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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 385: I'LL ONLY MISS YOU

Very soon it was the Graduation Ceremony. Those who were leaving the school were at the school auditorium. Mu Lan, Qi Ying, Yan Su and Xue Lin were wearing their academic dress.Mu Lan was moving her head excitedly to see where Mu Liang sat. He, Mu Feng and Lu Feng also came to the Graduation Ceremony."Did you see them?" Yan Su asked from her left side."No. Where did they go?" Mu Lan said."They just don't want to take the limelight, that's why they are hiding." Xue Lin answered while looking at her cell phone."Did you see them?" Mu Lan asked her hopefully."Do I need to?" Xue Lin asked back. "It's just a guess."Mu Lan wondered, 'Sometimes I feel like she is Liang Liang's sister.'The Principal of the school came on the stage and the hall got quiet. Getting the top score in the school, Mu Lan had her share of the speech. Xue Lin had the overall top grand score, for which she had her own speech as well. In the end, they all got their certificates and they proudly took photos.Unknown to these four girls their partners were taking all the photos they could secretly. When Xue Lin was giving her speech, Mu Liang took three photos and sent them to someone.Lu Feng saw his action and moved a little closer to see to whom Mu Liang sent those pictures. Seeing the name above, Lu Feng's eyes almost popped out of the sockets.Lu Feng asked with great interest, "Why are you sending her photos to him?"Mu Liang said truthfully, "He asked for it." After sending the photos, he deleted them. His cell phone gallery was filled with only Mu Lan's photos and he didn't want to have some other woman's photo in it.Lu Feng was confused. "He why would he? No no, that wasn't what I wanted to know. I mean, how did they meet?""The day we went to the bar to meet the girls." Mu Liang replied calmly.Lu Feng tried to remember and then he suddenly recalled the day when the three of them went to the bar to rescue the drunk girls.He began thinking, 'So that's when they met. But he never likes a drunk girl. Not that she is a bad person. She is rather better than any other woman out there. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have Yan Su. Furthermore, she is very trustworthy. He has indeed made a good choice. However'"Can he handle her?" Lu Feng asked.A steady smile touched Mu Liang's lips. "Only he is worthy of her." He replied.At that time, Mu Liang's cell phone chimed. It was a text. Mu Liang read it.'Delete the her photos from your mobile.'Mu Liang frowned and replied to the text.'Who would want to have her picture in their cell phones?'After the program ended, the graduates were taking photos with their Principal, faculty deans and professors. After taking photos, they went back to the dormitory.Yan Su excitedly said, "Let's go to the rooftop. I'm going to miss this place."The others agreed. They were supposed to vacate the dormitory after their exams, so they wouldn't be here anymore. It was their last chance.Qi Ying said, "You guys go ahead. I want to meet some seniors.""Sure, go ahead. We will be at the rooftop." Mu Lan said with a smile.After Qi Ying left, Xue Lin said, "I want to see our room for the last time. You two go ahead."Mu Lan realized that Xue Lin wanted some alone time, so she didn't tag along. Therefore, Yan Su and Mu Lan went ahead to the rooftop.It has a high place and had a good view of the campus. The wind was strong in here. The cold wind blew away making them both shiver. Mu Lan got close to the railing and enjoyed the scenery. The buildings were colorful and they were covered with white snow. It looked nostalgic and yet peaceful. She took a deep breath and released carbon-di oxide slowly. "I'm going to miss this place." She murmured.Mu Lan came to this campus eight months ago to begin her new journey. Many things changed after she came here. She met new friends who now turned into her closest friends and family. She had lots of fun and had adventured here. Especially when Mu Liang came at night and they had some unforgotten nights here. Only seven months, but the memories in here turned into her treasure.'I'm going to miss this place a lot.' While talking in her mind, Mu Lan's eyes filled with tears, making it impossible for her to see what was in front of her.Yan Su also said, "Me too. I'm also going to miss this place. However, I'm going to miss you more."Mu Lan blinked away her tears and tried to smile. "What are you talking about? Even though our schools are in different cities, we will be closer to each other. Moreover since we are now a part of the same family, we'll keep meeting for family programs, or any other occasions. We should miss Xue Lin more because she is going to Germany."Yan Su replied, "I won't miss Xue Lin. She will be alive and good. I will only miss you."Mu Lan frowned. She found Yan Su's tone a little odd and her words weirder. "What do you mean by this?" Mu Lan asked while turning her body towards Yan Su who was behind her."Oh, nothing much. I only mean this." Saying that, Yan Su pushed Mu Lan out of the railing without any emotion. She used force without holding back, making Mu Lan whimper in pain. Her eyes held emptiness.Mu Lan felt sharp pain in both her shoulders at the most unexpected situation. She closed her eyes as she was nervous. Later, she realized that she was actually flying.The gravity of the earth was pulling her down.

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