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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 380: ARE YOU SURE SHE IS WHO YOU THINK SHE IS?

Back at the Mu Corporation, the lunch break had passed a long time ago. Still, Mu Lan was in a deep sleep. Mu Liang kept gazing at her while she was in deep slumber.He checked her body which was full of kiss marks and blue finger prints. He praised at his masterwork in his mind.Mu Liang knew that she hadn't eaten anything after breakfast, so he was worried if she was hungry.He rubbed her head fondly as he called her name with affection. "Lan, aren't you hungry? Want to eat something? Lan."He kept calling her name until she moved closer to his chest and mumbled softly, "Water"Mu Liang smiled. Kissing her lips he said, "Right away."He got up and took a mouthful water from the glass on the bedside table. Then he lifted her up slightly, then bent down and let her drink from his mouth. He did it thrice before she was satisfied and fell asleep again.Mu Liang got out of the bed and walked towards the closet. There were a few sets of shirts, ties, coats, pants, sweaters, jackets, overcoats and shoes. After he was fully dressed, he put on a shirt on Mu Lan's body and wrapped an overcoat around her body. Then he wrapped her head and neck with a muffler.Suddenly looking at her bare feet he recalled that he had tossed her heels a long time ago who knew where. He went to his office to look for them. His office room was like as if it was massacred. There, he did found one of her heels and as for the other one, it was thrown out of the open glass.Mu Liang frowned. He liked the smell of snow and rain, so whenever it was snowing or raining, he would open a window. But he remembered that he had closed the window when they were doing it, and he also remembered that he had tossed her heels before that. As he didn't find the other heel, it must be out of the building, maybe it even fell on someone's head.What Mu Liang didn't know was that Hugo was eyeing on Mu Lan all the time. After he was sure that she went inside Mu Liang's room, he got out of the office and came closer to his car. Ronald was there as well. At that time, who knew from where, a sharp heel fell on Hugo's head and he fell unconscious.Ronald hurriedly got out of the car and was ready to sue the person till he saw the heel. He recognized the heels immediately as he had earlier seen Mu Lan wearing it in the shopping mall and buying it.Ronald didn't make a ruckus. He quietly took the heel and Hugo and drove to the Lu Research Center.After not finding another heel, Mu Liang, the culprit, put a pair of woolen socks on Mu Lan's bare feet. After being satisfied, he carried her out, made sure she was comfortable in his arms, then got out of the room.After coming out of his room, he met Assistant Ju Long talking to the secretaries. The three of them saw Mu Liang coming out and stood up straight.Seeing a woolen package in Mu Liang's arms, Ju Long didn't have to guess who it was. But the secretaries were beyond shocked.Mu Liang passed them and whispered to Ju Long, "Take care of everything." Then he went to the elevator."What had boss packed like this? I-is it L-Lan? Is Lan alright?" One of the secretaries asked. She was still sure that Mu Lan was dead by now.Assistant Ju Long was perplexed about what Mu Liang said. He walked towards Mu Liang's office and the files in his hands fell on the floor with a sound."Assistant Long, are you alright-" The other secretary couldn't finish and halted. Her face turned pale."Oh my God! Was boss that angry that he killed Lan? She was such a good woman?" The first secretary sobbed."If she really had a crush on him, she could just bury it deep inside her heart, just like the rest of us. Why did she get drunk and barge in here?" The second secretary was also feeling bad as tears formed in her eyes.Assistant Ju Long regained his composure and said, "Don't spout nonsense! Let's take care of the room. We have to arrange a set of new furniture too, the stronger the better. And don't forget that we can't say a single word about what we just saw, or, we will be the one who'll die."The secretaries shuddered and took care of the laptops, files, papers and other things. By the evening, Mu Liang's room was just as new as before, all credits to the three of them.When Mu Liang went out of the elevator and carried the sleeping Mu Lan with him, the employees forgot to stand up and greet him. With dropped jaws, they gazed at the leaving couple.Mu Liang was also relaxed since no one talked to him and disturbed Mu Lan's slumber.However, one of his employees was witty enough to capture a photo and released on the Mu Corporation's forum. In a single second, thousands of employees of the Mu Corporation around the world, saw the picture of Mu Liang carrying a human wrapped in woolen clothes.The caption of the picture was "IF SOMEONE DARED TO CONFESS TO THE BOSS, SHE WOULD END UP IN BLACK CLOTHES" (black clothes meant dead).The employees were too terrified to see Mu Liang's gentle gaze towards the human body wrapped in the black clothes.By the time Mu Liang reached the Mu Mansion, the picture was already viral. Some cursed the woman for being so aggressive, some felt sad for her, some thought that it was a good punishment, some felt terrified.But then a German employee of Mu Corporation, released another photo where Mu Liang was carrying a woman with a bed cover in his office. The caption was, "ARE YOU SURE THAT SHE IS WHO YOU THINK SHE IS?"

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