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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 381: WHAT HAVE I DONE?

Mu Liang was stunned on neither seeing Butler Leo at the entrance nor the other butlers. He frowned and went inside the house without saying anything. Mu Liang went to their bedroom and placed Mu Lan on the bed. He took off the overcoat, muffler and socks and then tucked her under the comforter.He didn't forget to kiss her forehead before going to the second floor. He knocked Head Butler's room and unexpectedly for Mu Liang [A/N: not for us] cook Eve opened the door.Mu Liang was startled. "Did I interrupt something?" He wasn't sure what else to ask, it was still Valentine's day.Cook Eve slapped Mu Liang's shoulder lightly and said, "Silly child, your uncle is a little unwell. That's why I'm here." She let him inside.Mu Liang went inside and saw that Butler Leo was in bed with a fever.Mu Liang knew that this old man always strived for perfection and never made a single mistake. So he wondered why Butler Leo was in such a state."Did you call the doctor?" Mu Liang asked.Cook Eve replied, "Of course and the doctor said that it was just out of a little shock, no need for any other medicine. After some rest he would recover.""A little shock?" Mu Liang caught it.Cook Eve smiled and said, "You youngsters have no consideration for this old man."Mu Liang asked, "Is Feng home?""He came home at eleven and didn't leave his room since then." Cook Eve replied.Now, everything became crystal clear to Mu Liang. He nodded and left. He went back to their bedroom and took an ointment and the herbal medicine.He gently put them on Mu Lan's skin so that when she would wake up, she wouldn't feel pain anywhere. He knew that Mu Lan wouldn't want to be pregnant right now, so he didn't forget to feed her the herbal medicine given by Lu Feng's. Mu Lan didn't wake up for once.Mu Liang knew that she was probably exhausted, so he didn't call her for dinner. He checked her scar on her back for the last time. He knew it would fade away soon, but the pain she felt wouldn't be erased.He couldn't help but feel sad for her. He wondered, "Who were her parents, why she was staying with her aunt's family, why that guy approached her and broke her heart?" The answers to which he would never find if Mu Lan wouldn't get back her memory.Mu Liang hugged her close to him and spent the rest of the day with her just like that.-------The next day when Mu Lan woke up, she found herself in the bedroom.'Huh, why am I here? Wasn't I in Yan Su's car, drinking" Mu Lan's heart almost stopped at the point 'drinking' and everything that happened after that came to her head slowly, one by one, according to the sequence of incidents."Oh my Buddha! What have I done?" She was terrified.Meanwhile, in Mu Liang's study room-"Ahaha I can't believe that you broke the furniture. Big brother, you are such a ferocious beast! I knew you would be like this, but I never thought you would actually do it in the office and break the furniture. You do know that those wooden furnitures were very expensive. Sigh. I can't believe you surpassed me in that area." Mu Feng said."Certainly I'm better." Mu Liang didn't hesitate to take the compliment.At that time, there was a knock and Butler Leo came inside. "Good morning First young master, Second master." As usual, he greeted them politely."Morning Uncle Leo, I heard you were sick. Are you alright now?" Mu Feng asked.'And whose fault was that?' Mu Liang and Butler Leo though at the same time.Butler Leo answered, "I'm feeling good. Thank you for asking Second master. I'm sorry that I worried you." He served Darjeeling tea."It's fine. It's not your fault anyway." Mu Liang calmly said.After serving, Butler Leo was fretting about something.Mu Liang sipped the tea and asked, "What is it?"Head Butler gained enough courage to speak. "First young master, I have a request for you.""Request? You?" Mu Liang raised his eye brow. He guessed what made this old butler this nervous."I suggest that we, servants, will move to the south building. We will stay in the first floor." Butler Leo finished.In the south side of the Mu Mansion, there was a vegetable garden and a fish pond. After that, there was a two storied building for guests. There were twenty rooms with attached bathroom in the guestroom. Each bedroom had two folding beds. So four people could easily stay there."Okay." Mu Liang agreed without hesitation. "I don't want you to get sick every time since it will be the usual thing. I did warn you to get used to it."What was 'it' the other two could understand perfectly.Mu Feng grinned and said, "It's a good idea Uncle Leo. Thank you for giving space for our future generation."The three of them got out of the room and the Mu brothers headed back to their respective rooms to see if their better halves woke up or not.When Mu Liang entered their bedroom, he heard Mu Lan saying, "Oh my Buddha! What have I done?"He smiled at her fondly and got close to her. He hugged her and teased, "Naughty wifey, have you slept well?"Mu Lan didn't have the face to look at him in the eyes. She quietly hugged him back. After a while she opened her mouth. "Uhuhu Liang Liang, what will happen now?"Mu Liang answered, "What do you expect to happen? Aren't you the one who said to all the employees that you were my wife?" He had already seen the footage. Mu Feng took the copy yesterday before deleting it from the official record. He played it in front of his brother this morning."Do play it for me! I'm serious!" Mu Lan was beyond despair.Mu Liang coaxed her. "Don't worry. Nothing will happen. They already think that you are dead."

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