Su looked defeated."Of course a dumb woman like you won't realize what hit them." Xue Lin said without hesitation."Say that again! I will cook you alive!" Yan Su glared at Xue Lin."You are a S T U P I D woman." Xue Lin was merciless."X U E L I N! You are dead meat!" Yan Su gritted her teeth and was about to pounce on her. Everyone was relieved to see how easily Xue Lin got Yan Su. At least she came back to normal.Mu Lan smiled and said, "We are having French cuisine today. Save your energy for eating."Yan Su rubbed her stomach. "Ah, I'm hungry. But I'm not sure if we can have enough to eat. Xue Lin can finish three men's meal in a bit of time."Xue Lin looked away and said carelessly, "No matter how much I eat, you can't eat enough since there won't be any red wine for you. You can't taste alcohol for a month."Yan Su was astonished. "What are you talking about?""You are the target of a great enemy. So you can't get careless and get drunk easily, understand?" Mu Lan said."Not even a sip?" Yan Su was in the verge of death."Not even a sip." Xue Lin and Mu Lan said in unison.'Oh my Buddha! How will I survive this month?'[Buddha from somewhere else: Hmf, now you remember me.]Mu Liang got a call from Hugo, so he moved to the next room. Mu Feng followed him.Mu Liang answered the call and didn't waste any time. "What information did you get?"Hugo got straight to business. "Boss, bad news."Mu Liang could guess. "What happened?"Hugo reported, "The restaurant Rockey's Fast Food was burnt down to ashes today in the morning. Nothing was found. The people in the restaurant were all burnt to death. Fire started spreading from the kitchen and the main switch at the same time. Somehow the doors were all locked."Mu Liang could guess that this would happen. "And?"Hugo continued, "Actually, there shouldn't be any fire and the Fire Service said that it wasn't an accident. Someone deliberately did it and tried to kill everyone in the restaurant.""Or they deliberately destroyed all the evidence we could get." Mu Liang stated.Hugo also thought the same. He said, "And another thing. The one who served Ms. Zhang Yan Su and Ms. Fa Xue Lin when they were in the restaurant was absent because he was sick. I located his address and sent our men to find him. But we were late. He was found in his house, slaughtered along with his parents.""." Mu Liang didn't say anything.Hugo got nervous as he heard nothing from Mu Liang. "The police is investigating."Hugo stopped to hear anything from Mu Liang."." This time also Mu Liang didn't say anything. Hugo's throat was dry. ".Boss, should we.."This time Mu Liang spoke. But his voice was cold. "Let our Investigation team know that they are getting a case to solve within one day. And also check the other people who were in the restaurant at that time." 'Boss is mad.' Hugo thought. He knew this would happen. They dared to come and do such mischievous activities under the nose of the King of European Underworld. As long as Mu Liang showed his temper, it was only a shallow emotion of his. But when he was steady and wouldn't speak, it only meant that he was trying to suppress his anger to burst out.And now the enemy had to pay the price.Actually, Mu Liang wasn't that angry because they destroyed a restaurant and killed people. Because that's what the USA Underworld normally did. He was mad because they dared to kill innocent people to destroy some insignificant evidences of the person who hypnotized Yan Su and they actually dared to eye on Mu Lan and Mu Feng's woman.He was beyond mad.Mu Liang hung up and gave Mu Feng a brief up of what happened. Just like his brother, Mu Feng was icing in fury. His eyes turned as cruel as a snake.Mu Liang was stopped by Hugo's call."B-boss, they are slaughtering all the people who were present at that time one by one including the family members. I sent my team to save at least one person. But I don't think that I can give you any positive answer." Hugo gulped down a mouthful saliva."I understand." Mu Liang hung up and told Mu Feng, "They are killing everyone who were in the restaurant that day. Looks like they won't let a single person alive including their family members.""Big brother, it means war." Mu Feng never blinked his eyes while he dealt with his enemy. Because his enemies weren't human beings. They were a bunch of animals. However, killing innocent people weren't in his dictionary. Now he felt that he wanted to demolish the whole gang of the USA Underworld in his own hands. He would care less if they were men or women. In his eyes, they were simply animals since they only knew how to slaughter innocent people who weren't included with the mafia."So it seems. But I'm worried about someone else now." Mu Liang said with a frown.Mu Feng was confused. "Who?""The psychologist. She was present at that time too." Mu Liang never mentioned Xue Lin by her name. He always called her 'the Psychologist'."As long as she stays at the mansion, she will be safe." Mu Feng said lightly. He still didn't know that his brother had to protect this 'Psychologist' not because she was Mu Lan's friend, but for his best friend."Hey guys, have you seen Xue Lin? I can't find her." Mu Lan came and spoke.

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