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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 386: WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER ANYTHING?

Yan Su pushed Mu Lan out from the rooftop and Mu Lan began to fall. Mu Lan was so petrified that she even forgot to scream. Her shocked eyes were looking at Yan Su who was getting smaller and smaller with every second.She opened her mouth but her throat was caught. She felt like her soul was leaving her body.Xue Lin had just then climbed up the stairs and opened the door to the rooftop. At that time, she saw Yan Su pushing Mu Lan. At first she was dumbfounded. In the next second, she screamed with all her might, "Lan!"At the same time, Yan Su heard Xue Lin's scream and she blinked. 'What just happened?' She thought.Xue Lin came close to the railing and saw Mu Lan falling down. Her heart filled with anxiety. Then she looked at Yan Su with teary eyes and screamed, "Why did you do that? How on earth could you do this?"Yan Su blinked and asked her back, "Did what?" She looked confused and after questioning, she looked down from the railing and was shocked. Her legs gave out as she covered her face. 'Oh my God! What did I just do? Did I push her? But why can't I remember anything?'Xue Lin ran towards the door and quickly came back downstairs.-----Mu Liang came out of the auditorium along with his brother and childhood friend. The girls got busy taking photos of them. Some of them even asked them to take some couple photos with them. Mu Liang gave them a cold shoulder. Mu Feng began telling jokes and mingled with the graduate girls. Lu Feng politely smiled and took some photos with them.Those who came close to Mu Liang, got the coldest glare as a response making them freeze on the spot. He ignored every girl and abandoned his brother and friend.He walked slowly close to the girls' dormitory and stood in the garden where he used to climb up the pipe to the second floor. Thinking of their times together, he smiled.While he was recalling his time with her, suddenly his heart tightened and filled with unease. He rubbed his left chest area and looked up. And his heart stopped.He saw Mu Lan falling from above the girls' dormitory.Before he could think of anything, his body moved at a lightning speed and caught Mu Lan just before she was going to crash on the snow covered garden.Mu Liang held her tightly and crouched on the ground. He stayed like that.Mu Lan's body was shivering. Her breath hitched. She couldn't breathe. Her face was deadly pale.Mu Liang came back to his senses and controlled his emotions. He softly mumbled, "It's fine. It's fine. You are fine. Nothing happened to you. Everything is alright. I'm here with you. I'm here with you."He kept repeating the same words like a mantra who knew for how long. He stopped when he saw that she started to relax. He sighed in relief seeing her breathing normally. She regained her composure."Darling, what happened?" Mu Liang carefully and tenderly asked her. He didn't want her to get scared.Mu Lan was too shocked to think at first. Then she heard Mu Liang's honey voice. After hearing him, she realized that she was in his warm embrace. She also noticed that she was shivering. She slowly controlled her emotions. Then she heard his question. She recalled what had happened and told Mu Liang with her shaky voice.Mu Liang quietly listened to her while keeping his lips on her forehead, lightly kissing from time to time to comfort herAfter she finished speaking, Xue Lin came running towards them and saw them hugging each other. Mu Lan didn't even know when she caught Mu Liang tightly.Xue Lin sat on the snow and said, "Oh, God, thank you!"If something were to happen to Mu Lan, she didn't want to think of the rest.Mu Feng and Lu Feng who were totally unaware of what had happened, came back together walking casually to take their girlfriends. However, they saw an unexpected scene. Mu Feng wasn't in the mood to eat dog food today, so he opened his mouth to tease them a little bit. At that time, he saw with the corner of his eyes that Xue Lin ran close to the couple and seeing them she sat on the ground as if her legs gave up.Noticing that something was wrong, Mu Feng walked faster and came closer. "What happened?"Xue Lin answered for everyone, "Yan Su pushed Mu Lan from the rooftop. If it wasn't for him.." She didn't continue but others understood what happened.Both Mu Feng and Lu Feng ran towards the stairs and climbed up as fast as they could and saw Yan Su sitting close to the railing, shivering and weeping.Lu Feng hugged her closer and asked, "Susu, what happened?""I-I pushed her I p-pushed Lan d-dear." Yan Su trembled and stuttered. She was so scared that she couldn't show her face to anyone."She is fine. Mu Lan is fine. Nothing happened to her. She is sitting in the garden now." Lu Feng tried to console her."You are lying. She is dead. I saw her falling down. She is dead." Yan Su kept weeping.Mu Feng came closer and pulled his hand down behind her head. She had lost her conscious."Seriously?" Lu Feng got furious."We shouldn't stay here any longer. I don't think it is a safe place right now." Mu Feng said wearily. His eyes were darting around vigilantly.Lu Feng didn't argue understanding the weight of the situation. He took the unconscious Yan Su and carried her down.Everyone went to the Lu Research Center. First, Lu Feng checked Yan Su's condition. While she was being checked, a female nurse was checking on Mu Lan's wounds.Mu Lan was hurt in the shoulder as she was pushed there forcefully. Her skin had got slightly bruised and they were painful. The nurse used a cream to help the pain to subside.While she was being treated, Lu Feng came out of the other chamber with a solemn expression.

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