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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 387: TAKE LOOOOTS OF REST

"What's wrong?" Qi Ying asked worriedly.Lu Feng looked at Mu Feng and he got the queue.Mu Feng glanced at Qi Ying and said, "Ying would you mind staying with sister Lan? I will let you know later about Yan Su's condition."Before Qi Ying could reply, Xue Lin said, "Don't waste our time and tell about her condition. Why the hell did she push Xiao Lan?""I don't know. I found nothing wrong inside her blood or stomach. She can't even remember anything. She is so scared to face anyone right now. She's thinking that she might hurt you too without her knowledge." Lu Feng said with a sad tone.Mu Liang was sitting beside Mu Lan taking her in his right arm. He said, "Let me talk to her." "No need!" Lu Feng protectively stood between the door of Mu Lan and Yan Su's room.Mu Feng also got alert. He was ready to stand up.Just an hour ago, when Lu Feng was carrying Yan Su from the rooftop, Mu Liang was about to go forward. No one needed to guess what he was planning to do.Lu Feng had to hide the unconscious Yan Su from Mu Liang's wrath and Mu Feng came between his brother and friend.None of them complained at that time since they knew that Mu Lan was Mu Liang's bottom line.Still Mu Liang was rational enough not to overdo anything and stayed by Mu Lan's side. However, he didn't forget to give a death glare to Yan Su from time to time.Mu Feng and Lu Feng had learnt two lessons after that incident. One: they promised not do anything to displease Mu Lan, if they ever did, they had to bear the consequences. Two: as long as Mu Liang was with his beloved wifey, he would never lose his temper no matter how angry he was.So now at the hospital Mu Feng saw Mu Liang fuming with rage when the nurse was applying an antiseptic cream over Mu Lan's purple injury and Mu Lan was whimpering softly in pain. She was still in pain and shivered lightly periodically. But she was comparatively feeling better than before.Therefore, when Mu Liang said that he wanted to talk to Yan Su, Mu Feng and Lu Feng got weary of his action. Xue Lin saw those 'stupid men' doing some unnecessary things when her friends were in such a condition. Hence, she got up and walked straight to the room where Yan Su was. Mu Feng or Lu Feng couldn't stop her even if they wanted to. It wasn't because they were intimidated by her scary cold face. They felt that she was far better than Mu Liang to interrogate someone who was very close, especially when Xue Lin was Yan Su's best friend and above all she was a professional psychologist. After Xue Lin went inside the room, she closed the door and locked it so that no one could disturb them.At that time, Mu Lan tucked Mu Liang's sleeve and his expression changed completely."Does it hurt?" He asked softly while rubbing her head.Mu Lan shook her head a little and mumbled, "I want to drink something sweet.""Would you like some strawberry juice?" Mu Liang carefully asked."Mm." Mu Lan said. She didn't want to talk much because she was afraid that if she talked they could hear her shaky voice.Mu Liang glanced at Mu Feng and his brother got what he wanted to say."Don't worry, sister Lan Lan. I will bring your favorite strawberry juice right away." Mu Feng then took Qi Ying's hand and left the room.Qi Ying didn't want to leave with Mu Feng. She protested, "I don't want to go. I want to stay with Xiao Su and Xiao Lan.""If I could, I would let you. But this is something about work. We can't be a part of this mission." Mu Feng calmly said."Is this the same enemy you dealt with when I was attacked?" Qi Ying asked worriedly."I can't tell for sure. I need to protect you first. Since they dared to approach Yan Su and harmed sister Lan Lan, I can't take any risk. Home is the safest place. Stay there. Don't leave the house till I say so." Mu Feng said.Qi Ying had the ability to understand the pain and sufferings of Mu Feng. It was the very reason Mu Feng was so attached to her.Qi Ying could tell that this enemy was dangerous like before when she was poisoned. So she nodded and went home with a bunch of bodyguards.In the hospital, Lu Feng checked Mu Lan's pulse and eyes and blood pressure.Lu Feng reported. "You are a little shocked, but you are overcoming it. That's good. Your pulse is slightly weak and your blood pressure is low. You are not only spooked because of the incident, you are also stressed for some other reason. Have you had any hard labor in the past few day?" Mu Lan shook her head. She was confused. 'I was at home all the time. Why would I be stressed when I didn't work-' Her thoughts stopped and a slight blush came on her cheeks.She not only had hard labor, she had lots of hard labor. Making love with Mu Liang took lots of stamina and she didn't eat much after making love because she was too tired to get out of the bed. More importantly, she passed out and woke up late. When would she have the time to eat?As she blushed, Lu Feng, the intelligent doctor, coughed feeling slightly uneasy and embarrassed. He said, "Just take loooots of rest and don't forget to eat your food at regular intervals. That's all you need."Mu Lan couldn't look at Lu Feng. She only nodded and moved towards Mu Liang. She let her head fall on his muscled chest."Are you tired?" Mu Liang asked while tugging a lock behind her right ear.Before she could answer, a scream came from the other room where Yan Su and Xue Lin were.

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