Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 384: WHAT GUY?

The next day, at night, Mu Lan came to the bed and snuggled close to Mu Liang. Mu Liang pulled her closer to him with his left hand as he was checking something on his mobile phone with the other hand.Mu Lan didn't disturb him since she knew he was busy, she just drew circles on his chest, slowly, making his heart race. Mu Liang couldn't take it anymore and his hand grabbed hers. "What is it?""Mmm" Mu Lan didn't answer him. She looked rather upset.Mu Liang always took her emotions seriously and he locked his cell phone and gave his full attention to her. "What happened? Did someone bully you?"He knew that she wasn't upset about someone bullying her in the mansion since she was here for only two days. He just wanted to know what was the reason for her mood swings."No one bullied me." Mu Lan nuzzled her nose at the crook of his neck."Then?" Mu Liang asked."I'm lonely." She answered with a sad tone."You are lonely?" He asked. He was super busy at his office today, so he didn't spend enough time with her."Lucy came back. Oscar is busy with his wife and kids. No one is there to play with me. I'm so lonely." Mu Lan complained.It was winter and she couldn't go outside because her maids didn't let her go. Inside the house, she didn't find anything to do except paint. She didn't try to hack information today since Hugo was changing the security of Mu Mansion while he was resting at home. So she had to be careful.What she didn't know was she being lonely was hundred percent Mu Liang's fault.Mu Liang pretended to think for a while and then said, "I do have an idea so that you can't be lonely anymore." Mu Lan showed some interest. "Really? What is it?"Mu Liang suggested, "Why don't we have children of our own? You will be busy all day."This time, Mu Lan pretended to think and replied, "Hmm that's not a bad idea. Whenever I stay at home, if I have children, then I won't have to think about anything else.""." Mu Liang realized that it was a very, very bad idea.Mu Lan agreed to his suggestion. "We can have some children then."However, Mu Liang learnt his lesson very quickly. "Let's forget about it. I'll spend time with you as much as you want."He already had to control Oscar with his own family. How could he let his children take away his wifey from him now?"But you are so busy. I don't want to burden you." Mu Lan disagreed."I'll take you to the office." Mu Liang said.Mu Lan's eyes almost popped out of the sockets. "Are you serious? They already think that I'm dead!" Then another thing caught her mind. She continued, "I wonder why the German photo didn't affect the news of my death.""Because they think that despite me having a girlfriend, you still wished to be my mistress." Mu Liang answered for her."Don't say anything anymore." Mu Lan closed her eyes and went inside the comforter. Mu Liang chuckled and said, "Your graduation is in two days, isn't it? I'm holding a party for you and your friends."Mu Lan jumped out of the comforter and asked excitedly, "Really?""Hmm." Mu Liang smiled while answering."Let's make it memorable." Mu Lan brimmed in happiness. She always wanted to have her own party, friends, dance, cocktails, cakes, snacks and lots of fun.'Hmm, memorable, indeed.' Mu Liang thought in his mind.The next day, Yan Su went shopping and dragged Xue Lin with her. Xue Lin was preparing to go to Germany, so Yan Su wanted to buy her some clothes forcefully.Xue Lin fought with her. However, when it comes to weakest versus strongest, it had only one end result. As a result, Yan Su won and took Xue Lin by her collar.After buying blanket, shirts, boot, woolen clothes and other necessary stuffs, Xue Lin got tired. So Yan Su had to take her to a restaurant.As they ordered food, Xue Lin went to the washroom to freshen up. Just then a man approached Yan Su. "Good afternoon, beautiful lady." Yan Su looked at the man. A charming face with a confident look. He had a muscled body. He had the talent to make girls fall for him in a blink. "So polite! Good afternoon, handsome."He asked politely, "May I join you for lunch?"It wasn't the first time she was hit on by a stranger. So she knew how to deal with them. "Oho, I am with my friend today. How about next time?"The man seemed disappointed. He said in a sad tone, "That's pretty bad. I couldn't just take my eyes off your beauty. The moment I saw you, I knew we were destined to meet.."Yan Su wanted to choke on her drink hearing such a clich sentence. "Oh my, I do think the same way.""Do you live around here?" The man asked her casually.Yan Su denied without blinking. "Oh no, although my father does have a house here."Her roundabout answer made the man laugh. "Haha... you are so funny.""Haha you are so friendly." Yan Su was getting irritated.The man showed his interest in somewhere else. "Do you have a boyfriend?"Yan Su replied, "I don't know. Do you have a boyfriend?"The man seemed startled for a second. "Boyfriend? No! I'm interested in beautiful girls like you."Yan Su seemed excited. "What a coincidence! I'm also interested in beautiful girls like me!"The man became speechless.Some time later, Xue Lin got back and saw Yan Su drinking alone."Who was that guy?" She asked Yan Su.Yan Su blinked. "Which guy?""The guy who was sitting on my chair." Xue Lin said, She saw the guy leaving through the glass when she came out of the washroom.Yan Su blinked again, "What are you talking about?"Xue Lin, "." 'Oh forget what I just asked.'

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