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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 383: DROWNING IN THE OCEAN OF VINEGAR

"Oh, okay, good job. I'll give you the other instructions later." Mu Feng hung up.

He glanced at Mu Liang and reported, "Big brother, Arthur confessed everything while Clara was present. She heard everything and well, there was an emotional reunion. However, he really gave us some valuable information. Now that he wasn't under the influence of the small chip, therefore, he didn't have to hide anything at all."

Mu Liang listened to his brother attentively. Finally he asked, "What are you going to do with him now?"

Mu Feng stretched his hands upwards and replied, "I'll take Arthur as hostage and let their spies know that he is dead. After I take down their turf, I'll let Clara get back her own face and the couple can live happily without a war around them."

"Are you sure that you want to take the entire South America under your control?" Mu Liang further asked.

Mu Feng nodded. "The time has come. I can't delay since they dared to enter the Zhang Family which is under the care of our family."

The entire underworld was under Mu Feng's care, so Mu Liang didn't want to control it. If his brother wanted to do something, he had the right to do so. Mu Liang wouldn't interfere. "Do whatever you wish. Have you found out why they targeted Yan Su?"

"Isn't it because of Lu Feng?" Mu Feng smirked.

Mu Liang smiled at his brother's answer.

Indeed, their target was Lu Feng. Lu Feng was the third most powerful man in Europe. He wasn't just a doctor or a researcher. He had invented lots of medicine and potion for the welfare of humankind and for Mu Feng. He was the chief scientist of Mu Feng's Invention of New Technology (INT) Department. Mu Feng's group's most of the inventions were Lu Feng's creation.

The nano tracker which Mu Lan's younger brother stole was also one of Lu Feng's creation.

So the South American Underworld targeted Lu Feng at first. They wanted to demolish Lu Feng by hurting his beloved and then without Lu Feng, Mu Feng would be at a disadvantage. After taking Mu Feng down, they would then target Mu Liang's business.

Unfortunately, they underestimated Lu Feng and his childhood friends.

They never imagined that Lu Feng would be suspicious enough to research on Arthur and discover the chips and trackers on his body. Now they lost all connection with Arthur, they would never know if Arthur was even dead or alive. And Clara still had Yan Su's face and moreover, she was under Mu Feng's care, they couldn't touch Clara too.

"When are you leaving?" Mu Liang asked.

Mu Feng calculated before answering. "Did you think just because it was Valentine's day yesterday, I only had fun and didn't work? I have already sent my special team to take care of the things for me. Ying, sister Lan Lan and Yan Su's graduation ceremony is coming soon. I'll stay home till then and leave the next day. I already have an excellent plan. If nothing goes wrong, I'll be home in a month."

"You don't have to worry about your girl. Xiao Lan will accompany her all the time. I'll take care of the things here till you come back." Mu Liang reassured.

"That's good to hear. I knew that I could count on you." Mu Feng got up and was about to leave.

However, he stopped while thinking about something and turned around. "By the way, you didn't tell me but since I am a genius, I figured it out."

Mu Liang looked at him with a question look.

Mu Feng continued. "When you guys got wild in your office room, you threw away sister Lan Lan's heel and it flew out of the window and landed right on poor Hugo's head. Therefore, he had to stay at the hospital for a day. Big brother, you are such a ferocious beast-"

Mu Feng had to run away from the study room because Mu Liang pulled out his gun.

After a while, Mu Liang came out of the study room and heard Mu Lan's laughter. His eyes was filled with warmth as he walked towards her direction. The moment he came at the door of the drawing room, his tender gaze turned colder than the temperature of North Pole.

Mu Lan was sitting on the sofa while watching One Hundred and One Dalmatians with Oscar. It was almost the end of the movie and when the dog protagonist Rod Taylor was licking his master, Oscar pulled Mu Lan down from the sofa and began licking her all over her face while pouncing on her.

Mu Lan felt ticklish and laughed aloud.

When the Mistress and the pet were having a spring time, Mu Liang, the Master, was drowning in the ocean of vinegar.

He had an extreme urge to break Oscar's neck and throw him away. He felt like shouting at Oscar like, 'Stay away from my wifey!'

However, watching her smiling in such a carefree way, he had to hold back. Furthermore, he had another idea in his mind.

At that time, Butler Leo came to find Mu Liang to call for lunch. "Young Master, lunch is ready."

"Hmm." Mu Liang replied gloomily. Then he looked at the Head Butler and asked, "When will Lucy and the twins be back?"

Lucy and the twins were Oscar's one and only family. Since Mu Liang never cared about where they would stay and when they would come back, it made the Head Butler puzzled.

"Ah, Head Mistress was missing them, so they went to Italy, I didn't get any news on when they will come back." Butler Leo answered politely.

Head Mistress was Mu Liang's grandma.

"Bring them back as soon as possible. Oscar is dying to meet them. Don't let his family leave him for long." Mu Liang walked away as soon as he finished.

Head Butler was beyond confused. He couldn't see how Oscar was dying to meet his family. He was rather happy without his family.

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