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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 388: READY TO SERVE SISTER LAN LAN

On hearing the scream, both Mu Liang and Lu Feng jumped off their seats.It was Yan Su who screamed.What happened to her?Lu Feng was frightened to death. He quickly walked towards the room where Yan Su was and began banging the door."Ms. Lin, please open the door. Susu, what happened to you? Are you alright?" Lu Feng asked worriedly.However, there was no answer from the ones behind the door except for Yan Su's screams.Mu Lan was about to get up from the bed but Mu Liang held her back."Lay down. Don't struggle. You are in pain." He said calmly.Mu Lan couldn't just lay down when her friend was screaming. But since Mu Liang didn't want her to go, she didn't argue anymore and stayed in bed like an obedient child, but didn't lie down.Mu Liang saw her being obedient. He glanced at Lu Feng and said, "Let's break open the door.""O-okay." Lu Feng's voice quivered in the end.Both of them stood in front of the door and Yan Su's scream stopped abruptly. Just the way it began, it ended the same way.Mu Liang and Lu Feng looked at each other.At that time, the door was opened and Xue Lin came inside the room. She looked tired and sweaty."What happened?" Lu Feng asked her."She is sleeping, don't worry." Xue Lin took a bottle of water and finished it in a few seconds.How could Lu Feng not worry? He heard the most painful scream she ever did.He hurriedly went inside Yan Su's room and saw that Yan Su was really sleeping. Mu Lan couldn't see anything, so she was curious. "What's going on?"Xue Lin took some deep breaths before she began to speak. "She was hypnotized."Lu Feng heard her and his face turned pale. "What are you talking about?""Elaborate." Mu Liang said only one word.Xue Lin explained calmly, "Someone hypnotized her. She was ordered to harm two girls who were close to Mr. Mu Liang and Mr. Mu Feng. During the time she is hypnotized, she will behave as usual. There won't be any change in her behaviour. But after she completes her missions, she will forget whatever she did, why she did and what made her do it. She will even forgot the person who hypnotized her.""What about the screams then?" Mu Lan asked."I made her remember everything from the moment she was hypnotized, what they spoke, what that person told her, what she did afterwards." Xue Lin answered. "It was hard for her since the person who hypnotized her was a pro. But he was no match for a psychologist.""How did you make her fall asleep?" Mu Lan asked further.Xue Lin sat on a chair and said, "I hypnotized her. After she wakes up, she won't be under the spell of that person. She won't try to kill Xiao Lan or Xiao Ying.""How come she was hypnotized? Weren't you all with her the whole time?" Lu Feng asked while clenching his fists.Xue Lin gazed at him and said, "It was two days ago. We went shopping. Then we had lunch at a restaurant. I went to the washroom to freshen up. After I got back, I saw a man getting up from my seat. It seemed like he was talking to Yan Su. When I talked to her and asked her about the man, she looked confused and asked me back 'what guy?' Since she is always like that, I didn't bother much about it." Xue Lin felt bad since she had a chance to stop whatever happened today.Mu Lan understood her and said in a soft voice, "You didn't know. It's not your fault."Xue Lin still couldn't help but blame herself. "I know but-""You are not God." Mu Lan's voice was a little stern.Xue Lin was a reasonable person. She was a girl with logic. She nodded and replied, "You are right.""Which hotel?" Mu Liang asked this time."Rocky's Fast Food." Xue Lin replied."Did you see his face?" He questioned her again.Xue Lin shook her head. "No, he was leaving at that time, so I couldn't see him clearly. Actually I had a chance to look at him but I didn't think he was someone important. It wasn't the first time that she was around men anyway. So I've got used to it and didn't find anything unusual."Lu Feng requested Xue Lin, "Can you please stay with her?"Xue Lin nodded and went inside the room where Yan Su was.Lu Feng went to the corner with Mu Liang and said, "I heard everything from Mu Feng. I know that the USA Underworld is targeting me. It's Yan Su's favorite restaurant. No wonder they tracked her closely and got her so easily.""I will ask Hugo to check up on the restaurant and try to find out who that person is." Mu Liang dialed Hugo's number. After he answered the call, Mu Liang instructed him.Mu Lan was dying to know what they were talking about. Since she couldn't read lips like Xue Lin, she had to wait for Mu Liang to talk to her.At that time, Mu Feng brought strawberry juice for Mu Lan. "Sister Lan Lan, sorry for making you wait. Here is your strawberry juice.""Oh, thank you. You didn't have to go and bring it for me, you know. You could've asked your men to do it." Mu Lan took the straw in her mouth and began drinking."I couldn't take risk at a time like this and I am always ready to serve my sister Lan Lan." Mu Feng was trying to cheer up Mu Lan. He still had no clue about what happened earlier.Mu Lan twisted her lips as she heard him. "Serve? Me? Did I hear wrong? Do you have time for it?"Mu Feng shamelessly said, "What do you mean by it sister Lan Lan? Don't I always serve you in the dining table?"

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