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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 389: AN ENTICING OFFER

Mu Feng said shamelessly, "What do you mean by that sister Lan Lan? Don't I always serve you in the dining table?"Mu Lan couldn't say anything else. She blamed Mu Feng for her being lonely in the mansion from the past few days. Whenever Mu Feng was at home, he would stay inside his room for the rest of the day, no need to explain what he did. Afterwards, in the morning, Qi Ying would sleep like a pig and even after she would wake up, she couldn't come out of her room at all.Who was the culprit other than Mu Feng?He was a big criminal himself.Mu Lan only glared at him without saying anything.Leaving Mu Lan speechless, Mu Feng went closer to where Mu Liang and Lu Feng were."What are you guys discussing?" He asked in a low voice. His expression turned serious."Yan Su was hypnotized. Ms. Lin helped her to break the hypnotism. It seems like the man who did it is a pro at this job. Hugo is looking into the information on who was that guy." Lu Feng said."I'm going to smash that man who dared to hypnotize Yan Su to hurt Ying and sister Lan Lan." Mu Feng's eyes turned cold."They just made sure that their target was me. If they can make me your enemy, then both of us will have a huge loss and we can't overcome it for years." Lu Feng said gravely."I have to take a trip to Vegas as soon as possible.""Don't lose your focus. I will make sure these four stay at home. Home is the safest place for them. We can take them down slowly." Mu Liang said."You guys are planning on taking them down and make it your colony?" Lu Feng didn't know about that. It was his first time hearing this piece of news."You said 'these four'. Did you include me as well?" Xue Lin asked from the door.The three heroes got startled. They were talking in a corner, far from the door. How could she hear what they were speaking?Mu Liang caught in a second. "You can read lips." He stated calmly."I told you that she was scary." Mu Feng whispered to Lu Feng."You can't include me. I'm leaving to Germany in a week. Whatever you do, you have to do it without me in the plan." Xue Lin said.Mu Liang couldn't care less on what she was planning. She was someone very important to his best friend and his best friend would kill him if something would happen to her.Mu Liang had to do something about it.Therefore, he offered, "I will make sure that you get the citizenship of Germany in two days. You will live in a duplex house with a small land with it. It will be your own."What he meant was that Xue Lin had to stay in the mansion as long as it took and then she would be rewarded with the citizenship of Germany and a duplex house of her own.It was a very enticing offer.Xue Lin should be drooling.Even Lu Feng and Mu Feng were stunned at Mu Liang's sudden proposal. Not to mention that their mouths became wet as they heard the offer. However, she narrowed her eyes and said flatly, "I don't take things freely from others."Typical Xue Lin."First payment after you join Mu Corporation in Germany. I'll let my Assistant talk about the agreement later on." Mu Liang said.Xue Lin thought for a while and said, "I will wait for it then."After all, she needed money to achieve her dream goal. She wasn't stupid enough to refuse the offer which was hard to get otherwise.Mu Liang was satisfied with her attitude. Even though she was hungry for wealth, her eyes didn't sparkle for a bit when she heard the offer.'She will be the best partner for him.' Mu Liang thought."Ehem.. ehem.. excuse me, I'm here too and I'm hungry." Mu Lan didn't know anything and she was about to burst with curiosity. Mu Liang got closer and sat on the bed. "What do you want to eat?""Anything is fine, but I won't eat if you don't tell me what's going on. I will go on a hunger strike." Mu Lan said firmly.Mu Liang found her serious face super cute. He smiled and looking at Mu Lan's transparent eyes, ordered Mu Feng, "Bring French cuisine for everyone."Mu Feng was speechless.'What am I? A butler?' He wandered. Mu Feng went outside the room and called Butler Leo. "Second young master, how can I help you?" Head Butler asked politely. "Please tell Auntie Eve to cook French Cuisine for six people. Uncle Leo, I want you to bring them personally. I'm sending Ronald to fetch you. Please make it soon. I'll give you an hour." Mu Feng hung up.'One hour? To cook French cuisine for six people? Is it MasterChef Australia?' Head Butler was dumbfounded.Mu Feng called Ronald to fetch Butler Leo with their lunch. After that, he entered the room where the others were.In the meantime, Mu Liang told Mu Lan as much as he could and hid the fact about Arthur's past. He only mentioned that Arthur was hurt and was used and the enemy's target was Lu Feng. The enemy wanted to destroy the bond between Mu Family and Lu Family. So both the families would become weak and the enemy would hurt them later.He didn't disclose anything that would share their secret. Not to mention Xue Lin was present. They didn't want Xue Lin to know the family secret.While they were talking, a faint voice came from the next room."Xue Lin?"It was Yan Su's voice.Everyone gathered around Yan Su's room and Lu Feng hugged her closely."Are you alright now?" He asked worriedly.

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