Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 382: THE HEEL

[Surprise!!!]Mu Liang reassured her, "Don't worry. Nothing will happen. They think that you are already dead."Mu Lan blinked a few times before saying, "Say that again."Mu Liang controlled his laughter and showed her his cell phone. Mu Lan looked at the screen. It was Mu Corporation's forum. There was a picture of Mu Liang carrying a human body wrapped with a black overcoat and muffler. Everyone was commenting like 'Former assistant who had confessed to the Boss was killed instantly', 'She was a good worker, 'I can't imagine she had so much of a courage to do that', 'Who does she think she is?', 'Serves her right to be so greedy', 'She called our Boss hubby, what a nerve!', She should have died sooner', 'It's hard to believe that she is so stupid' etc.While Mu Lan was reading, Mu Liang hugged her from behind and smelt her. His heart was filled with tranquility and happiness which he couldn't describe.At that moment, Mu Lan turned around and faced him. "Uhuhu Liang Liang, I ruined your reputation. They are calling you a murderer."Mu Liang was taken aback. "What are you saying? They are clearly blaming you.""But they said that I was killed. They meant that I was killed by you. They made you the murderer." Mu Lan explained her logic.Mu Liang was speechless. 'This woman wasn't worried about her at all. On the other hand, she was worried about him. How can I let this woman go?'He smiled affectionately and bent down to kiss her. While kissing, they fell on the bed from their initial sitting position. Mu Lan, who was hypnotized by his breathtaking kisses, pushed him away."Hah hah we can't" Mu Lan protested."This is not what you said in the office." Mu Liang bit her ear. "Can you recall what you said?""Mmm Liang please stop" She felt like digging a hole and burying herself there. However she couldn't do that. So she took the comforter and buried herself underneath.But Mu Liang had no interest in leaving her alone. He said, "Naughty wifey, didn't you say you wanted me. Look at you now feeling all shy? You took off my clothes and seduced me with your looks." His hands found there ways to grope her here and there, making her moan."Why feeling shy now? They might have already seen the office room with broken furnitures and they might have also seen our torn dresses and love juice" His fingers made her writhe under him."Ah! It's my fault! All my fault! I will take whatever punishment you give me. But please don't let them see the office room." Mu Lan had never panicked so much in her entire life.If her office colleagues knew of what happened inside Mu Liang's room, irrespective of whether she was dead or alive, Mu Lan could never show her face to them."Too bad, I already ordered them to clean the room yesterday." Mu Liang took out the comforter away from Mu Lan.'Finished. My reputation is gone just like the sands of the desert.' Mu Lan's expression was like as if her soul had left her body.Mu Liang couldn't hold back his laughter anymore. His whole body shook as he laughed in silence. Mu Lan didn't give any reaction at his expression. She was too busy sending a farewell and mourning the end of her reputation.Mu Liang controlled himself and kissed her forehead. Then he carried her to the bathroom and asked, "Shall I help you to clean you up?"Mu Lan came back to sense and pushed him out. After the door closed from behind, Mu Liang let out another chuckle.After she freshened up, she sat down with Mu Liang and Mu Feng to have breakfast with a heavy heart. In the middle of the breakfast, she noticed that Qi Ying wasn't there."Where is Xiao Ying?" Mu Lan asked. "She is sleeping. She said that she would eat later." Mu Feng lied smoothly. How could he say that she passed out yesterday and hadn't woken up until now.After breakfast, all the three of them went outside to enjoy the snow. Just then, they met Hugo and Ronald.Both Ronald and Hugo halted in their paths as they saw the three of them walking towards them. They couldn't even look at Mu Liang or Mu Lan.Mu Liang and the other two saw a white bandage wrapped on Hugo's head."Hugo, what happened?" Mu Lan asked with concern.How could Hugo answer her? Should he tell that 'Miss, it was your heel that made me unconscious'? Such a disgrace! Hugo could never tolerate it.At the same time, Ronald tried to hide the heel which had caused such a ruckus.Mu Feng saw that. "Ronald, what are you hiding? Show it to us."Ronald hesitated to show it. Before he could, Hugo grabbed Ronald's hand which was holding the shoe and hid it.With a lightning speed, Mu Feng reached out and took the heel from Hugo's hand. "Huh? A woman's shoe? I never thought Hugo had such a fetish." He grinned.Ronald and Hugo couldn't look straight. They wished to get out of Mu Liang and Mu Lan's sight.The moment Mu Liang and Mu Lan saw the heel, their expression changed as well. Mu Liang finally understood why he couldn't find the heel and Mu Lan was confused while thinking how her heel ended up with these two and how it was connected with Hugo's head injury.Mu Liang glanced at Mu Lan's confused gaze and bent down as he whispered, "When I took off your heels and threw it away, one of it flew out of the window and landed on Hugo's head."Mu Lan's expression began to change. At first she turned pale, after that it turned into pink, then to beet red. She didn't know what to say. She just froze on the spot.Mu Liang hugged her closely so that the other three couldn't see her face. He glanced at Hugo and said, "Take rest for today and bring this shoe to me later."Hugo nodded while his head was still bent down.And Mu Feng was like, "Eh? What just happened?"

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